Best Tower Fan in India

We all want our house to look modern and very upmarket, we do a lot of things to make our house look good. Nowadays things have changed massively now people prefer to use Tower Fans in place of those old fashioned traditional ceiling fans. Don’t you know what tower fan is? Have you ever seen a tall and sleek device blowing out cool air in any restaurant or cafe? Yes, that is called a tower fan. Don’t worry if you didn’t get it here in this brief guide will introduce you with a tower fan and give you a description of some of the best tower fan in India, so keep on reading till the end to clear all your doubts about the tower fan.

The design of the tower fan is very modern they look very premium and upmarket they give you house a very modern look that makes your neighbours feel jealous. The Market is flooded with tower fans; there are several types of tower fans with amazing features and technology. The main feature of a tower fan is that it is very compact and consumes very little space in the house, and it can be easily kept away in a cupboard or storeroom when not in use, read the full article to know more about the tower fan.

Go through these important points before you begin with the main guide:

  • Tower fan can cover less area as compared to the traditional ceiling fan as they are bi-directional.
  • These fans are much more expensive as compared to the ceiling fans.

Best Tower Fan in India

1. Dyson Bladeless Wifi Tower Fan

The air purifier Dyson Pure Cool Connection, automatically removes 99.95% of allergens and toxins up to 0.1 microns. Using Air MultiplierTM software, Dyson purifiers are able to project and disperse clean air in the room effectively. With the 360-degree, vacuum-dressed HEPA glass filter, air particles are eliminated indoors, and household smell and odor are detected by a second tris-down surface, activated charcoal. Smart purification tracking, responding, and purifying automatically, and then reporting the air quality information to your Dyson connection phone so that your atmosphere can be remotely controlled. Simple filter switch when a filter needs replacement with confirmation on the phone. In contrast to other conventional purifiers, Dyson purifiers have a lower face frequency, it is one of the best tower fan. This, in turn, ensures that no damaging ultra-fine pollutants are released back into the room and remain caught in the filter media along with the VACUUM SEALED 360 ° Glass HEPA FIlter.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier, HEPA +...
  • Intelligent Purification: Automatically removes 99.95% of allergens & pollutants as small as PM 0.1 (0.1 microns) including dust, pollen, mold spores,...
  • Senses: With two intelligent sensors, the Dyson air purifier continually monitors and reacts to air quality changes.;Captures: Dyson purifiers have a...


  • Android Connect – With the mobile application of Dyson, you can easily control tower fans with the help of your smartphone.
  • Multi Featured – Simple schedulation, ten airspeed configurations, auto mode, night time mode, sleep timer, and simple to clean opening without fast blades, making it safe for small fingers and paws.

2. Crane Digital LED Display Tower Fan

The sleek and modern design of the CRANE Tower Fan suits every decoration of the home or office. The large area for cooling produces 115 cm high with large oscillations. A natural sleep mode and wind will keep you cool at all times, simulating a fresh outdoor breeze. A simple solution for improving the environment, personal comfort, and health of your home, it is one of the best tower fan. The oscillating fan of CRANE Turms replaces dry, stagnant air with refreshing relaxation and gentle pleasure. Saving space is available for use in small and personal rooms. The Fan Tower Guide makes it easy to mount and work. With the powerful and efficient CRANE Tower Fan ee-5612 this summer to keep your home cool.

The motorized oscillation is provided so that air is circulated effectively across the room and gives you a strong breeze. The space-saving model is suitable for small rooms for men. The fan of the tower is fitted with three-speed settings and gives you a choice of your own speed in accordance with your specifications and comfort. You can configure a fan that is automatically shut down every 12 hours with the 12-hour timer. Thanks to its sleep and breeze mode, you can sleep well without a little sound, giving you a cool breeze. The CRANE fan has an LED screen that reveals that work takes place. The remote control makes it easy to run.

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  • High Airflow – Crane digital tower fan comes with a powerful motor that makes it able to provide high airflow; this tower can deliver air at a speed of 12 mph without any pause or break. The speed of this fan is considerably good to keep you cool in hot and humid summers.
  • Programmable Timer – This tower fan has an amazing timer system with the help of which you can automatically start or stop the fan at a scheduled time.

