Best Treadmill in India

As the life of people is becoming so hectic day by day, it’s important to take out some time and have some exercise. When it is about exercise, then why don’t do exercise that gives the effect on your whole body at the same time. No matter how old you are, how young you are doing exercise, always going to have a positive effect on your body. A good morning jog on the treadmill increases your oxygen intake and puts your metabolism on a high. And these machines are used by the people to lose their weight in just 30 minutes of workout on treadmills. We are much concerned about the health, so we come along with the list of best treadmill in India, its advantages, and the benefits of treadmills if you purchase the treadmill machine for yourself.

These days this machine has become an important part of daily human life. The machine is very effective in burning down the calories of the human body and also helps to gain stamina in the body. So if you are looking for the best treadmill in India, then you have to make a decision wisely. As there are many manufacturing companies that manufacture the same product but which one is best for you is what you have to select.

Best Treadmill in India

If you are looking for the best treadmill for you, then your search stops here. As we have listed the top best treadmills in India in the list mentioned below. We have done research on each treadmill for more than 2 months and personally used by our teammates. I hope to give you the content for which you are looking for.

1. Cosco CMTM-SX-1122 SX Series Motorized Treadmill

Cosco is the very old rand that makes the fitness products. It is a promising brand that has given a product like hardware, dresses, riggings, footwear, and other sports-related products. This treadmill is also from the same brand, which is loved by all. It offers a quite decent speed from 1-12 kilometer per hour.

Cosco CMTM-SX-1122 is the treadmill that if you buy this model for personal use, then you do not regret it. It takes less space in a room, which is a great deal. This treadmill has the 5 LED lights that show the 12 pre-sets programs for you. You can adjust the music volume and the speed of the treadmill as per your need from the handrail only. The maximum user is that this treadmill can afford 100 KGs. It is a well-known brand in the field of fitness and sports.

Cosco CMTM-SX-1122 SX Series Motorised Treadmil
  • This is a heavy product and might take longer than usual to get delivered
  • Speed Range: 1-12 kilo meter per hour


  • Easily adjust the speed of the treadmill as per your need.
  • USB support for playing music aw sell as BlueTooth mode also.
  • It has 2.5 HP of the motor.
  • The product has a price tag of rupees 42,895.

2. Fitkit FT098 1.5HP Motorized Treadmill

Everyone in this world has a hectic schedule in the working days, whether you have to work at the office or at home. The people don’t even have that much time to go out for a walk or jogging. Now you can have all that much of cardio session on this treadmill only. The build quality of the machine is too good. And it intends to provide a similar environment as similar you have outside your home.

All these features require less power consumption with the help of energy-saving mode. The company has provided speakers in this to play songs while doing exercises on it. It comes along with the digital display that displays the speed, calories burnt, heart rate meter.

Fitkit FT098 Series 1.5HP 2HP Peak...
  • Active post-sales and customer support – Through 650+ cities free at-home installation services all across India. After delivery please contact us...
  • Free Personal Dietitian (3 Months) and Personal Training Video Session along with Doctor Consultation for all Fitkit Treadmill users.


  • Build quality is insane that consolidates each way of life other than giving comfort in exercising in your own home is a quite worthy interesting plus point in the Fitkit treadmill.
  • The smart power consumption motor on the treadmill is equivalent to the fitness center gear found in the bio-mechanics lab of Fitkit, which guaranteed as solid after a great many item testing.
  • It is available in a very affordable price tag of just 13,990.
  • The company is giving a year warranty on motor and one year warranty on frame.

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3. Healthgenie 4112M

This treadmill is motorized and had a 2.0 HP motor. It is suitable for mild workouts. A healthgenie treadmill is also a foldable machine that takes less space to set up and after using to store. This one is one Of the best treadmills in the Indian market, comes at an affordable price. It is a 6-in-1 motorized treadmill used at homes, 4.0 HP peak with massager, sit-ups, tummy twister, dumbbells, resistant tubes. The machine has a 2 HP motor, which can use for sixty minutes, and then it needs to put down for a break of forty-five minutes.

The machine has a wide range of speed 14km/hour. And while working on the treadmill, you can play the songs as well to refresh your mind. It has 12 program settings within, and lt can carry weight support up to 110kg. The treadmill comes along with the three-year warranty on frame and one year warranty on the motor.

Healthgenie 4112M, 6In1 Motorized Treadmill,...
  • Warranty & Warranty Activation : 3 year warranty against frame & 1 year warranty on Motor & other parts. To activate your warranty, just call our...


  • It has an LCD screen that shows the time, distance, and heart rate.
  • The treadmill comes with Inbuilt speakers for playing music with the aux connecting features.
  • This treadmill is all in one package with massager, twister, resistance tube, dumbbells.
  • The current price of this treadmill in the Indian market is 23,490.

