Best VR Headset in India

You may have come across some virtual reality headsets, also identified by the acronym VR. And today we will be releasing some of the best VR headset in India. This cool tech gadget has already made its hype in the market. For those who are looking for a quality virtual reality device, we have separated some VR headsets with different specifications, in order to provide options for the most diverse tastes and pockets. It is unique that we selected the current models of VR headsets that are successful among the most passionate customers of this segment.

Buying a VR is about investing in technology which refers to the art of entertainment and experiencing unbelievable sensory experiences in the most diverse virtual universe. What we all know is that the tech segment is dynamic in nature as it keeps improving to deliver a better experience and so it is worth keeping an eye on all the new releases of the best VR headsets.

If you do not have much time to read this detailed review, here is my top 3 recommendations that you can buy without having second thought:-

Great buy
Ocular Grand Virtual Reality Glasses with Inbuilt...
Premium Choice
HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System Tracker 2018...
Ocular Grand Virtual Reality Glasses with Inbuilt...
HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System Tracker 2018...
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Prime Status
Great buy
Ocular Grand Virtual Reality Glasses with Inbuilt...
Ocular Grand Virtual Reality Glasses with Inbuilt...
Buy Now
Prime Status
Premium Choice
HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System Tracker 2018...
HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System Tracker 2018...
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Best VR headset in India

1. Ocular Grand VR Headset

Like the word, “Ocular” says: “connected with the eye”. This VR glass is beautifully designed to satisfy the user and improve the user experience to the fullest extent. Ocular Grand VR headset makes itself to the top in the VR industry by small efforts which eventually improve the user experience. For instance, it is ultra adjustable which means you can adjust it by yourself using the mechanical knobs which means no more hustling to change angels every time of use.

So the in-built headphones have a 3.5MM jack which is compatible with almost all the smartphones. The in-built controller lets you adjust the volume as well as helps you enjoy a hassle-free experience as you can answer calls directly. The soft cushioning for the face and well ventilation holes to disperse the heat makes this device more appealing to the customers. Ocular Grand VR is compatible with almost all the new smartphone devices. The distortion proof 42 MM HD lenses reduce the eye weakness and remove the gradual suffering making it a customer-oriented product.

Ocular Grand Virtual Reality Glasses with Inbuilt...
  • ULTRA ADJUSTABLE & PIONEER INNOVATION: Ocular Grand VR glasses have a fully flexible design that allows you to make necessary adjustments through lens...
  • EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED TO PROVIDE ENDLESS COMFORT: The Device incorporates super soft cushioning for your face and well placed ventilation holes for...


  • Ocular  Grand VR comes with 42MM PMMA lenses which reduces eye weakness.
  • It has great sound quality comparing it to other Headphone VRs.
  • The elegant design makes it more unique and beautiful.
  • Promising comfort by Ocular makes it Customer Oriented.

2. Irusu Play VR Plus

This VR headset by Irusu is one of the best VR headsets I came across. It has in-built headphones with a 3.5mm jack and a hidden microphone. It is fully customer-oriented and that is the only reason It got so many positive reviews online. This gadget is compatible with mobiles having a gyroscope and are under the 170mm x 80mm x 12mm dimensions. Irusu Play VR Plus gives more control to the user as you will be able to answer calls while using it. Yes! you now don’t need to plug off your phone and answer manually to take calls.

The integrated touch button made it more user-friendly as there is no external function to be performed. Adding to these tremendous features this VR headset is also fully adjustable for the eye, has a soft headband for comfort. We usually feel heated after using VRs for 10-15 minutes but here Irusu is offering heat dispersing design ventilation holes which makes it unique. Considering the fabulous features offered by Irusu, positive customer reviews and the price charged, we can subject it as a must-buy product.

No products found.


  • Irusu Play VR is one of the best VR considering the competitive price of the market.
  • It is designed to deliver a better user experience to its customers.
  • Nothing can beat the bold design which makes it cooler than others.

3. AuraVR Pro

The AuraVr Pro might be the first VR headset offering an external remote control with the device but along with that, it offers amazing unique features. It allows adjusting the Inter-Pupillary Distance and also the distance between the lense. Like all the other new releases it can also be used in specs. Coming on to lenses then here AuraVR pro has nano coated optical resin 42 mm lenses which bring better visual experience to the customers. There is perfect heat ventilation to pass out the heat which comes from the mobile.