3. Orient Bladeless Tower Fan

Feel air with the popular Orient Bladeless fans, which combine aerodynamics and a mixture of mechanics to guarantee an incessant airflow. A unique model that turns heads uses less energy and works at three different speeds in silence. The Orient Bladeless takes up minimum space and is lightweight and small in weight and can be easily moved across the country, it is one of the best tower fan. Because the fan doesn’t have any blades, the use is really healthy. The Swing feature enables airflow to be directed over the room, and this fan increases the air circulation significantly into the room when used in combination with an air conditioner.

The fan’s 7.5-hour standby clock is another highlight. In addition, Orient Bladeless fashion lovers have built-in ambient light and four color options, including Off-White, Red, Purple, and Blue, to create the right aura for your mood. For simplicity and ease of use, the curved fan comes with remote control.

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  • Bladeless Design – It is built with an outstanding bladeless design, which upholds the elegance of every room, and the fan works best if it is used in air-conditioned AC rooms and can not be contrasted to multiples lights for the pedestal and a table.
  • Fully Remote Control – Remote service offers flexibility and ease of operation Strong plurality of air flows with three-speed changes and swing functionality. Three rate settings-High, Med, fully variable self-off timer function-0.5 hrs-7.5 hours Full quiet engineering, calm air flow experience

4. Fanzart Tron

A fan of the tower will lift the room’s temperature and is an excellent option to keep you calm. The fan of the tower strives to rise high, much like his name. He adds a fan influenced by the amazing science fiction film Tron. In addition, the Tron is equipped with an LED temperature monitor with functionalities that allow it to cleverly change the wind velocity with regard to the room temperature. The beauty is made for you in 2 colors, natural wood and enriching white with a powerful engine and touches control keys, it is one of the best tower fan.

Fanzart, a premium fan brand based in Bangalore, India, is a Theme Group company that started in 2012. In terms of design, versatility, and esthetics, Fanzart is targeted at improving the ceiling fan. Fanzart really represents a luxurious model that serves the purpose not merely of air circulation but also embellishes the world through the incorporation of beautiful, glamorous, and funky features!

Fanzart Tron White - LED Display Tower Fan with 90...
  • Powerful Blower with 90 Degree Oscillation

  • Multi-functional Display System on top


  • No NoiseTechnology – The whisper-quiet of its followers is the growing USP in Fanzart. You will visit a showroom in Fanzart, turn the fans on and hear a waterfall. More than 38dB are lovers of Fanzart.
  • No Maintenance – Maintenance is free for Fanzart fans. These fans can be washed once a month with a dry cloth and once in three months with a wet cloth. It’s just as straightforward.
  • Energy Efficient – Fanzart Tron is a high energy efficient tower fan Fanzart fans absorb lower power compared to conventional fans on the ceiling, hence helps you by reducing your electricity bill.

5. Crompton Air Buddy

The Airbuddy Kitchen Fan provides a smooth breeze for private use. This guarantees convenience. The fan is not air tossing as a typical desk or table fan. Mainly intended to improve kitchens, where the ceiling ventilator blasts the gas fires and offers long-term cooking pain. AirBuddy comes with horizontal mounting brackets and a vertical positioning frame. Suitable for a small area use as a personalized table or stand fan, it is one of the best tower fan. It can be used during study/sleep and other design job applications for concentrated airflow. The Airbuddy Kitchen Fan provides a smooth breeze for private use. This guarantees convenience. The fan is not air tossing as a typical desk or table fan. Mainly intended to improve kitchens, where the ceiling ventilator blasts the gas fires and offers long-term cooking pain.

