Best Vegetable Chopper in India

Chopping vegetables is one of the most vital components of cooking. While some people enjoy doing it in the traditional manner with a knife, some people see it as a hassled chore. Not everyone can handle a knife with ease, and some may end up with cuts. To subdue your stress and make cooking easier for you. We have compiled a list of the best vegetable chopper in India. That will help you to choose a vegetable chopper which will be perfect for you and will make you relish cooking. Don’t make chopping a struggle, get it done easily with a hassle-free vegetable chopper. And get even slices, dices, and chops of whichever vegetable you want to add in your tasty recipe. Why should you go to expensive restaurants when you can prepare delicious cuisines with symmetrical chops at home?

Best Vegetable Chopper in India

1. HomePuff H14 Vegetable Chopper

This vegetable chopper makes chopping, mincing, slicing a breeze. It has stainless steel blades and is designed for safe and fast chopping alongside comfortable soft-grip lid, easy pull cord, and large handle for easy leverage. Home puff vegetable chooper is made of unbreakable food-grade plastic and gives even chops because of its conical design. This chopper is a very vibrant and fresh product to own. It’s overall body, which consists of blades, bowl, storage lid, can easily be cleaned and are top-rack dishwasher safe. Components disassemble easily for cleaning and can be put back together safely.

You can chop all the ingredients at once because it has the capacity and power to hold large quantities, and your job will finish before you’d know. No electricity is required to use it. It comes for Rs. 1299 but you can buy it at a discounted price at amazon with a 1-year warranty.

Home Puff 375ml Fruit and Vegetable Chopper for...
  • Built with Precision: Razor-sharp Stainless Steel blades, unbreakable plastic body, strong nylon rope and an anti-slip silicone base for an effortless...
  • Crafted for Versatility: This chopper is perfect for cutting onions, garlic, tomatoes, vegetables, salads, herbs, fruits, boneless meat, nuts and more...


  • The body structure has an attractive design.
  • It is the manual handle based vegetable chopper.
  • It has four modes of chopping vegetables.
  • The company has launched this model with one year of the warranty period.

2. Philips Viva HR2505/00 500 Watt Chopper

Philips electric chopper occupied first place in the list of top best vegetable chopper in India, Just because of the sharp and efficient stainless steel blades cuts the fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients in just a few seconds. This vegetable chopper of Philips comes with the chop drop technology, which uses the Three stainless steel blades to chop the vegetables or fruits like a pro. It has 1.1 liters of a jar, which helps to store more amount of chopped vegetables and fruits at the same time. There is a button in the top of a chopper, which you have to press when you want to use the chopper. You can adjust the speed of the blades as per your needs.

This vegetable chopper comes with the 500-watt motor, which helps it to chopped the vegetables or any food items fine without any delay in time. This Philips Viva HR2505/00 500 model is primarily known for the vegetable chopper at one go. It comes with the affordable price of rupees five thousand, and you can get it at a discounted price at any online shopping portal.

Philips Hr1396 500/400-Watt 1-Litre Chopper
  • Power: 500 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Push button,Versatile


    • The most important benefits are that it comes at an affordable price.
    • It comes with a jar storage capacity of 1.1 liters.
    • The company provides two years of manufacturing warranty.
    • The automatic speed selector mode is also in this model.

 3. Ganesh 14 in one Quick Dicer Chopper

This product is multipurpose, and there is nothing this product can’t do when it comes to chopping vegetables. It is very easy to use and comes with a plastic 1500 MI container. It contains various blades for cubes of different sizes.

This chopper comes with ten different inserts, 2 in 1 peeler, and a safety holder. It provides 12 different styles of dicing, mincing, cutting, grating, and slicing. Because of its stainless steel sharp blades, this product has become one of the most convenient choppers. It can be easily cleaned in less time with minimum effort. This vegetable chopper doesn’t need electricity to run, and comes at a price of Rs. 449 thus, this chopper is  very affordable.

Ganesh Plastic 14 In 1 Quick Dicer, Green
  • This product will be an excellent pick for you
  • This product comes in a proper packaging


  • There is no electricity required in this vegetable chopper.
  • It comes with a compact, ergonomic design.
  • The containers of this vegetable chopper can also be used as the storage jars in the kitchen.
  • The body structure of this vegetable chopper made up of unbreakable plastic material.

