Best Facial Kit In India

Everyone strives for silky, smooth skin and also put many efforts to attain it. But in this stressful and busy lifestyle, one can hardly manage skincare. Air pollutants and the scorching sun emerges as the biggest enemies of your face, clogging the pores, making it dry and fueling skin problems like acne. To defeat all these foes and retain the beauty of your skin, all you need is effective cleansing, rejuvenation, and better blood circulation. All three of them are present in the process known as Facial. Facials can be done at salons, but it’s expensive to have it done there. So to do it at home and a low cost, you can buy the best facial kit. Facial kits are of different range, types, and quantities.

Best Facial Kit in India

For something so important for your skin, you don’t have to go to beauty salons all the time. There is a cheaper but equally effective method to ensure that your skincare regime doesn’t break. Facials kits are an astounding product that benefits in skincare, minimizes the dark spots, and extracts all the impurities out of your skin. Here, we have created a list of top 10 best facial kits present in India and best suited for your skin.

1. Himalayan Pure Skin Neem Facial Kit

Himalayan is a well-known brand in India. And it has never dissatisfied its customers with the range and quality of its skincare products. The Himalayan Pure Skin contains a purifying neem face wash, purifying neem scrub enriched with the goodness of apricot and purifying neem face pack enriched with neem and turmeric.

This facial kit is enriched with natural ingredients and removes the dead skin cells, preventing recurring pimples. It unclogs pores and regulates oil secretion. This is a natural facial kit with fewer chemicals so you can trust it to restore your beauty.

Himalaya Pure Skin Neem Facial Kit With Face...
  • Quantity: Purifying neem face wash (50ml), refreshing cleansing milk (100ml), purifying neem scrub (50ml), refreshing and clarifying toner (100ml),...
  • Purifying neem face wash effectively prevents pimples


  • The facial kit pack consists of face wash, scrub, and face pack, all of them come in 50ml of a tube.
  • All product in the kit enriched with turmeric, neem, and apricot which is suitable for acne-prone skin
  • Himalayan brand products are suitable for all kinds of skin.
  • It can use by both men and women.
  • This facial kit clear blackheads and hydrates the skin.
  • It cleans clogged pores and removes the excess oil, which is the root cause of acne.
  • Easily available in online stores

2. VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit 

This VLCC is another prominent and natural brand in India, VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit cleanses your skin and helps in the removal of dead cells. It gives you a vibrant glow and removes the dullness. This facial kit meant to use in salons. This is used to get the instant glow on the skin. VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit comes under the facial kits used for a bridal glow.

It radiates the skin by hydrating it and also retextures the skin cells. The pack contains four sachets Indian Berberry Face Scrub, Saffron Massage Gel, Snigdha Face Cream, and Insta Glow Face Pack. To get the hassle-free salon, look in your home. The ingredients are all-natural in this product.

VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit, 60g
  • Quantity: 60g; Lightens your skin
  • Makes your skin soft and beautiful; Suitable for all skin types


  • It contains vital ingredients like Indian Berberry, Saffron, Mulberry, Hazelnut and Papaya
  • It helps in lightening you’re a skin tone
  • The quantity of the product is 60g
  • suitable for all types of skins.
  • Retextures skin and makes it softer
  • Men and women can use it.
  • Easily available in online stores

3. Biotique Bio Anti Tan Facial Kit

Biotique was known in the market for its natural product. They don’t use any chemicals in producing the products. No one will resist the products that are naturally made. This facial kit is made up of organic ingredients and has organic properties that are beneficiary for the skin. Biotique products are base on 5000 years old ayurvedic formulas that help in embracing and enhancing the beauty of body and mind. The facial kit is organically made of the herbals, and not going to affect your skin.

This kit’s anti-tan properties reverse the damage done by the sun and return your skin’s natural complexion. This pack contains honey gel cleanser, papaya scrub, dandelion serum, morning nectar lotion, fruit pack, and Swiss magic, dark spot corrector.