AirBuddy comes with horizontal mounting brackets and a vertical positioning frame. Suitable for a small area use as a personalized table or stand fan. It can be used during study/sleep and other design job applications for concentrated airflow. Innovation focused on a deep understanding of the needs of consumers appears to be guided by Crompton. The kitchen is the hottest place in Indian homes because of the tiny exhaust system. With the use of the conventional ceiling fan in the kitchen, the flame from the gas stove is not an ideal option. With these in mind, the’ Airbuddy’ has a flexible louver that allows the household maker to experience cool breeze when cooking without upsetting the gas flames. An elegant, lightweight model can comfortably be placed horizontally or vertically on the frame, mounted on the wall under the cabinet.

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan (Black)
  • Personalised soft airflow designed with an adjustable louver for desired air flow that allows the homemaker to enjoy cool breeze without disturbing...
  • Product Dimensions: 21.6 x 17.6 x 55 cm , Its sleek compact design can be easily accommodated on the platform, mounted on the wall, under the cabinet...


  • Flexible Tower Fan – The wall mounting option, horizontally and vertically, can be modified for your needs. It can also be put upright at your convenience on the model frame.
  • Easy to Maintain – Along with an easily cleanable substrate, disposable filters are provided to ensure trouble-free maintenance.
  • Swing and Speed Control – Along with an easily cleanable substrate, removable filters provide quick maintenance. The speed and direction of the airflow can be controlled and modified. It means that you rely on the breeze while concentrating on your food.

6. BMS Lifestyle Tower Fan

Lifestyle Tower BMS Sleek and sleek, designed to maintain a higher air supply rate and increased airflow with automatic swing movement. This tower fan has a 45 W engine with decent cooling efficiency for a longer time, which makes this season a must-have. Besides 3 phase fan speed control, which is excellent for all cooling uses, the Tower Fan is far superior to its competitors. It does not only keep you cool this summer; it is one of the best tower fan, it is extremely stylish and slender and fuses easily into the home without affecting the aesthetic attraction. It offers a better grip with a strong foundation. It is easy to carry really low in weight.

BMS Lifestyle 3 Speed Control Tower Fan Mini Power...
  • BMS Lifestyle Tower Fan Mini With 90 Degree Rotating & Revolving. The Portable Tower Fan Material is Plastic. Mini Tower Fan Speed and Swing controls...
  • The Portable Mini Tower Fan Power: 80 Watts and Voltage / Frequency: 230V : 50Hz.


  • Ultra-Thin Body – Ultra-thin body allows three-speed settings and 2-hour manual timer for multi-comfort solutions Free and standardized specific oscillation for efficient circulation of air suit anywhere
  • Copper Motor – 1-year Compact, a stylish and elegant model for high-air transmission cool to secure the engine automatically during thermal surge Tubular centrifugal blower allows fans to save energy 35W warranty: 35W Warranty: 1 year.
  • Portable – This BMS Lifestyle tower fan is very powerful yet portable and compact; it can easily fit in space tight places like you cupboard and storeroom, this fan can easily fit in compact places.

7. Vinr Cool Breeze Tower Fan

The Recon Tower Fan For Long Distance Support If You Want To Beat Heat Take Back The Muggy Heat with its 3 Speed Fan setting is ideal for blowing down. Conveniently placed at the top are controls for swing and fan pace. This is certainly an energy efficiency device because the power does not increase by 150 watts. It’s great to live where the foot traffic is as heavy as stores, restaurants, and so on at the same time. This Home Tower Fan was designed to meet Indian households with an Indian market, it is one of the best tower fan. Use it in the drawing-room during the day, cooking kitchen, study/pooja rooms in the evening, and back in the bedroom to make your nights cool! Mobiles And Lightweight, with Rubberized Bottom Grips. It can be used in various rooms at different times of the day, highly portable.

Vinr Cool Breeze Tower/Personal fans for home/Fan...
  • Sturdy Indigenous design : Stabilized thermoplastic for aesthetic and corrosion-resistant life
  • Ergonomic Control Panel : speed and swing controls designed for ease of use


  • Indigenous durable design – This tower fan has thermoplastic stability for esthetic, and its body is corrosion resistant.
  • Ergonomic control panel – Vinr cool breeze has buttons for speed and swing for quick action.
  • Tough Blower – To achieve the best possible airlifting performance by picking three speeds, Tough Blower.
  • Minimum Maintenance – To fans of Vinr, support is optional. The ventilators can be cleaned with a dry tissue once a month and a wet tissue once in three months. This is just as simple.

