Best Spy Camera in India

Everybody has faced a situation where spying on someone or something becomes critically important, whether it is your family or a co-worker or even a baby-sitter. We all have CCTV and some other hidden cameras fixed in a specific place, but what if you want to record someone’s action on your sight? You can certainly rely on a spy camera as it is portable and has an excellent tendency of camouflaging, which makes you a pro detective. In this article, I will share about the best spy camera in India and also some other relevant information you should know before buying a spy camera.

So you must be searching to spy on something, and you did the perfect thing to click on this article as here I will comprehensively review each product and also share some factors which will influence your purchase in a positive way. There are so many brands promising best visual quality and durability of their products, but in this diverse market, even an experienced consumer gets perplexed and perturbed while buying anything and for this reason, I am writing this article which will surely make easier for you to buy a good spy camera for your personal requirements.

Before we begin, have a look at these important points:

  • A spy camera is a device to record someone or something without letting the variable know that he is being recorded, and his actions are stored in the device.
  • It is legal to record someone’s action, but it is strictly illegal and is a punishable act if you are doing it to bully or harass someone specifically.
  • Spy camera is used mostly by detectives and sting operators, but many people use it for their personal requirements too.

Best Spy Camera in India

There are thousands of brands out there who are producing and selling spy cameras, but it is difficult to choose the best and desired product out of it. Do not worry as we have done everything for you, below here are some of the best spy cameras handpicked by us, especially for you.

1. Inovics Spy Camera (Bluetooth Speaker)

A spy camera that is shaped as a Bluetooth Speaker that won’t let your victim know that every action is being recorded by a source of entertainment. Apart from bass sound, it also offers a digital clock, which makes it more useful. This device features a 4K Ultra HD recording, which makes it a more reliable and trustworthy purchase. Inovics Spy Camera is integrated with night vision technology, which allows you to see faces clearly even in a dark room.

It has a motion detection feature which will send a notification to your phone if someone enters the home when you are not at home and alarm you about the upcoming threats. You might have seen many devices that offer to spy, but all have minimal space, but in this device, you can combine an SD card of up to 128GB of space, which is enough for you to do hundreds of operations. This wireless spy speaker can monitor your home 24 x 7 and keep you safe from all types of unknown threats. With a rechargeable battery of 5 hours, this device is perfect if you are searching for the best spy camera.


  • Lightweight: 90gm of weight, which is pretty light and makes this device more portable and easy to carry.
  • It is integrated with a Bluetooth speaker, which makes it more than just a spy camera.
  • Its storage space is expandable up to 128gb, which allows you to spy without any silly breaks of clearing the data.
  •  The long battery life of about 5 hours that makes it a worth buying option

2. M MHB Pen Spy Camera

M MHB is a famous brand that manufactures and sells products specially designed to spy on others. Pen Cameras are the most popular products when it comes to spy cameras as it is compact and easily fits in the upper pocket of the shirt. It is an affordable and effective spy camera, considering the same type of products of different brands. This pen camera by M MHB offers 16gb of in-built storage, which is enough to record HD visuals & quality audio without any intervals or space problems.

It can be easily charged with a USB cable through any charger or even a PC/Laptop. A pen camera is one of the best spy cameras as it is compact, and caught charges are superbly less as I have personally used this type of spy device. So if you are searching for a device to start a sting operation, then this Pen Spy Camera is a reliable and genuine product for you.


  • M MHB offers a Pen Spy Camera, which owns an ergonomic body design, which makes it a worthy option for starting a sting operation.
  • 45 to 60 minutes of charging is enough to charge the device fully.
  • A worthy and reliable buying option as it is presented by M MHB, which is a well-known brand in spy products.

3. Krish Spy

It is another spy camera gadget that serves and delivers amazing spying experience and let you be the best detective in your town. Krish Spy Recording is compact and small in size, which makes it more helpful and difficult to get caught by the victim. Unlike other spy cameras, this gadget is simple and easy to use without any technical hassle, and you can simply start recording by one button. It can handle an SD card of storage size of 2GB to 32GB, which is enough for one to carry multiple operations without deleting previous projects again and again.