  • It contains vitamins.
  • Organically pure and preservative-free.
  • It is made of organic ingredients and has organic properties.
  • Not suitable for acne-prone skin.
  • It removes tan.
  • This facial kit does not break out your skin.
  • Affordable in price easily available in online stores.
  • One facial kit box can use for up to 3 times facial.

4. Lotus Herbals Natural Glow Facial Kit

Though we always run for the search of imported brands, the lotus is the local brand. It has gained trust in the Indian market in the field of beauty and care. This brand not only uses natural ingredients, but it is also chemical-free products.

This natural kit locks the glow underneath your skin and makes you look radiant and younger. It deeply cleanses the pores, which form the acne problem vanish within days.

The Rejuvenates dry and dehydrated surface, hydrating your skin from the deepest layers. It does all the reparations so that you could flaunt your flawless skin. The facial kit gives long-lasting results.

Lotus Herbals Natural Glow Kit Skin Radiance 1...
  • Lotus herbals lemonpure; Lotus herbals orange peel & alpine salt
  • Lotus herbals frujuvenate


  • It contains Lotus herbals lemon pure; Lotus herbals orange peel & alpine salt
  •  It is a herbal product manufacturing company.
  • It is suitable for all skin type
  • Can be used by men and women
  • Polishes skin and gives a radiant finish

5. NutriGlow Gold Kesar Facial Kit 

This gold Kesar facial kit provides you with the luminous finish you’ve been looking for. It comes with gold-ions, which is believed to boost blood circulation and make the skin more radiant. NutriGlow treats premature aging and removes brown spots from the face.

This Gold-Kesar facial kit provides intense nourishment to the skin and brings out skin’s natural fairness.

Its key ingredients are gold dust, which improves blood circulation and elasticity, Kesar, which gives instant fairness and glow. And lavender oil, which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Contains vital ingredients, gold dust, Kesar, Chandan, and lavender oil
  • Gives instant fairness
  • Prevents premature aging
  •  Improves blood circulation and elasticity
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Can be used by men and women
  • Easily available in online stores

6. O3+ Power Brightening Facial Kit

If you have oily skin, then you must go for this facial kit. This facial kit best for the summers. As it moisturized and adds glow to your face. It reduces the dullness of the face and is suitable for all of the types of skin. This facial kit lightens your skin tone and makes you stand out of the crowd with your glowy skin.

It contains meladerm d-tan cleanser, vitamin C bleach, micro derma abrasion face peel, tan removal serum, meladerm whitening mask, and lastly, meladerm whitening cream. These products purify, energize, and brightens the skin cells.

O3+ Power Brightening Facial Kit (163g)
  • Concern - Skin brightening & lightening
  • Skin Type - All skin type


  • It lightens skin tone
  • Luminous polish
  • Contains vitamin C
  • A bit costly
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Unisex
  • Works perfectly
  • Easily available in online stores

7. Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Facial Kit

Lakme is the fasted growing brand in the field of beauty and care products. It is the most trusted and popular brand in India as it gives you a salon-like finish at home with its 5 step process. You don’t need to visit the salon for the best facial.

This kit contains a face wash, face scrub, massaging cream, mask, and brightening cream. It cleans the skin thoroughly and makes it bright and healthy.

Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Brightening...
  • DIY Facial Kit
  • Benefits of a salon facial now in your own home!


  • It contains SPF 20 PA++ which prevents the damage of UV rays
  • 5 in 1 product
  • Lightens and nourishes the skin
  • Gives a long-lasting effect
  • Salon like finish at home

8. Everyuth Naturals Tan Removal Facial Kit

Another well-known brand in India, this kit contains five products which help in ensuring that your skin stays glowing and bright.

It consists of a lemon cherry face wash, tan removal scrub, massage cream, tan removal face pack, and a serum. The skin revitalized after using the products step by step properly.

It works from within to remove the tan.

