Best Exercise Cycle in India

You may have heard of exercise cycles, but you have not been aware of their importance in achieving good physical results. For some people, the cycle is just a vehicle to travel or to perform specific exercises in the gym. And there are many people unknown with term training or exercise cycles. In this particular article, we will discuss the best exercise cycle in India and also provide a brief buying guide for you to understand the importance of an exercise cycle with all the gains of using it and other relevant information too.

These exercise cycles or cardiovascular exercise machines, also known as “cardio machines.” They are made to exercise all the muscles of the body simultaneously. It is a good option and a great alternative to exercise in a gentle way, as exercise with these cycles is not so difficult. With this machine, you can achieve all your health goals. Gyms cardio rooms usually have different types of exercise cycles for slightly different exercises, but all these cycles are subcategorized into Cardiovascular Exercise Machines.

Few important points to read before we begin:

  • There are two models of exercise cycles, which include both professional and domestic. Households are usually smaller because they are meant to be folded or stored.
  • One of the most important things is the weight the machine can handle; usually, it is between 100 and 130 kg. If you have more than that, always choose a superior model. If you weigh 110 kg, it is good to select a cycle that can hold at least 120 kg.
  • Wheel position is an essential factor while getting an exercise cycle home. The rear wheel offers a smoother and more comfortable movement. If you are already experienced and want a more significant challenge, the front wheel requires more strength and provides a more tough exercise.

We will briefly talk about related and relevant queries in the buying guide section. Before that, let’s have a look at some of the best exercise cycles in India.

Best Exercise Cycle in India

1. Fitkit Fk600 Steel Airbike

Fitkit is one of the leading brands in India when we talk about premium fitness gear. FK600 is a full packed exercise cycle that includes premium quality with a budget value that is planned, especially for Indian consumers. Its unique wheel design (with a weight of 3kg) helps to improve your workout efficiency by making the air as the resistance. With an expansive digital display that projects Tracks time, speed, distance covered, and calories burned.

This FK600 is a Hybrid Bike that means you have move handlebars while performing the pedals that means more workout (upper & lower), which lets you burn more calories in lesser time. It is entirely user-friendly as it offers a fully adjustable seat and a comfortable saddle. This cycle also has a smart scan mode on the digital meter, which lets you keep track of the exercise and workout progress.

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  • Compact in size, which means you can easily bring it home and workout.
  • The hybrid set lets you burn more calories as you have to move handlebars and paddle together.
  • Foot lock pedals for the better pedaling experience.
  • The digital display shows calories burned; the distance covered, speed, and time.
  • It has a height-adjustable seat that offers complete comfort and a better workout experience.

2. Powermax Fitness Bx-110sx

This exercise cycle offers a complete cardio workout and also helps you to free your space occupied by big and expensive cardio machines, which won’t even get you the desired results. Pwermax Fitness is a brand that is preferred by many gym outlets. My local personal gym also owns Powermax Fitness machines as they are comfortable and more durable than other brands. BX-110SX is a worth buying option as being a foldable exercise bike; it offers compact and easy storage.

With versatile seat adjustments, you or anyone can luxuriously workout for hours without any hassles, and you can rest by leaning back on the cushion they dropped for user-comfort. This fitness cycle can carry up to 110kg of weight and that is a critical point to consider before purchasing an exercise cycle. No matter how bad you are at cycling, the strong grip pedals won’t let you slip. It has 8 different levels of manual resistance, and it allows you to adjust your workout yourself and also features all the necessary data like hand pulse, time, speed, and calories burned on a digital screen.

PowerMax Fitness BX-110SX Fitness Exercise...
  • LCD Display - Speed, Time, Distance, Calories And Hand Pulse
  • Flywheel System: 4KG Flywheel


  • 4kg flywheels offer excellent and real workout experience.
  • Manual resistance levels allow adjusting resistance according to your choice.
  • Powermax offers 1 year manufactured warranty from the date of purchase.

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3. Welcare Wc1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Finally, a premium product that drives you to a full amazing workout experience. WC1588 by Welcare is a perfect exercise cycle for people who really want to improve their cardio experience. This recumbent bike offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance, which allows you to adjust your resistance according to your choice. The flywheel with a two-way rotation weighs 5kg drives a smooth workout experience. With solid grips, your hands feel firmer when exercising — ideal for people up to 110kg.

Unique features like Floor Level Adjustable Bush and Seat Adjustable Settings change your exercise experience to the fullest. Not just amazing features, this beast also has a large digital LCD display that projects speed, time, scan, distance, ODO, and calories burned (You can also change and adjust the settings to watch your preferred data first.) Welcare also proposed an amazing feature, “Hand Pulse Monitor,” which tracks your pulse rate and displays the precise data on the digital screen.

