Best Hair Dryer In India

A hair dryer is a great tool which is loved by most of the women. It can be used both in winter to keep you from catching cold outside or to do more with their hairstyles. It is a very important gadget for the people who do not want to leave their home in we hairs or people who are fond of hairstyles. And today, you’ll learn about the best hair dryer in India. Hairdryers are used widely among the new generation as they strictly follow the technology trend and live the ultimate experience delivered by the new technology companies.

There are several models and brands of hairdryer available in the market, with different speeds and temperatures. And now, every technology has updated to its best version. Many new hairdryers are released this year, which promises hair perfect drying and styling. If you are not positive about which hair dryer you should buy, then you are at the very right place. So without wasting any time, let’s begin with our subject.

Best Hair Dryer in India

1. Havells HD3201

The very first Havells HD3201 Hair Dryer has already received immense love online. It has got superb ratings on Amazon and is one of the best selling products. HD3201 is 1500W with beautiful body structure, dropped by Havelles in two cheerful colors (Purple & Blue). A 2-year manufacturer guarantee makes it a trustworthy product. The multi-temperature settings (Hot, Cool, and Warm) drives this product away from regular mainstream products. Havells has promised the lowest noise comparing to the other hairdryers, and we can certainly believe Havell as it is one of the oldest and trustworthy brands.

Powerful drying helps you to style your hair pretty fast and can be used for everyday styling. Being a product from a trustworthy brand, HD3201 has got Ionic care, which neutralizes the dust and decreases the frizz on your hair. We all have once wished a little longer power cord so we could use the hair dryer comfortably. Havells HD3201 is lightweight and easy to handle, which makes this product more appealing for the users. It also has fixed concentration and proper heath balance technology to enhance the user experience and drop a fantastic look on you.

Havells HD3201 1500W Ionic Hair Dryer (Purple)
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Gentle drying with 1500w


  • Lightweight and Handy which makes it easy to use.
  • It has a long power cord which lets you use it more comfortably.
  • Havells HD3201 has a 24-hour home service.
  • Coming with a promising  2-year guarantee.
  • Not every hairdryer comes with such elegant colors.

2. Wahl 5439-024

Every sector has got that one super product, which is unbeatable. You might have seen people stating promising statements for their product to increase the sales, but here, Wahl 5439-024 doesn’t need any fake promises to increase sales. It releases negative electrical charges that prevent the static electricity in the hair, helping to close the hair skins for faster drying. Wahl Clipper worked on their product quality and focussed on what their consumers expect from them. And gradually, this beast became one of the best hair dryers in Inda. Mostly used by the professionals, this hair dryer has a power of 2000W, which enables quick-drying and not taking away the shine of your hair.

The Wahl 5439-024 has 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings, which allows the user to set and chose their preferred settings. The professional AC collector motor and the new tourmaline technology made this product worthy of being on top. Wahl is one of the most positive rated hairdryers and deserves to be on top because of its premium quality. Wahl has also considered all safety measures and also dropped a cool shot button, which prevents heat-induced damages to the hair.

Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Professional 2000 Watts...
  • Powerful 2000-watt AC Motor with Tourmaline Technology
  • 3 Variable Heat Settings


  • Wahl 5439-024 is a quality-oriented product.
  • Superfast but uniquely doesn’t take the shine from the hair.
  • Covered all-new features of the new releases for instance “cool shot button”.
  • 7 different heat/speed variations to make it super precise to use.

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3. Vega VHDP-03 Pro-Xpert

Premium structured product by Vega has 2200W, which is considered pretty powerful to dry your hair quickly. Vega VHDP03 Pro Xpert is a brilliant example of technology integrating with style. This amazing hair dryer has a potent AC motor that allows you to get frizz less and styled hair in no time. Being loved online, Vega Pro Xpert has also won the hearts of offline shoppers. The navigation to set temperature is pretty perfect and smooth; it also has a cool shot button which directs cool air to get you a gorgeous hairdo.