Everyuth Naturals Pure & Light Tan Removal...
  • Everyuth Naturals Tan Removal Brightening Facial Kit is designed to give you a parlor like glow at home
  • Made with vitamin rich cherries and detoxifying chocolate, this kit helps in reducing tan


  • this facial kit is rich with vitamins, vibrant cherry, and luxurious detoxifying chocolate
  • It Removes tan from within
  • Brightens the skin tone and nourishes your skin
  • Makes your skin glow for a while

9. VLCC Diamond Facial Kit 

This product is designed to enhance the skin quality and bring the glow to the face. This facial kit is all you need to attain that perfect look you have always desired. It comes with six products, namely, comfrey cleanser toner, diamond scrub, diamond detox lotion, diamond massage gel, diamond wash-off mask, and oil-free moisturizing gel.

It gives you a long-lasting glow, which makes your skin look more nourished and beautiful.

VLCC Diamond Facial Kit, 50g+10ml
  • Quantity: 50g; Diamond Scrub and 10ml Diamond Massage Gel
  • Diamond Detox Lotion; Diamond Massage Gel


  • Its key ingredients are diamond bhasma, which is an excellent hydrator, jojoba oil, which is the most efficient moisturizer, olive oil, which soothes skin and aloe vera, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties.
  • This pack of facial kit comes along with each product of it comes in the quantity of 50g
  •  it is suitable for all skin types
  • Can be used only by women
  • Nourishes and detoxifies the skin

10. Lotus Herbals Radiant Platinum Cellular Radiance Facial Kit 

Lotus Herbal Radiant Cellular Glow Facial Kit is produced by the company to give you the perfect glow and fairness to you so that it last longed for a special day. This facial makes your skin look healthy, well-hydrated, and smooth. This facial kit gives you ageless beauty within minutes and contains four products, namely radiant platinum exfoliating cleanser enriched with platinum dust, radiant platinum activator, radiant platinum massage cream with platinum colloidal and a radiant platinum mask.

The platinum colloidal present in this product gets inside the skin and promotes collagen production, which prevents premature aging and reduces blemishes. It is a professional grade product used all around the country.

Lotus Herbals Radiant Diamond Cellular Radiance 5...
  • ENRICHED WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS:- Lotus Radinat Diamond Facial kit is enriched with diamond dust and cinnamon for giving instant radiance. Diamond...
  • REJUVINATES SKIN:- Radinat Diamond facial kit Exfoliates skin, giving bright and illumanating skin form within. With its anti oxidant and anti...


  • It has extracts of passion fruit which reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • It promotes collagen production in your skin
  • Rich with antioxidants which fight with free radical
  • Prevents sun damage
  • Gives you flawless and even-toned skin
  • Improves skin elasticity

Things to Consider Before Buying a Facial Kit

There are some important aspects which you should look at before buying any facial kit.

Types of facials

Gold Facial: Gold facials usually used by brides or women who face strong lights. Gold-ions present in gold facial boosts blood circulation and makes the skin more radiant. Gold facials make the skin warm and white.

Anti-Tan Facial: These facials remove sun tan and rejuvenate the skin cells damaged by the UV rays of the sun. It also cut the melanin on the skin surface, thus giving a de-tanned finish.

Diamond Facial: These facials can use by all skin types and mostly used during festivities. It hydrates the skin and makes the skin glow.

Fruit Facial: Fruit facials are natural and enriched with antioxidants and enzymes. It minimizes the blemishes and fine lines with no side effects.

Platinum Facial: Platinum facial is mainly used to counter premature aging. Platinum facial promotes collagen production in the skin.

Anti-Ageing Facial: This facial can be used by women in their midlife, like women aging from 30-50. This is used to make the skin look young again.

Skin Whitening Facial: This facial is used to lighten the skin tone and mostly preferred for dry skin type.