The material used to develop this VR is plastic and total foam which makes it lighter in weight. Compatible with a minimum operating system as android 4.1/iOS 5 and mobile phone must have a Gyro sensor, proximity sensor & magnetometer to obtain the best experience. AuraVR Pro is one of the best gaming VR headsets we came across.

No products found.


  • Lightweight as it consists of plastic and only foam.
  • AuraVR Pro comes with 42MM PMMA lenses which brings an amazing visual experience.
  • External Remote Controller for hassle-free navigation.
  • Perfect for Gaming Geeks.

4. Procus Pro VR Headset

The premium segment got this amazing beast we call “Procus Pro VR Headset”. This is a product preferred by the quality-oriented users, who just can’t compromise with the quality at any cost. It might be a little expensive for a few people but I assure you that it’s worth every penny. Compatible with both IOS & Android users, this beast comes with in-built headphones. Also, not leaving room for the competitors, Procus Pro VR Headset also got classic in-built touch buttons.

The lenses decrease eye weakness and lag allowing you to experience immersive as they are damn strict when it comes to product quality and use experience. Being a product buy Procus, it comes with an hour-long horror game “ISOLATED” which will certainly bring a horrifying experience to you and the best part is you don’t need any remote controller to play this superb game. Honestly speaking I don’t see any competitor of Procus in the quality segment by which none of the market products are so focused on product quality as Procus is.

Procus PRO (White) Virtual Reality Headset -...
  • VR GAME (Works great with Inbuilt Touch Button of PRO, Gamepad controller NOT required to play) ISOLATED After 6 months of hard work, proudly bring to...


  • Perk you get is a premium game “ISOLATED” for free.
  • As already said about the quality, this product beats the market.
  • Super smooth touch control and great sound set this product to the top.

5. Samsung Gear VR

So we are on a brand that never leaves a chance to conquer the market. Samsung is one of the top brands in the world which has already conquered the mass segment of the consumers by different products. So here is Samsung with its Gear VR with premium quality and amazing user experience. Maybe a bit overpriced but everybody knows for what are they charging for “Quality Experience“. The new social feature where you can join millions of 360 videos and share it with friends and this feature makes it different from other competitive products.

Adding to the social feature it offers a remote controller to play VR games and navigate easily. Now watch a movie or play a game on your hassle-free Samsung Gear VR. It is compatible with all the Samsung Galaxy series. This high-quality VR headset is the one for you if you don’t want to compromise with your VR experience and are a Samsung fan for life.

Samsung Gear VR W/Controller - Latest Edition (US...
  • Designed as per the latest market trends
  • Scores high in terms of functionality


  • Samsung by this Gear VR drops a premium designed headset.
  • Full 360 immersion with a wide 101o field of view.
  • A unique social feature offered by Samsung makes it rank high in the market.

6. Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0

This VR headset is a set of everything you are here for. Yes, it has amazing in-build headphones. Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0 is an updated and a premium version of their past product. HD resin aspherical lens is used to make it more the visual experience more smooth and appealing. They considered user experience as their very first priority and they got this done by taking care of the comfort. The usual foam is replaced with the leather padding.

It is fully adjustable which means you can adjust the position of the lens through moving an external button. It is compatible with all the mobile devices within 4.0 – 6.0 inches. The unique feature of this device is that it has an exceptionally lightweight body that makes it different from the crowd. Adofys VR is really your choice if you are looking for a durable VR headset.

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  • Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0 is super light in weight which makes it unique.
  • User-friendly as they have focused on the comfort to the fullest.
  • It is one of the best budget-buy VR headsets available on the market.

7. Procus One VR Headset

Procus One” is another product released by Procus recently. It has the biggest 40 MM lens which leads to a fully immersive visual experience. Procus has already won hearts by serving super quality-oriented products. And again it is back with another super product that is fully customer-oriented and redefines the meaning of comfort. It has a built-in IPD adjustment feature which lets the user adjust the lens and control the visuals according to their perspective.