4. Cockatoo Velocity Steel DC Motorized Treadmill

The next treadmill on our list is the cockatoo velocity steel dc motorized treadmill. It is the fourth-best treadmill in India for a good reason. Cockatoo comes along with the excellent features and good warranty terms. This treadmill supports more weight than compared to the treadmills, as mentioned earlier. The treadmill even has a hydraulic folding mechanism with 3 levels of manual incline. This treadmill is in fourth place just because it has a narrow and small walking area, which is only less than the treadmills, as mentioned above.

This is another amazing treadmill that is great for walking. On the front side, there is a 5 inch LCD display, and this treadmill supports weight up to 100 KGs. The highest speed on which it can work is 12 km/h, 12 inbuilt programs that you can choose between then to workout. The cool feature in this treadmill is that you can measure your performance, and in return, the treadmill measures your body weight, which is a unique feature.

No products found.


  • The company manufactures this model with hydraulic folding mechanisms.
  • It has a lifetime warranty plus a three-year motor warranty and one year labor and parts warranty.
  • This treadmill has an excellent body fat measurement feature.
  • Available in the market in 25,990 rupees.

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5. Powermax Fitness TDM-98 1.5HP Light Weight Foldable Motorized Treadmill

Caught in your daily jobs not getting any time for body workout, don’t worry about this treadmill. You can perform all that workout in your home. You can create your own little gym at home with the help of this treadmill. It termed as the best treadmill among all the treadmill available in the market for home gym purposes in India. This is ideal for walking and running. The company has manufactured this model as compact in size, but still, there is no compromise with its performance and build quality.

This treadmill machine has a lifetime frame warranty, a three-year warranty on the motor and one-year parts, and a labor warranty. 5.5 inches LCD display given, which gives the live tracking of your speed, distance, burned calories, and heart rate. The treadmill has a 1.5 HP DC motor that gives you the Speed range of 1.0 to 10 kilometer per hour. Maximum weight of men/women up to 90 KGs can perform on this treadmill. The belt used on the treadmill for performing the tasks is made of 5 layers anti-skid and grass texture. The machine also has the rate sensor on the handle.

No products found.


  •  It comes along with the twelve pre-set workout and 3 modes of performance.
  • The manufacturer offers good running surface (L x W) – 1100 x 400mm / 43.3 X 15.75 inches, and along with wheels for smooth rotation.
  • The additional feature in the console panel is that you can connect the USB drive, aux to play music directly on the console.
  • This treadmill is available in the market with the price tag of rupees 24,510.

6. Powermax Fitness – UrbanTrek TD

This is another model of treadmill manufactured by the powermax fitness brand. This model manufactured for gym purposes only. People fall in love with its design and the amazing feature it has. This model is termed as the best treadmill as it can be easily used by the heavy person who wants to do running or lose weight. It has a holding capacity of a maximum of 100 KGs. Therefore in the Indian market, it is termed as the strongest treadmill for gym use.

The Powermax Fitness Urban Trek TD comes with the powerful 2.0 HP HiTorque DC LUNAR Motor. The company has added some more features in this model as compared to the last model mentioned above, like a step function, BMI, and wheels for easy transportation, auto-stop human detection, BlueTooth music, speaker. The machine has twelve preinstalled programs for the effective workout sessions with three user-defined programs for customized workout and 3 Target based Modes.

PowerMax Fitness TD-M4 2HP (4HP Peak) Motorized...
  • Plug & Run Treadmill - No Assembly Required
  • 2.0HP Hi-Torque DC LAMMER Motor


  • The treadmill comes along with the LCD display with a 3D smart touch.
  • The company provides a lifetime warranty of the frame, a three-year warranty for motor and a year warranty on parts.
  • It has a USB port connection that helps to charge your device.
  • In the Indian market, it is available with the price tag of rupees 29,990.

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7. LifeSpan TR3000i Folding Treadmill

This model is one of the best treadmills in India with high quality. If you’re not thinking about the budget and want to make a good investment, then you don’t have to look at other treadmills brand available in the market. This is the top best treadmill, not just because of its build quality but also the features it contains makes us fall in love with this model.

The LifeSpan TR3000i folding treadmill is one of the f folding has the ENZfold technology that helps it to fold in a single action. After using it, you can fold it down and keep in less place without consuming much space. This treadmill machine company uses a 2.75 HP Continuous Duty DC Motor, which works better in changing the speed of the treadmill. There are 15 levels you can incline and the speed you can gain up to 12 MPH. it comes along with the 21 pre-set workout exercise that you can perform.


  • 6 inches screen display, which shows the burnt calories, heartbeat, distance, steps, and speed.
  • It comes in the market with an inbuilt 3-speed fan and USB Connectivity.
  • This treadmill has an entertainment feature in it that connects your mobile phone with mp3 and play songs and videos on the screen.

Buying Guide

Treadmills are nowadays terms as the incredible tools for fitness, and even it is the best aid for losing weight. If you are a person who loves to go for a walk and wants to stay healthy but tied with your jobs, then you can work out on the treadmill.

If you are looking for buying a treadmill for home use then here are some of its advantages

1) The treadmill is much more economical if you have it at your home rather than visiting a gym

2) It helps you to stay fit and healthy as well as all your family members also.