Welcare WC1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike with...
  • WELCARE recumbent bike With 8 Level Magnetic Resistance, Assembly Area : 64"x26"x42".
  • Fly Wheel Weight:10Kgs, Two Way Rotation,3-pc-crank, Flat Belt, Fly wheel, increase the momentum of your speed and make your workout effortless


  • Hand Pulse Sensor is a unique feature that is rarely found in exercise cycles.
  • Adjustable resistance allows you to change the resistance settings according to yo0ur choice.
  • Broad digital tracking panel displays necessary data like speed, time, distance, and calories.
  • A premium designed structure which looks perfect in your home or office too!

4. Cockatoo Imported Air Bike

A budget exercise cycle designed for specially Indian consumers who are always tight on budget but at the same time want quality service. This exercise cycle has dual-action handlebars which make you burn more calories in less time ( as it includes both upper and lower body workout.) One can easily adjust the resistance or tension manually with a smooth turn of a knob. This training cycle has covered all the competing grounds and so also dropped digital display, which projects track data like time, speed, distance, and even calories.

It is packed with a cycle and a free shaker bottle. This is an ideal cycle for home use as it is super compact and does not occupy much space like other models. With the standard size and attractive structure, this cycle also provides you with ease in the workout and bring you desired results. Being a budget and a reliable product, this is loved by most of the Indian consumers.

Cockatoo Imported Air Bike Multifunction...
  • Dual-action handlebars engage an upper and lower body workout
  • Tension adjusts easily with the turn of a knob


  • Simple and easy cushion seat adjustment makes it more comfortable for the users.
  • Dual-action handlebars allow you to burn more calories in less time.
  • Compact design and steady constructions make it perfect for home use.

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5. Proline Fitness 335l

Proline Fitness is producing quality exercise machines for years now and has captured a considerable amount of consumers all over the world by delivering quality and product satisfaction. 335L Recumbent Bike covers all the aspects of a complete exercise cycle. It has a digital display monitor that projects time, speed, distance, and calories burnt, which helps to stay motivated while training.

This also offers a resistant knob, which allows you to take control of the intensity of your workout and adjust the tension. Proline Fitness 335L also offers Hand Grip Sensor that enables you to track your heart rate and pulse rate. The brush floor adjustment makes it easy for one to adjust the machine. People with a weight of 110kg and below can use it. Considering all the features of this exercise machine, I subject it as one of the best exercise cycles in India.

Proline Fitness 335L Fitness Recumbent Bike for...
  • 6 functions computer, Installation charges of Rs 1000/- would be applicable..
  • Handpulse, outer magnetic.. Installation charges of Rs 1000/- would be applicable..


  • Premium bold and compact design, which makes it an excellent machine for home use.
  • A product by a genuine and trustworthy brand “Proline,” which makes it a more reliable product.
  • Hand Grip Sensor allows you to track your heart rate by efficiently placing your palm pm the handle.

6. Lifeline Exercise Air Bike with Back Seat

This portable exercise cycle by Lifeline is another worth buying option for you online. It has a comfortable steel frame structure that smoothly balances your body and workout. Also, it features an electronic meter display, which shows the run distance, time, speed, and calories burnt. The manual resistance knob helps to change and adjust the workout tension as per your requirement. It is packed with a bag, sweat belt, yoga mat, and tummy trimmer, which is a lot at the value asked.

This model also has a back seat for user comfort, and an adjustable seat and handle position makes it a user-friendly exercise cycle. People have received their desired results just by working out half an hour a day, which is easy to devote, right? Regular workout boosts your immunity and drives a lean, slim body. Handlebars and paddling together help you to work out better and burn more calories.

Lifeline Exercise Air Bike With Back Seat For...
  • Material: Other
  • In-Box Contents: 1 x Exercise Air Bike With Back Seat, Bundles With the Bag, Sweat Belt, Tummy Trimmer, and Yoga Mat


  • You get Yoga Mat, Tummy Trimmer, Sweat Belt, and a Bag absolutely free with this particular Lifeline exercise cycle.
  • Super user-friendly as it offers a cushion back seat and also advanced joint versatility.
  • Easy Installation through manual, which means you don’t spend any expense on professional Installation.

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7. Monex Ideer Exercise Bike (Black/Red 09032)

Rated as the best exercise cycle online and is loved by a vast majority of consumers. iDeer training cycle by Monex features heavy bold steel structure with a multi-function LCD digital screen that projects all the data like time, distance, speed, calories burnt and also heart rate. With premium bold outlook it also has a compact and easy to store-in-home size. The max weight it can handle is 127kg and that is pretty enough until you are a super cute panda.

The flywheel has a strong weight of about 10kg which ensures powerful resistance and delivers an amazing workout experience. It is integrated with a hand impulse sensor which monitors your heart rate accurately and serves you the precise data on the LCD monitor. It is easy to install/assemble and you don’t need any professional supervision. Also, for easy shifts, this bike also has small movable wheels that are unique and helpful at the same time.