Krish Spy Camera is rated positively, and the genuine reviews depict the satisfaction of its users. This gadget by Krish delivers not only HD visuals but also amazing audio quality. Also, an hour of charging is enough to run it for about 5 hours. It might be a little expensive solely for Indian consumers, but if you are doing it for a professional cause and you do not want to compromise with the quality, then it is a perfect buy spy gadget for you.

Spy Button Camera
  • Set time for shoot mail in second minute or hours
  • 15 mega pixel camera for more clearity


  • It records quality video in the HD mode, which captures a minute and stores it as a size of 200MB.
  • Lightweight and compact body ensures safety from getting caught and also making it easier to handle or carry.
  • The premium build quality of the gadget ensures durability and long life of the product.

4. M MHB Wrist Watch Camera

I have listed an M MHB product before, and again it is here with a totally different style. Wristwatch spy camera is different from the other types of spy gadgets as it not so popular, which is a perk as no one would even think of a camera in a wristwatch. It is integrated with a storage of 4GB, which is enough to capture quality visuals without any intervals or breaks. If you are planning a sting operation, then this type of gadget is perfect for you as no one could catch the small lens fixed in the watch.

The camera lens is properly camouflaged, and it is even challenging to spot it in daylight. Apart from spying, this watch also drops a sporty and bold look to the user as it features a leather strip. So if you are a detective enthusiast or are searching for a real spy gadget, then this deal is especially for you.

No products found.


  • You do not need any external storage source as it has an in-built 4GB of storage, which is pretty enough.
  • It offers excellent comfort while on and also is light in weight, which makes it more user-friendly.
  • A reliable gadget to start a sting operation as the camera lens, which is fixed in the watch is very difficult to spot even in daylight.

5. Fredi Motion Activated Mini Hidden Camera

Fredi Spy Camera is one of the most affordable hidden cameras I came across while searching and analyzing. This motion-activated mini hidden camera can capture everything without you being present there. It is compact and small, which makes it perfect for sting operations and also for home or office security. Fredi Motion Activated Spy Camera records and captures the visuals at 720p and let you witness everything in detail. Also, It is integrated with a night vision technology, which lets you view clearly even in the dark.

This device lets you connect to any device (Android, iOS & PC) through WiFi Hotspot and even lets you view live footage (possible in a range of 10 meters). The battery backup of this device is not as good as one expects, but you can do mini operations in one shot. It is a perfect spy camera for you if you are searching for an affordable spying device.

Fredi Motion Activated Mini Hidden Camera 720P HD...
  • Motion Activated Mini Hidden Spy Camera
  • P2P Mini Wifi Camcorder Camera


  • This device features a very compact and ergonomic design that saves you from getting caught by anyone.
  • It supports wireless connection, which is compatible with Android, iOS, and even PC.
  • Fredi Motion Hidden Camera is light in weight, which makes it easy to carry and user-friendly.

6. CAM 360 Safetynet1 Full HD 1080P Corn Pen Security Hidden Spy Surveillance Camera

A Pen Spy Camera introduced by CAM 360, which is a famous and genuine brand. Pen Cameras are usually easy to catch, but this one features a super camouflage lens, which makes it different from the other Pen Cameras. It supports USB charging and data transfer, which is simple and easy to use. It captures visuals in 30 frames/second, which drops a 1080 picture quality and lets you experience full HD recording of the operation.

This device also has an integrated mic, which brings the quality audio recording to you. Apart from the video recording, it allows you to capture photos in one click without any noise and deliver a 2560×1440 pixel image. It does not have any internal storage but can be combined with an external SD card (space size up to 32GB). Also, the price of this device is pretty affordable and suitable for Indian consumers, which makes it a worth buying option.

No products found.


  • CAM 360’s spy pen camera at an affordable price, which is perfectly suitable for every Indian consumer.
  • It is simple to use and easy to transfer data through USB into your Laptop or PC.
  • This device lets you record video at 1080p (Full HD) and also capture quality images.