Buying Guide

Tower fans are modern hence hey give your house a very attractive look, the build quality of tower fans is very also they are very lightweight. These fans are very easy to install in comparison to those old ceiling fans. Above, I tried to introduce you to some of the best tower fans in India that too from some of the best and verified brands. Let us discuss factors and some of the other relevant things that you need to know before purchasing a tower fan.

What Does a Tower Fan do?

A tower fan gives you relieve by providing icy cold wind in the hot months of May and June; tower fan has a very high power motor which blows air vertically or horizontally these fans are very light weighted due to which they are portable and can be taken from one place to another easily.

How to Set-Up Tower Fan?

The method of setting up a tower fan varies from one model to another, company provides user manual within the box of fan with all the instructions written on it you can follow those instructions or you can watch a relevant set-up video on youtube and if you still have problem in setting up the fan then you can call for installation in the company.

How to Use Tower Fan?

The procedure of using a tower fan is very simple, once the fan is set-up connect the power cord, use the button on the fan, or use the remote to start it up. If there are any additional features in your fan, then you learn to use them from the user manual, or you can watch relevant videos on youtube, or you can call for a Demo in the company.

Choosing Your Tower Fan

Here are the elements that must be taken into account to choose the right tower fan.

Quality Product

The build quality of the tower fan should be good enough; it should not be made up of cheap plastic as it has a very powerful motor, which creates high vibrations.

Powerful Motor

The stronger the motor, the higher the efficiency can be. But this is not necessarily the right formula, because a big power engine also means a device that consumes a lot of power. Rather, you have to perform a ratio. If it is powerful, of the order of 1500 to 2500 W, it must be able to provide between 1.5 and 4 kg of ground food per minute. Otherwise, it is better to take a less robust model but still meet his needs.

Energy Efficient

We must focus on simple devices to take in hand, efficient, and whose design is also pleasant. No need for a huge and complex tower fan, which will be difficult to operate and clean.

Maintenance of the device

A tower fan is a sensitive tool, and the easier it is to clean. This means that it must be easy to dismantle and that you can easily store the different parts, or change them in case of damage. If all this is complicated, it is better to abstain.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Best tower fan (Purchasing Criteria)

When buying a tower fan, it is important to consider several factors when choosing a good quality product. Below here are some of the aspects to consider and discuss before buying a best-tower fan in India

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Price

Let’s have a brief look on these terms:


The most important thing before you purchase a tower fan is to check about its safety features, does it fulfill the standards set-up by the regulatory authorities. This part of the selection is very important because a minor compromise with safety in the stove can cause thousand and even can endanger your life.


The working of the tower fan is very robust, so the build quality has to be very good; we must choose the best quality induction stove because if we make a small compromise with the quality, then it can be very dangerous. I prefer you to buy a branded tower fan that has passed the standards set up by regulating authorities of India. Tower fan should be durable and reliable; choose one which can be used for the long run.


The prices of the tower fan mainly depend on the power of its motor and its designs, on the second-hand price of the tower fan depends on its features, brand name, design, etc. The price of a tower fan starts from 2500 INR and goes up till 50000+. A basic tower fan of good quality and exciting features can be purchased for around 4000-8000 INR.

Where to Buy?

The tower fan is available in most of the retail outlets in case you don’t want to buy it offline; then you can go for the online option where you will get exciting deals, offers, and discounts. E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. have tower fans available in their sock and just with a touch of your finger, get the fan on your doorstep.

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A tower fan is one of the most demanded products nowadays it’s durable, stylish, and powerful, it can save you from hot summer with its icy cold air. This fan gives your house a very modern look and can be easily installed without the need for a technician. Here in this brief guide, I have described some of the best tower fan in India; I handpick all the fans described above. With the help of this article, I tried to clear all your doubts and queries related to tower fan, but if you still have any queries feel free to ask me down in the comment section, I will be pleased to help you.

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