For amazing gaming experience and to answer calls with no hassles, Procus has given an in-built touch button. This Premium beast is compatible with the mobile with 4.7″- 6″ screens with gyroscope function. And what it is known for is its quality and Procus never compromise with that.

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset 40MM Lenses...
  • THE BIGGEST 40MM LENSES with an expanded Field Of View, surpassing 100 degrees! Enjoy a fully immersive viewing experience.
  • EYE SAFETY & VIEWING COMFORT polished HD optical lenses, built-in IPD adjustment feature and adjustable screen distance. Comfortable to wear, with...


  • Procus One VR headset is worth buying for its super quality.
  • Comfort and amazing user experience is everything they are targetting for their consumers.
  • Premium body structure gave it a unique look.

8. Oculus Go Standalone

Oculus Go is one of the ruling standalone VR in the market. It is super lightweight and is made considering the user comfort It has foam modeling. People might get this product expensive but it isn’t, yes it isn’t an expensive one when you get to know about the pricing of other Standalone VR. The Next-generation Oculus lenses and Fast LCD lets you experience a wide  field of view and amazing visuals. They also got integrated speakers for a better and immersive experience.

So here we go with the best part of Standalone VRs are that they do not require any additional device, unlike other VR Headsets. Oculus Go just require an app download easily available on IOS/Android store. It comes with an easy-to-use remote controller which makes navigation easier for the user. Oculus has not compromised with quality by any medium and so what made Oculus Go won so many hearts out there.

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset -...
  • Lightweight Headset — designed with innovative, breathable fabrics and injection foam molding developed for professional athletes
  • Wide Quad, Fast-Switch LCD — dramatically improves visual clarity and reduces screen-door effect


  • Being a part of the Standalone segment, it does not require any additional device to perform.
  • Super comfort and lightweight make it user-friendly.
  • Hassle-free navigation by the remote controller.

9. Irusu Monster VR Headset

Irusu has always make their customers proud of what they chose. And this time they got it all done by presenting Monster VR with 42 MM HD Resin Lenses. Comparing to the other VRs, Irusu Monster VR Headset has more immersive and anti-fogging built-in technology. It is a smartphone VR headset which means you can turn your mobile phone into super VR tech. Beating the new competitive segments this has also brought free remote navigation and classic touch buttons to enhance the interface and improve the user encounter.

It has a premium designed body to make it more appealing and eye-catching for the customers. So here is a new thing  “All VR at one place”  for all Irusu users which allows you to access all the VR apps at one place and cuts of the labor to search VR videos on the internet. Irusu Monster is compatible with all the new smartphones, having Gyroscope, Accelerometer.

Irusu Monster VR Headset with Remote Controller...
  • ✔️Fully Adjustable lenses: Now you can adjust pupil distance and objects distance for individual lenses in the vr headset . Suitable for different...
  • ✔️BLUETOOTH REMOTE:It uses Bluetooth technology for interacting with VR apps and games like Dino VR Shooter, House of terror VR 360 horror.


    • Elegant designed body which drops a premium look.
    • 42 MM Lenses beating all the competitors with first-mover advantage

10. HTC Vive (Steam VR)

So here is the beast “HTC Vive” , the super-premium VR makes you encounter the unbeatable VR experience. This VR gives access to hundreds of amazing VR games on StreamVR and Vive Platforms. HTC Vive leaves you with a superb adjustable headset for you to have an immersive experience (Includes multiple eye relief and IPD). HTC Vive comes with 2 remote controllers for an enhanced & natural gaming experience for the geeks.

This VR belongs to the Tethered VR segments which need a system to perform, for instance, a laptop or a computer. It works with a VIVE compatible laptop or computer with a minimum specification of:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350, equivalent or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM or more
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480, equivalent or better.
  • Video output: 1x HDMI 1.4 port, or DisplayPort 1.2 or newer
  • USB: 1x USB 2.0 port or newer


  • HTC Vive brings out the best brilliant gaming experience for you.
  • Two controllers for an immersive and natural encounter with the new generation technology
  • It offers 3 VR Tiles for free with no extra cost and also a month of Viveport Subscription for free

11. Oculus Rift VR

Oculus has produced the most loved VR headset till now and now it has brought another premium VR headset – “Oculus Rift VR” . The low-latency offers a brilliant visual experience along with an unparalleled immersion. Oculus Rift is also offering 6 VR tiles at free of cost.