3) This machine is best to workout at home only if you have no time to go to the gym to workout.

In the market, many companies are available with the different models of the treadmill, but which one is perfect for you, that is up to you. You have to choose between all of them. To solve this problem, we have mentioned the list of the best treadmill in India. You have to pick as per your budget and which one is best for you between the list we have mentioned.

Things That You Should Consider Before Buying a Treadmill.

We must look or go through these things before buying a treadmill. The factors are

Brand: Before buying anything, we must know about the brand of that product. It is one of the major factors that we look after. It is also not important that all expensive products consist of useful features. So it is important to invest in that brand only, which is fulfilling our needs.

Top Six brands of treadmills in India:

  • Lifespan
  • Healthgenie
  • Fitkit
  • Powermax
  • Cosco
  • Cockatoo

Type of Treadmill: Treadmills are available in two types in the market. It is up to you whether you choose an electronic treadmill or the manual treadmill.

  • Electronic: Electric treadmills are more available in the market as they give much better performance. But the drawback of these types of the treadmill is this only that they will not work when there is no electricity.
  • Manual: Manual treadmills made for the low level of workouts. The people who want to do running these are best for them. They don’t need electricity to operate.

Price: Price is the primary factor that we all think about before buying most of the things. We look that the deal is best for us or not, we are investing in the wrong product, or the product is worth the cost that is mentioned on it. Many people love to buy these kinds of products second hand only, but the second-hand machines are not that great as the new one.

A well-known brand in the market makes its production of high quality, and so their charges are also good great.

Motor: The motor has a great impact on the treadmill’s performance. It is the crucial point of the machine. And the life of the motor is important. Look at it before buying a treadmill. What is the horsepower of the motor, does the motor has a warranty or not.

The price of the treadmill is based on motor power. Just like the motherboard is the heart of a computer like that only, the motor is the heart of a treadmill.

Storage Capacity: Space required for using and storing defines the durability of the treadmill. If you are thinking of using the treadmill for a long time, then you must go for a treadmill that can be easily stored.

The Warranty: The warranty period provided by the manufacturer gives an idea of the quality of the treadmill. The warranty period is important in electrical appliances because no one knows what will happen tomorrow. So if there is a warranty period, then you can get the actual value of the benefits back. There should be a lifetime warranty on the frame, a minimum of three years of warranty on the motor, and a minimum one year warranty on other parts of the treadmill.

Deck Size: It refers to the area where the treadmill you are going to run. It has the belt and roller both sides though it needs much space to get operated. It’s very important that the running deck gets sufficient space to run. Otherwise, it creates problems in performing the tasks on the treadmill.

Weight Supported: the weight supported by the treadmill is also an important factor to look before buying a treadmill. If you are heavy enough, then you should consider buying the treadmill as per your size. And if you have an average weight, then you can buy any of the best treadmills that have normal carrying weight from 100- 150 KGs.

Safety: Before buying a treadmill, we must check the safety measure of a treadmill. If you are still not confirming which one you want to choose, must consult a doctor, and he recommends you the best treadmill for you.

There should be a safety key near the control panel. Basically, it is just a plugin. That you have to remove if any mishappening took place. There should be proper safety and security measures in any exercise and fitness machine.

Durability: We purchase the product that they last long. And if we are looking like a product treadmill that takes a considerable investment, then durability would be our primary concern. Everyone wants to invest in that product only, which lasts long.

If you buy a branded treadmill, then it is most likely to last longer as a good brand uses high-quality materials in manufacturing the product. You should also have to take care of the product as well for its durability.

Control Panel: It consists of the buttons through which you can operate the function of the treadmill. A good treadmill always has a control panel with fewer buttons and with less space between the buttons. The control panel has buttons like setting, music player, speed, on/off, changing the program, time, etc.


We all want to look fit and healthy. And buying a treadmill is a good investment that wants to be fit and healthy. If you have the best treadmill at your home, then you not look for going to the gym. You workout at any time at your home. You can perform many exercises on the treadmill, which enhances your blood pressure, burns the unwanted calories, reduces the extra bodyweight of your body.

We have mentioned above the list of the best treadmill in India with its features and buying guide also, which helps you in selecting the suitable treadmill for you as per your budget and requirements? Hope you find the review helpful. If you find any problems or have any suggestions that you want to give, comment below.

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Review Breakdown
  • LifeSpan TR3000i Folding Treadmill
  • Fitkit FT098 1.5HP Motorized Treadmill
  • Healthgenie 4112M
  • Cockatoo Velocity Steel DC Motorized Treadmill
  • Powermax Fitness TDM-98 1.5HP Light Weight Foldable Motorized Treadmill
  • Powermax Fitness – UrbanTrek TD
  • Cosco CMTM-SX-1122 SX Series Motorized Treadmill


Are you looking for the best treadmill in India? It is essential to find a suitable treadmill to be able to achieve your fitness goals!

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