Benefits of Facials

Irrespective of facial treatment you get done on your face, you will see the benefits. Some of the benefits are like:

  • Deep Cleansing: if you do the facial, it ensures the deep cleansing as far as a simple face wash or moisturizer not able to go. The facial helps you to get rid of the oil that is built up on your face skin. It also helps in the removal of bacteria that cause skin infection or disease.
  • Facial Extraction: if you add facial extraction in your facial, then you will get a chance of getting rid of whiteheads, blackheads and cure the pimple.
  • Anti – Aging: the facial cream helps in slowing down the pace of natural aging and even keeps the wrinkles away from your face. A face massage cream contains anti-aging properties, which ensure the blood circulation of that area, increasing the flow of the oxygen level. This enriches the cells of that portion and which might also reduce the wrinkles and fine lines of your face.
  • Relaxing Massages: just like after body massage, we feel fresh and re-energetic, same as that when we have face massage done, the face also feels like fresh, and muscles and mind feels relaxed after the face massage. There will increase in the circulation of the blood, which will make your skin younger and healthier than before.
  • Exfoliation: Microdermabrasion is the great exfoliation agent and helps you to get rid of the dead cells from your skin.the skin pores get open and feel free for breathing.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: all the above mention parts of the facial treatments when done all serve to rejuvenate the skin. It makes the skin fresh and healthy.
  • Treating a Veriety of Skin Issues: if you are facing any other skin disease, then take the proper facial treatment regularly will help you from the disease.

Check the Ingredients

Different types of ingredients work differently on the skin like jojoba oil, aloe vera, saffron, and neem detoxify skin, and passion fruit minimizes the wrinkles and fine lines.

Always look for ingredients which are more natural and not a facial which only consists tons of chemical which may harm your skin.

Consider Your Budget

Facials that are more reputed and well-advertised also cost more, but the cost does not always determine the quality of the product. So always pick a facial kit which is not too expensive for you.

Skin Care Tips After Facial

  • Avoid using heavy makeup and products on your face for a while
  • If you want to go out in the sun must apply sunscreen to avoid sunburns and allergic reactions.
  • Don’t stress on your skin and over-exfoliate
  • Always moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer

Why Facial is Beneficial for Your Skin?

It cleanses your pores deeply and exfoliates the skin properly, leaving it smooth and fresh. It also tones and hydrates the skin making it glow after the facial. Facials make you look and feel more beautiful.

Facials are also an essential part of skincare because not everyone cleanses and scrubs every day, and it is also not possible daily. So, people have facials from time to time because it rejuvenates and reverses the damage done to your skin in a very gentle manner.

Things To Keep In Mind While Doing Facial

some things to be kept in mind before applying the facial, as it has some ingredients for the best result.

  • Follow the steps mentioned in the booklet of the facial kit has given.
  • Apply the skincare material in the upward circulation way.


Facial becomes an important part of the people life’s because everyone wants to look smart and want to glow on their faces. This is the easiest way to get the glow on the face. It is available in less price as per you choose, which one is best for you. You are still confused in selecting then go for the very first product we have mentioned in our list, i.e., Himalayan Pure Skin Neem Facial Kit is the best facial kit in India. It is made up of natural plants and herbals. It brings the best glow and will not affect your skin or cause any side effects on your skin. We have other buying guides in health and fitness which might help you in ordering products for yourself. If you find any problem or have any suggestion give then must comment below we will provide respond to that as fast as we can.

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Review Breakdown
  • Himalayan Pure Skin Neem Facial Kit
  • VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit
  • Biotique Bio Anti Tan Facial Kit
  • Lotus Herbals Natural Glow Facial Kit
  • NutriGlow Gold Kesar Facial Kit
  • O3+ Power Brightening Facial Kit
  • Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Facial Kit
  • Everyuth Naturals Tan Removal Facial Kit
  • VLCC Diamond Facial Kit
  • Lotus Herbals Radiant Platinum Cellular Radiance Facial Kit


Are you looking for the best facial kit for you? We have got you ten facial kits that will glow your face!

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