7. Blaupunkt BP2.0 Black Surveillance Camera for Car

It is not a spy camera but can be used as one plus it features a superb quality video recording with motion blur that brings focussed capturing of the visuals. The structural body is made of pure plastic, which saves you from little sparks faced in spy cameras with the metal body. It is designed especially to save you from rash drivers and record them live, which can be used later as a piece of evidence. Although it is formulated especially for cars, it can be used anywhere and even as a spy camera.

It features a real HD (1080p) video capturing with motion blur technology to record and capture minute details. It weighs approx. 10 gram that makes it easy to carry and use for special sting operations. It clearly records the stuff even in the night time and lets you have an enhanced spying experience. If you are searching for something premium and more than just a spy camera, then this is your call to buy Blaupunkt BP2.0.


  • This device features a chargeable battery, which will enable you to record continuously for 3 hours and deliver high-resolution footage.
  • It supports external storage of up to a size of 32GB (SD Card) and drops a hassle-less recording.

These were some of the best spy cameras in India for you, and I will recommend you to choose from the above-mentioned products as they are the best of the spy camera sector.

Buying Guide

In a diverse country like India, it becomes really difficult for one to choose one from thousands of capable choices and therefore, to make it easier I am sharing this buying guide for Spy Cameras. You will find all relevant information related to spy gadgets and also some factors that will influence your purchase in a positive way.

What Is a Spy Camera & Is It Illegal to Use a Spy Camera in India?

A spy camera is a device that is fixed with a lens to capture and record someone or something and use the recorded footage later as a shred of evidence. It is obviously not legal to use a spy camera in India, but if you are using it for wrong purposes like bullying or capturing nudity, then you will certainly be punished, and here we strictly do not promote such activities. If you are thinking of doing some pranks which do not involve bullying, then you do not need to worry about anything. Also, if you are capturing someone’s action or statement to state it as a piece of evidence, then you do not need to worry about anything as it is legal in almost every country, including India.

Things to Consider before Buying a Spy Camera (Purchasing Criteria)

A spy camera is an expensive purchase for every Indian consumer and so I have listed some factors below to consider and discuss which will surely influence you to make a better purchase.

  • Your Requirements
  • Battery Backup
  • Simple or Not

Your Requirements

You must know that if you are buying something and you do not understand why are you buying it or the reason for the purchase, then it is certainly a wrong purchase. If you are buying a spy camera, you must know what your requirements are and does the device fulfills it or not. One should check the quality of the recording and other features before buying any spy camera. Considering your requirements will surely let you have the best spy camera in India.

Battery Backup

The battery of the device is a very important thing to consider before buying a spy camera. These spy devices offer very low capacity but chargeable batteries. There are certain products that offer long battery backup, and you should buy the spy device considering the duration of your use or operation.

Simple or Not

There are so many products that offer quality spying but lacks when it comes to simplicity. Most of the devices are integrated with so many technical stuff that it becomes very complicated for a person to operate and use. All these technical hassles consume time and delay the specific operation, which ruins everything. So make sure to buy a product which is simple and easy to use for you.

How Much Does a Spy Camera Cost?

A spy camera is an expensive purchase, but some variants are also available at an affordable price. You can get a good spy camera at a price range of INR1000 to INR15000. The professionals use expensive spy devices, and they cost a lot more than the devices available to regular consumers. If you are buying a spy camera, then make sure the gadget fulfills all your spying needs.

Where to Buy?

Spy Cameras are trending in the mainstream market as it is demanded by a vast majority of consumers and so it is available at most of the local electronic stores, but it is really difficult to find a reliable source of spying products. I recommend you to buy online through Amazon or Flipkart that will give you access to so many products, and also, you will receive your desired product at your doorstep. Also, you can have a look at the genuine reviews, which will surely influence you to make a better purchase.

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The spy camera is an awesome and helpful invention for everyone, and one must have this device as someday you will too need to do a mini sting operation or even to create a piece of evidence against someone who is threatening or bullying you. I hope this comprehensive review and buying guide satisfied all your queries regarding the best spy camera in India. We also learned some other relevant and related information which will help you to make a better purchase. If you have any doubt or any question, then please make a comment below, and I will reply you back in no time with a positive & helpful solution.

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