Vega Pro Xpert not only tops the premium sector but also fits in a small budget, so that anyone could afford it and experience the ultimate style-tech. They also offered two detachable nozzles (a large and a medium), which helps to control airflow for targetted drying and careful styling.

I haven’t really seen a hairdryer getting broken or pissed but always heard about the complaints of the weak power-cord which breaks by the end of the plug or dryer, but VHDP03 Pro Xpert by Vega has got that covered by providing a cord guard with a hanging loop.

VEGA Pro-Xpert 2200 W Professional Hair Dryer with...
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty,
  • Quick Dry with 2200W


  • Premium body design by Vega has made this hairdryer unique.
  • Cool Shot Button directs cool air to drop a perfect style.
  • Two detachable nozzles are provided for specific drying or precise styling.
  • VHDP 03 Pro-Xpert has a power of 2200W which makes it quick to style and dry.
  • Convenient navigation buttons are there to set temperature and speed.

4. Havells HD3151 1200W Powerful Hair Dryer

Here is another fabulous hairdryer for the budget buyers. Havells has always covered all the aspects considering the product quality and the consumer buying strength. So the multi-national brand has raised this product “Havells HD3151“, which is 1200W with a 24 hour havells home service. And the two-year manufacturer guarantee makes this product more reliable and trustworthy. It has the power to gently blow on specific sections, which is pretty unique when compared to other hair dryers of the same segment. The 3 temperature settings (hot, warm & cool) makes it easier for the user to operate.

Havells has always shown that they do care for their consumers and so they have dropped double heat protection against overheating. Special technology is integrated to prevent tangling of the hair. Detachable Nozzle allows you to do more precise drying and specific styling. We usually suffer from packing & again un-pack the product after & before using, and it is irritating, and so HD3151 has storage hook to make it more convenient to store.


  • Detachable Nozzle makes a user do specific drying and styling.
  • Considering the features, this product tops the budget segment.
  • Long power cord and the storage hook makes it more convenient to use.

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5. Braun Satin Hair 3 – HD 350

Satin Hair 3 is one of the best premium hairdryers by Braun. This powerful Infrared heating & 1600W hairdryer does drying and styling in no time. Speaking of the brand, Braun is one of the most trustworthy and customer-centric grooming brands. It is specially designed considering the bad power supply of India, and so they dropped a multi-voltage formula that makes it reliable and safe to use.

The unique feature of Satin hair 3 is that it has a foldable handle to save up storage space and for transportation. Braun promises a 2-year guarantee and 24-hour customer support. It is packed with professional styling nozzle for precise heating and handling loop for making it more convenient to use. The ionic function removes the frizz of the hair. Braun Satin Hair 3 is a premium packed gadget with all the features you need in a professional hairdryer.

Braun Satin Hair 3 - HD 350 - Powerful Style & Go...
  • Contains IONIC function
  • Multivoltage: for safe usage around the world


  • The foldable handle is the most unique and helpful feature, I realized.
  • A 2-year manufacturer guarantee makes it a reliable product.
  • Braun has always been quality-oriented and has again proved it by this fantastic hairdryer.

6. Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer

Categorized into Amazon’s choice, BHD006/00 is a positive rated and a socially loved product introduced by Philips, designed explicitly for quieter design, which also offers a foldable handle. Considering the bad power supply, it has is formulated a dual voltage for worldwide use. The ABS high-quality gloss skin makes this product more appealing to use. And for more convenience, it has 1.8m flexible cord, and Cool shot delivers a quieter and precise styling and drying.

Philips offers a 2-year warranty which subjects this product as a reliable and trustworthy one. Knowing the fact that Philips works on a vast range of products, which certainly differs from technology, but BHD006/00 is one of those products which never lets you down.


  • The product offers a 2-year manufacturer guarantee which makes it more reliable.
  • Super lightweight as promised by the trustworthy brand “Philips”
  • Quieter drying experience as never before
  • Foldable handle and attached hook make it user-friendly product.