4. Floraware Plastic Multi-Fruit and Vegetable Cutter

This vegetable and fruit cutter is a durable product with stainless steel blades, which does its job perfectly. There are Eleven pieces, which are made of plastic. This cutter is dishwasher safe and is very easy to use. There is no hassle or mess while using it in your kitchen, and ingredients transfer instantly from cutting surface into the bowl below. No electricity is required to use it. It costs around Rs. 999 but can found at discounted prices at online stores like Amazon and Flipkart.

No products found.


  • It is cheap vegetable chopper available in the market.
  • The blades of this model made up of stainless steel, which means no rust will take place, and the life of the vegetable chopper is long.
  • Quite good and easy to use to chop the vegetables or fruits.

5. Wonderchef Turbo Dual-Speed Food Processor

This wonder chef chopper lets you chop food effortlessly and comes with different gears. The higher you switch gear, the faster you’ll get the results. You can use it in a variety of chopping works even for crushing ice, and the work will be done in no time. There is a pusher attachment, which prevents spillage of food constituents. It also pushes them conveniently into the jar and has stainless steel blades, slicer-dicer disks, which are used to cut vegetables into thick slices and a whipper, which is used to whip and beat eggs conveniently.

Wonderchef turb dual-speed food processor is very compact, so it does not take much space to store, and its non-slippery body makes it very comfortable to use. This food processor is dishwasher safe and does not require electricity to use. Its price is Rs. 2000 but can purchase at a discounted price at online shops.

No products found.


  • It comes with the dual-speed manual technology in the market.
  • The wonder chef vegetable chopper has sharp stainless steel blades, which helps in cutting the vegetables quickly in less time.
  • The company launches it with the dual gear settings.

 6. Skyfish Good Quality 12 in 1 Vegetable And Fruit Slicer

This all in one dicer, chopper, and grater comes with a 1500 ml container featuring various blades for cutting even cubes of different sizes. No matter in any shape, you need ingredients serving with this multi slicer. You can create tiny cubes, sticks, strips in no time, eight quarters, or thin slices. Thanks to the additional attachment and accessories, you can also be quickly and easily slicing and peeling sanitarily for storage, keeping dirty bristles covered.

With this amazing space saving kit, you can carry all your tools at your fingertips. It has a plastic body and does not require electricity to use. It comes in the range of Rs.999 and Rs.599 with a discount.


  • It comes in the market with 12 multifunctioning vegetable chopper.
  • This chopper has the asssssssssdded container base for the storage capacity.
  • in this chopper, the high quality of stainless steel is used to make the blades.
  • It has a unique press function, which helps in chopping the heard vegetable to be chopped easily in less time.

7. Borosil Chef Delite 300-watt Electric Vegetable Chopper

No more tears and smelly hands while chopping onions now because borosil electric vegetable chopper will do it for you. It gets rid of the pain and preparation so you can enjoy actual cooking.

Borosil chef delite 300-watt is an electric vegetable chopper. That requires 220-240 voltage watts power to run and consume 300 watts. It has an inbuilt thermal auto cut off for motor safety and a motor mount switch for extra security. Borosil chef delite comes with a two year warranty period and a capacity of 0.6L.  Package consists of a chopper, chopping container, blade set, and a rubber lid. Its price is Rs. 1,990.

No products found.


  • The motor power of this vegetable chopper is quite good.
  • There is no medium speed adjustment. So, the vegetables take less time in chopped up.
  • It comes in the market with two years of the warranty period.

 8. Insala Joy Mini 250-Watt Chopper

Insala joy mini chopper is an easy, portable solution that takes all of the hard work out of food prep. This compact and powerful device allows you to precisely chop and prepare ingredients in a matter of seconds. Complete with stainless steel blades and blending power pod for the safe, quick, and simple chopping of ingredients.

You can work with it not only in the kitchen but anywhere with the least amount of space you can get because of its compact design. It takes 220 – 240 V of power supply and consumes 250 W and has an ABS body and stainless steel blades. It comes with a warranty of 1 year and costs Rs.1695.