The two remote controllers which unlocks the natural interaction with the virtual world.

Oculus Rift VR requires NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti/AMD Radeon RX 470 or a greater Graphics Card and a RAM of a minimum of 8 GB. Also, requires Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 (64 bit) or other greater operating version with a suitable internet connection. Oculus has promised a superb VR quality experience with total comfort for the user.

Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System
  • Get 6 free titles, including: Robo Recall, LuckyÊŒs Tale, Quill, Medium, Dead and Buried, and Toybox
  • Rift's ultra low-latency tracking offers unparalleled immersion


  • 6 VR Tiles, totally free with Oculus Rift
  • Unlocking the natural interaction with the new classic remote technology
  • Quality and Comfort is the ultimate priority of the product
  • Brilliant Visuals as never experienced before as promised by Oculus.

12. Sony PS VR (Playstation)

The brand which is known for its premium perfect products all over the world has got the VR segment covered by their gaming module called “Playstation”. Nothing much to say about the quality they produce as everybody is familiar with Sony products but again they are pretty serious about their product quality and their customer base all over the world.

Sony PS VR is the best gaming VR we got till now as it is solely made for gaming and leaves no room for competitors to touch this particular segment.

Easy to operate this plug and play PlayStation VR has: Connection cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, Stereo earbuds, AC power cord, AC adaptor, PlayStation VR Demo Disc + Camera.

5.7” OLED 1080p display covers all the ground to deliver an unbeatable visual experience to the users. It also got the ASMR 3D sound which makes it so real for the user as he could feel the virtual world and own it to every extent.

Sony PS VR V2 Camera Bundle For Ps5/Ps4 (White)
  • Play supported PS VR games on your new PS5
  • Backwards compatibility Play a back catalogue of supported PS VR games on your PS5 console


  • PS VR delivers an unbelievable gaming experience.
  • 3D sounds change the game and break all the records.
  • Hassle-less to operate makes easy for the user to connect.

Buying Guide for VR Headset

Virtual Reality has made to the new technology trends and it is being viral in India too. So much hype that there are already a lot of games and movies made to be seen with VR headset only and that’s really amazing because it looks like you’re in the story but sometimes it can be horrifying too!

Best VR headset in India


So before choosing a VR headset, check if the model is compatible with your mobile. For instance, the Samsung Gear VR is only compatible with the Galaxy series of Samsung smartphones. You don’t want a box with lenses that you can’t use right? So be sure about the product specification and what are you buying your VR for.


Know what they are charging for, it’s the best way to judge their pricing and their product. Some VR headsets got built-in headphones and microphone which makes the experience much more immersive. Also, the new-gen VR headsets are coming with remote controllers for enhancing the gaming experience. Consider all these things before making any decision.


Keep an eye on the display resolution. The more pixels it has, the better the visual experience because it is not blurred in the movements. And don’t forget to compare the compatible specs with your phone display.


Weight in the VR segment is an important aspect as people prefer lightweight products. Also, see if the model is comfortable and the material of face cushions because it can be annoying or irritating sometimes.

Types of VR Headset

So the virtual reality headset has new improved and enhanced segments to it, which really differs from the old versions. Below here are all three types of VRs:

  1. Tethered VR Headset is the one connected physically to a computer via USB or HDMI. These headsets are super immersive and delivers an amazingly high-quality VR experience.
  2. Standalone VR Headset is the one with minimum external requirements. These work when connected to a power supply and these don’t need much of the user data.
  3. Smartphone VR Headset or the most common VR headset in the market and high demand due to their low pricing compared to the other VR segments. It needs a compatible smartphone to perform its functions. It is the basic form of VR although companies have improved it via adding new features like in-built touch buttons, microphones, and headphones.

So you have to choose VR considering your needs and resources, for instance, one would be a total fool if he bought a Tethered VR Headset and he doesn’t have the setup to use it.


This was all about the best VR headset in India and everything you need to know about Virtual Reality before buying one. We have shared the most needed information on VRs and after weeks of research, we shared some of the best VR you can opt without any doubt and as per your requirement. Just know what you need and always study the product before going for it.

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