7. Panasonic EH-ND11A Hair Dryer

Panasonic has always made its consumer base happy and satisfied them with a large range of budget and quality products. And to cover the Hair Dryer segment, it has released some amazing durable products for their customers, and on of the most loved product is Panasonic EH-ND11A hairdryer, which allows you a quicker and amazing hair drying experience with an elegant body design and a cheerful color (Blue). 1.8m tangle-free cord makes it durable and flexible for the users to use.

Panasonic has dropped two-speed settings to set the speed and control as per the usage. It is lightweight and compact in size, which makes it a portable hairdryer. Easy to operate, this hair dryer has 1000W to enhance the power and drop a quick, elegant style to your hair.

Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000 Watts  Hair Dryer...
  • Light in weight, ergonomic design: This hair dryer is light in weight and has an ergonomic design that is very easy to hold and operate. It has a...
  • Warranty Information: 2 Year Standard Manufacturer Warranty by Panasonic from the Date of Purchase


  • The Ergonomic Design offers lightweight and compact to carry.
  • Dual-Speed Selection offers smooth navigation to change temperature.
  • It consumes less electric power, which refers to very less usage cost.

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8. Nova NHP 8100

This super budget hair dryer is one of the most preferred product by the ultimate consumers. Due to the compact size, it is easy to carry and takes very less storage space. The price of NHP 8100 is superbly less, considering the features offered by the grooming brand “Nova.” It has 1200W, which is powerful enough to dry and style your hair quickly. Nova offers two temperature settings (hot & cold) with a foldable feature, which makes it more portable and compact.

Nova NHP has ionic conditioning, which prevents it from overheating and makes it safe to use. Beating all the products by offering the lowest price, Nova has captured a large number of consumers. 1.8m flexible cord, Ehd updated technology, and Ionic conditioning has made this product a worth buying option for the people who ask “more in less.”

No products found.


  • Super Budget: Nova is offering this product at an unbelievable price.
  • Lightweight and compact design make it portable to carry.
  • The updated Ehd technology gives quality heating.

9. Panasonic EH-ND12P Hair Dryer

We already mentioned a product by Panasonic which is pretty awesome and adding to it, Panasonic has released another product tagged as EH-ND12P Hair Dryer. This product has 1000W which is great for a quick hair dry or style. Panasonic wanted to differentiate and make this product special and so why they added the “Turbo Dry” feature which makes it more powerful and quicker.

The compact design makes it unique and easy to carry. Panasonic is known for its quality and here it is delivering more than just quality. Panasonic targetted buyers who prefer quality products at cheap prices. Panasonic EH-ND12P is an all-packed product that cares about its consumers.

Panasonic EH-ND12-P62B 1000W Hair Dryer with Cool...
  • Compact design, portable size: With its compact, convenient, portable size this hair dryer fits anywhere. It is portable enough to be carried easily...
  • Three speed selection: This hair dryer offers three speed and heat settings to select the amount of speed required for different hairstyles. The speed...


  • Cool Shot feature to dispense cool air and drop a perfect style.
  • It has super Healthy mode which makes it super safe.
  • 3- Level selection for a wide choice of settings.
  • Compact and portable design makes it easy to carry.

Buying Guide

We already mentioned a product by Panasonic, which is pretty awesome, and adding to it, Panasonic has released another product tagged as EH-ND12P Hair Dryer. This product has 1000W, which is great for a quick hair dry or style. Panasonic wanted to differentiate and make this product special and so why they added the “Turbo Dry” feature, which makes it more powerful and quicker.

The compact design makes it unique and easy to carry. Panasonic is known for its quality, and here it is delivering more than just quality. Panasonic targetted buyers who prefer quality products at low prices. Panasonic EH-ND12P is an all-packed product that cares about its consumers.

Best Hair Dryer In India

Which Dryer You Should Buy?

There are several types of hair: oily, mixed, and dry. Each type of hair has a different need and needs a different type of dryer. We will help you decide the model of your hair dryer according to your main needs!