Inalsa Joy-250 Watts Electric Chopper with Copper...
  • Strong and Sturdy: INALSA Joy Multipurpose Chopper with 250 watt powerful, noiseless and efficient motor with Copper winding that can work...
  • Versatile Chopping Blade: It can be used for Chopping vegetables like Onion, Tomato, Green Chili, Ginger, Garlic, Cauliflower, Carrot etc. Further...


  • It comes with an effective motor of power 250 watts.
  • The jars are made of hard plastic, which is not easily breakable.
  • The company has used the stainless steel blades in this vegetable chopper.
  • There are two years of the warranty period.

 9. Novel Plastic Vegetable And Fruit Chopper

It has 11 blades, one peeler, and a slicer and chopper. Easy Vegetable & The multi-utility chopper set has everything you need for cutting, dicing, grating, and slicing. Chop onions, zucchini, peppers, celery, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, and fruits. Then watch as the ingredients transfer instantly from the cutting surface into the bowl below. There’s no hassle and no mess!

Removable top part with self-cleaning function. Fresh keeping lid for container 1,500 ml Easy and Useful For Every Meal. Professional and Consistent Results Every Time. Saves You Time and Money. Safe for kids tool. Safe To Use – Your Fingers Never Touch The Blades. Easy Clean-Up – Dishwasher Safe. Food Stays Cleaner – Less Handling.

It is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to chop or dice fruits and vegetables. The Premium Dicer Slicer is Molded using hand-selected high-quality ABS plastic for a lightweight feel. They are fitter with top quality stainless steel sturdy blades for the sharpest and quickest slice and chop.

Rich accessories cut prep time in half! Very easy to use, and make work of canning and preserving food super fast. Each item rinsed clean and is ready for another use. Stainless steel blades are for easy chopping. The sharp pyramid-shaped cutting blade is for efficient and smooth cutting. It costs Rs. 899.

No products found.


  • It comes with a 6 in 1 manual functioning mode.
  • The hard plastic is used to make the body, which enhances the durability of the vegetable chopper.
  • The package includes the five sets of blades and one filler with it.

10. Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper

Orpat company is well known for the manufacturing of the calculators and wall clocks. It has also made a great invention in electronic products. One of the electronic products is orpat express 250-watt chopper. The company comes in the market and makes the products more fashionable and cheap so that the customers easily attract towards it. But not only design the company has worked on the functioning of the product also, which attract the customers most.

It has a powerful motor that does not make the noise while the chopper is in use. It comes with a huge transparent jar that stores the chopped vegetables. The chopper has the anti-slip base, which makes the chopper hold the place and work effectively and efficiently. The motor of electricity power 250 watts is used in this model, which makes this product in the list of the best vegetable chopper in India.

Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper (Purple)
  • This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product related queires. Customer Service Number:...
  • Chop - vegetables evenly without mush, Mince - garlic and herbs in seconds and Puree - ingredients into tasty dressings and sauces


  • It comes with one press button power mode.
  • The chopper has the 700 ml of large container jar, which helps to store a large number of vegetables chopped at the same time
  • The company provides two years of manufacturing warranty.
  • The blades of these products made up of stainless steel that helps the chopper to chop the vegetables more effectively.

11. Morphy Richards Vivo 200-Watt Electric Chopper (Cream Red)

The brand Morphy Richards needs no introduction for its high quality and outstanding product design. The brand launches this model in the Indian market with a price tag of twenty-five hundred. The Morphy Richards Vivo 200 model has the 200 watts of a powerful motor. There is a speed adjustable button is given to adjust the speed of the motor. This model looks like a small water bottle, which takes less space in the kitchen and easy to set up for the user. It includes the jar with a capacity of 500ml, which can use in a daily basis for the chopping of vegetables. It has an additional feature of whisker, which helps the users to make smoothies and milkshakes for themselves.

The additional feature of the whisking feature has the attachment of whisker, which can be easily attached and detached very easily. Just one touch of a button, make the vegetable chopper power up and starts the performances, and chop the vegetables. If you want to increase the speed, you can turn on the speed mode of the vegetable chopper. Which enhances the speed and make the vegetables works fast and chops the vegetable very fast and easily. This mode is called the turbo mode in this model, and this turbo mode will not much heat your vegetable chopper.

