How To Choose A Ball Pen

A pen is one of the most important things which one needs in his daily life. Because the pens come in different sizes, shapes, and types, it becomes difficult for a user to pick out the one which will suit his needs. Pen is one such thing which is a necessity for every section, every age group, and every sector of the society. It is imperative that one knows how to choose a ball pen so that his work becomes easier in this busy life. 

How To Choose A Ball Pen

If you are a student, you know how important a pen is for you as it is one thing which helps you jot down the notes. With a ball pen, you can note down important things which are necessary for your job or your business. Thus, you can never discredit the importance of a pen. In this guide, we will help you make a decision on how to choose the perfect ball pen which will fit your needs.

Types of Ballpoint Pens

There are various types of Ballpoint pens which is why you must be extra careful when you are choosing one for yourself. Various types of Ballpoint pens are as follows:

Rollerball Pens

Rollerball Pens enjoy the same mechanics as ballpoint pens except they use water-based inks instead of oil-based inks. Such pens provide the users with more fluid ink-flow. Rollerball Pens, however, stay wet for a longer time period. 

Hybrid Ink Formulation Pens

There are pens which use the hybrid Ink Formulation and are better suited for the left handers. Their viscosity is lower than your standard ink pens but higher than the rollerball pens. Here, the ink is dried up faster which prevents smearing when you are writing. Such pens are labelled as “extra smooth” because of the smooth writing experience you get when you use them. 

Types of Ballpoint Pens


These pens are the most sold pen in the world and are acknowledged for their industrial size. It comes with a small hole at the top which meets the safety needs, which help in preventing suffocation if it gets stuck in the children’s throats. Biros are used only once and they are of no use when they run out of ink. 

Fine Writing Instruments

Such pens are used professionally by most people and are easy to use as well. Their design is the same as fountain pens which makes these look as elegant as a fountain pen. These come in different price ranges where the high quality pens come in a metal shell while the mid range one’s come in a plastic casing. Higher the price of the pen, the longer it lasts. You can also refill these pens.

How To Choose A Ballpoint Pen

Over the years, there has been a dilemma among the people whether to go for a disposable biro or they should opt for a high-quality ballpoint pen. Biros are a cheaper option and you can simply dispose of the pen instead of refilling it. Biros, however, break easier and come with ink flow problems and do not look as elegant as you’d like. If you are using a pen daily, a ballpoint pen is always going to be a better option for you because the smooth ink will save your time and the smooth casing will be more comfortable for you to write with. Furthermore, the design and the style that you associate with luxury ballpoint pens is also better-suited for a professional atmosphere. With biros, you do not get a professional look and it is more of a casual pen. Ballpoint pen, however, gives the professional look which you require. 

When you are thinking of buying a ballpoint pen, there are a few things which you need to consider before you make a decision and it includes things such as the size, colour, material and barrel. These things give the pen an aesthetic look and you are going to have to make a choice. Colour is always a personal choice but when it comes to the material, there are things which you need to know. There are materials which are naturally more comfortable for you to hold whereas some materials will not give as much comfort as you had hoped for. When you hold a smooth metal material, it will be different as compared to holding a patterned barrel or a quilted barrel. Shape also plays an important role in providing you comfort. For people with smaller hands, a chunkier barrel might not be the best option and a slimmer model would be better. Usually, people first try out a pen and then come to a conclusion by making it their permanent buy. 

How To Choose A Ballpoint Pen

One major thing you need to consider is the width of the nib of your pen. The range is from 0.2mm to 1.6mm where the former is classed as extra fine and the latter is broad. The width choice usually comes in fine, medium, or broad. This is another one of the things which depends from person to person, depending on their handwriting style and personal preference. 

If you are looking to give a pen to your loved one, you could always consider checking out our list of the best ball pens in India. Usually, people who buy a luxury ballpoint pen choose their name or the initials on the pen which gives a personal touch to the customer. You must know that there are only a few models which allow personalisation to you, thus, if you want to do so, you need to get yourself a model which allows customisation.

How Do Ballpoint Pens Work?

Ballpoint pens come with a round ball nib which uses an oil-based ink. As you start to write, the ball will draw the ink and it will be written on the piece of paper. The oil-based ink it uses is thick, and when you print the letters, it will be instantly dried up. This makes it unlikely to seep or smudge through the low quality paper. Because of the thickness of the ink, less comes out when you write. It might mean that you need to go over the characters when writing and you need to apply more pressure to the page which results in the writing feeling more tedious to you.

Advantages Of A Ballpoint Pen

There are several advantages of choosing a ballpoint pen which makes it easier for you to write. With a ballpoint pen, you get a smooth writing experience and you can write fast as well. Some of the advantages of a ballpoint pen are as follows:

  • Ballpoint pens dry up faster when you compare them to ink pens. 
  • When you are using a ballpoint pen to write, and the water is spilled over it, then the ink will not spread. However, when you use an ink pen, the ink will spread if the water is spilled on it. 
  • Filling the ink is no problem at all because you get refills when you use ballpoint pens. 
  • Ballpoint pens have a longer writing life when you compare them with the ink pens. 
  • You do not have to carry an extra ink pot or cartridge when you are using a ball pen because the extra refills are already present. Such a problem arises in an ink pen. 
  • Other pens might leave a stain on your hand when you use them, especially the ink pens, but ballpoint pens do not leave any stain. 
  • You get a smooth writing experience when you are doing your work with a ballpoint pen. 
  • Ballpoint pens are also less fussy and finicky. 
  • You can apply as much pressure in your writing as you want when you are using a ballpoint pen to write anything. But when you are using an ink pen, any extra pressure you apply while writing, the nib of the pen might bend or break. Thus, a ball pen trumps other pens comprehensively. 

Disadvantages Of A Ballpoint Pen

Nothing is perfect in the world and that is exactly the case with the ballpoint pens. There are a few drawbacks that come with the ball pens which makes people think twice before buying a ball pen. Some of the disadvantages of ballpoint pens are:

  • Ballpoint pens are not as smooth to write with and there is no elegance involved when you write with a ballpoint pen. 
  • Ballpoint pens rely on gravity which is why you might occasionally have troubles with the ink flow. Ink viscosity is also a reason why you will struggle with the ink flow. 
  • You cannot use the ballpoint pens upside down because of their reliance on gravitational force. 
  • Sometimes the ink fades out or skips when you are writing, thus making it pretty inconsistent to write with. 
  • The ink is quite thick which makes the ball in the nib block, thus resulting in the ink to cluster. It is, however, easy to unclog it but again, there will be inconvenience for you to write it when the ink clusters up.

A Final Word

Ballpoint pens are overall an extremely good buy for you and will help you make your work easier and writing smoother. With the smooth writing experience, you can write faster as compared to your speed with other pens. You just need to choose the right pen for yourself and you will be good to go.

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