1. More Hydrated Hair

For those looking for hydrated and healthy hair, it is recommended to use ceramic-tipped hair dryers that dry the hair without removing its natural moisture, ensuring more shine.

The model with infrared rays is also indicated because they moisturize the wires naturally, acting from the inside out and also provide faster drying.

2. Hair With Long Hairstyles

The right dryer can ensure that your hairstyle lasts much longer. If you always like to try new hairstyles, prefer a hairdryer that has good temperature regulation.

Choose a model that has a cold air blast, which assists in finishing and helps to close the wire scales, avoiding drying out.

3. Hair Without Frizz

Frizz is a concern for many people, but it can be mitigated by using a specific type of dryer: which emits negative ions.

This technology neutralizes static and closes the hair cuticles, providing less frizzy hair. It is an excellent option for those who have this type of hair.

4. Cleaner and Healthier Hair

Preventing the proliferation of bacteria and fungi is essential for those with allergies, hair loss, or a sensitive scalp.

For this, prefer titanium-coated dryers, which emit air jets with fewer microorganisms. This will ensure more health for the hair and prevent possible allergies.

5. Hair With Professional Results

Professional hair dryers may cost more, but they are much more powerful and guarantee even faster drying. Because they provide high temperatures, they help to better shape the hair, whether for straight or curly types. If you are looking for professional results, invest in a better dryer model.

How to Consider the Price of Your Desired Hairdryer?

The price of hair dryers can vary greatly depending on the type, size, power, and technologies involved. But overall, most models are affordable and cost-effective. Suitable household dryers can be found at a starting price of INR 600, and with a value of up to INR 1500, you will find a great model hair dryer for your own use.

Professional models are much more expensive, so they are suitable for those who really make constant use of the product. You can find kits with several dryers for about INR 4000-5000.

Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase…

A hairdryer is an essential product and so we should consider certain things before making a purchase.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you make your purchase:

  • Weight and size
  • Power
  • Voltage
  • Consumption
  • Speeds and temperatures
  • Technologies

How to Use a Hairdryer Properly?

Proper measures and care should be taken. These tips can ensure the health of your hair, and increase the life of the product, so write down everything.

  • Protection: Try to protect your hair using verified products that protect your hair from exposure to high temperatures. This will prevent them from being easily damaged by the constant use of the hairdryer.
  • Temperature: It is also an essential factor that must be controlled when taking care of your hair. Never leave a hot jet for a long time in one place, as it can burn your hair and scalp.
  • Distance: Also, always keep a distance of at least 15 cm between the dryer and the hair.
  • Usage time: The first one is to make sure that you have removed all excess water from the wires before turning on your dryer. Thus, you will need to use the product for less time and still save energy.

Making the right use of your hairdryer will last much longer and will not damage your hair. Always prefer models that offer extra benefits to aid in the health of your hair.

Where to Buy?

This type of product is easily found in any electric appliance store. If you decide to buy yours from an online store, I will strongly suggest the Amazon online store for best and verified products. Refer to the above-mentioned products for the best user experience.

Buying online, will get you the product at home and save your visit to the local store.


This is where we close the thread and summarise the article. We have shared the best hair dryer in India for making your purchase simple and easy. Also, we have shared the full brief buying guide for hairdryers. I hope we have covered all the aspects of making it easier for you to buy. Please share your experience and queries (if any) regarding the subject and we promise to reply back with the best answer to you.

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Review Breakdown
  • Havells HD3201
  • Wahl 5439-024
  • Vega VHDP-03 Pro-Xpert
  • Havells HD3151 1200W Powerful Hair Dryer
  • Braun Satin Hair 3 - HD 350
  • Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer
  • Panasonic EH-ND11A Hair Dryer
  • Nova NHP 8100
  • Panasonic EH-ND12P Hair Dryer


Looking for the best hair dryer in India? We have reviewed besthair dryer’s based upon experience and people reviews!

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