Morphy Richards Vivo Chopper (White)
  • This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product related queires. Customer Service Number: 18001025963
  • Adjustable Speed Control


  • This product comes with the two-speed mode, one is normal mode, and another one is turbo mode.
  • It has an additional feature of whisker attached in this product, which helps you to make smoothies and milkshakes.
  • The product comes with the capacity of the jar 500 ml.
  • It comes along with the two-year manufacturing warranty.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Vegetable Chopper…

Best Vegetable Chopper in India

Manual or Electric

Before proceeding with your purchase, you should always take into consideration the type of chopper you want. Whether manual or electric, both works perfectly but has a difference in the price range. People suffering from joint pain or any other pain should consider buying an electric vegetable chopper because it doesn’t need manual work of putting hand pressure.

Dishwasher Safe

You should always know whether your chopper is dishwasher safe or not. Choppers with dishwasher safe bowl and blades are much easier to clean and doesn’t require the dismantling of the whole chopper.


The quantity your vegetable chopper can hold also plays a vital role in its effectiveness. The more veggies you can chop at once, the better. It might depend on the amount of food you prepare at one time. Choose a vegetable chopper according to your limit.

Fundamental Model or Multipurpose Model

A few models have essential features to slash vegetables. But some models give other supplementary details and extravagances for the item. You can decide if you want the simple models or the multipurpose models which can blend and beat eggs.

BPA-free Materials

A substance named BPA or Bisphenol-An is utilized to thicken the plastics and to mold them. As per ponders, BPA induces social issues, influence prostate, and cerebrum health. This BPA is the reason why individuals are concerned and hoping to stay off from BPA-based items, especially those utilized as a part of your kitchen. Choose items that are “BPA-Free” authoritatively declared by the maker. At any rate, pick choppers that utilization sans BPA plastics in areas where food is regulated.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Does Vegetable Chopper is Useful?

Chopping up the vegetables and fruits is the most time-taking and challenging task, which has to perform in the kitchen. Vegetable chopper makes these tasks of chopping vegetables more comfortable and simpler. It is a product that is useful as well as a more durable product in the kitchen. This product can be bought in less money and work for many years.

Can a Vegetable Chopper Be Used as a Blender?

Might be, a vegetable chopper is easy to use product which used for chopping up the vegetables. A blender is a product that uses for juice out of the fruits. So a vegetable chopper cannot be used in place of a blender. Some of the electrical choppers now are being used as the puree maker. But their performance is not so consistent as compared to a blender.

Difference Between Chopper and Food Processor?

A food chopper is a small product that is capable of chopping up the vegetables or fruits, dicing, or mincing 1-5 cup of food. On the other side, the food processor is larger as compared to the vegetables in size, and it uses for chopping and grinding up the grain. In the Indian market, there is a certain food processor that also kneads the dough, which is not at all possible to do in the vegetable chopper.

How Are a Vegetable Grater and a Vegetable Chopper Different?

A vegetable grater gates the vegetable. It cuts down the vegetable in slices which are not chunks and are very thin. Vegetable grater does not have steel blades. They can entirely be made up of plastics and do not have the storing capacity. But the vegetable chopper chops the vegetables into pieces and has the storage capacity, and has the steel blades which helps the chopper to chop up the vegetables.


A Vegetable chopper is a fabulous gadget that every homemaker or cook wants to have on their side in the kitchen. These vegetable choppers are remarkable helping hands and can play out various roles, for example, cutting and chopping up the vegetables or fruits. In the above article, we have mentioned the top ten vegetable choppers in the market. We have done the research and find out these manual and electric vegetable choppers for you all. The reviews mentioned above of the product will help out in deciding to choose out the best vegetable chopper in India for you.

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Review Breakdown
  • Philips Viva HR2505/00 500 Watt Chopper
  • HomePuff H14 Vegetable Chopper
  • Ganesh 14 in one Quick Dicer Chopper
  • Floraware Plastic Multi-Fruit and Vegetable Cutter
  • Wonderchef Turbo Dual-Speed Food Processor
  • Skyfish Good Quality 12 in 1 Vegetable And Fruit Slicer
  • Borosil Chef Delite 300-watt Electric Vegetable Chopper
  • Insala Joy Mini 250-Watt Chopper
  • Novel Plastic Vegetable And Fruit Chopper
  • Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper
  • Morphy Richards Vivo 200-Watt Electric Chopper (Cream Red)


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