Monex Sports Spin Bike | Smooth & Quiet Stationary...
  • Multi functional Large LCD Display Monitor |High Smooth Belt Drive System
  • Max User Weight 280 lbs |Built with Heavy-duty steel Frame with 24.23 lbs flywheel, max User weight up to 280 lbs, ensure high stability


  • Smooth and noiseless spin wheel, delivers a quality workout experience.
  • Fully adjustable with heart rate monitoring sensor.
  • Premium design and appealing look motivate you to work out with more intensity.

These were some of the best exercise cycles in India chosen by us, especially for you.

Below here is a brief buying guide for a better perspective and understanding.

Exercise Cycle Buying Guide

The exercise bike is used by everyone who works out and is completely healthy to devote an hour a day to it. With this machine, you can achieve all your health goal and you can achieve all your health goals comfortably.

best exercise cycle in india

What makes is different from other gym machines?

Exercise cycles, also called ellipticals, enable cardiovascular exercises based on elliptical movements. Hence even its name comes from his elliptical or oval movements. This action is similar to that of a traditional bicycle, but works for much more muscle groups, and makes the leg joints do not receive such an aggressive impact.

A training or exercise bike is ideal if you are starting in the fitness world. If you are an experienced sportsman, the device will help you reduce pain and injury from constant and intense workout impact. With an exercise cycle, you will exercise the upper and lower both.

Advantages & Disadvantages

One of the sole purpose or can say the ultimate advantage of the exercise cycle is it burn calories and favors fat loss at a very excellent speed. Moreover, it also increases the metabolic rate of the body, which eventually heat up the body temperature. Winding-up with another perk of this cycle is that in the long run, it increases the body stamina and gives you strength.

The only disadvantage I got is the little high price, but that is also worthy of what it features, and another thing is that it does not work for most of the lower parts that well.

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What types of elliptical or exercise cycles are there?

There are different types of elliptical or exercise cycles. Each type has different characteristics. These differences change the way we perform the exercise and also the different training we can do. Below are the most commonly used types:

  • Front-wheel drive: The wheel of these ellipticals is at the front of the frame. The movement it provides is smoother than other types. It offers the widest track of all. This is important for those seeking more demanding training.
  • Rear-wheel drive: In this variation, the wheel is at the back, which provides more inertia. This results in a more ergonomic, smooth and comfortable stride. This type has a smaller amount of moving parts, so it requires less maintenance. They are very effective models for gym and homes.
  • Center-wheel drive: These ellipticals are smaller than the others. The structure is more solid as it has the mechanism in the center. It is what offers a more natural position to a person’s body.

There are several more types of exercise cycles but they are not that effective and rarely found in India.

How much space do you need to occupy an exercise cycle?

Measurements depend on model and machine type. It is not the same thing to finish the exercise and be able to leave the machine where it is or have to store it. It is not uncommon for household ellipticals to be smaller than professionals. We suggest that you take into account the transportation facilities for every machine. For example, if the wheels and handles are foldable.

In general, the usual measurements of a cycle is stated below:

  • Length: 180/200 cm
  • Width: 50/60 cm
  • Height: 160 cm

Although these numbers may vary according to your machine type and so we recommend to confirm your occupying space before making a purchase. Also, you should think about who will use it. A tall person will not use a model like a short one. You must take into account the length of the stride.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Exercise Cycle

Buying an elliptical is an investment. If we are not experts in the fitness world, we may not know what features to look for in these machines. Therefore, we have prepared the section below, where you will find all the information about the most important features of an elliptical trainer.

  • Inertia wheel
  • Resistance
  • The Strap
  • Stride Width

Inertia wheel

It is one of the most important thing to consider while buying an exercise cycle. It determines the type of machine and indicates its smoothness. The inertia wheel is the modern version of the traditional bicycle belt. This wheel (disc) always goes faster than the pedal, which indicates its smoothness. The faster the wheel, the smoother the pedal and the effortless workout. The resistance of the elliptical is determined by its wheel. The greater the weight, the greater the resistance. Always choose a lightweight inertia wheel for the best experience.

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The resistance of an exercise cycle is its main feature. This is what sets them apart from treadmills and other cardiovascular exercise machines. Resistance makes exercise more or less difficult. Good endurance is essential for training. Now all models are integrated with a knob or a tool to adjust the resistance according to your choice. And that’s why it is an essential factor while choosing an exercise cycle.

There are two types of Resistance or Tension:

  • Mechanic Resistance: A simple mechanism that unlocks by turning the center knob. It is also known as Manual Resistance.
  • Motorized or Digital Resistance: It enables you to change the resistant on the digital screen.

The Strap

The transmission belt is responsible for connecting the inactivity wheel to the pedals. It has an important role: the better the belt, the longer and smoother the pedaling and workout will be. Before choosing, think about how you will exercise. If you are going to train every day, choose a model with a higher quality belt. It is very important that you take into account how many times you will train in the week. If you are going to wear it occasionally, you will not need to have such a strong strap. But if you want to train hard, you need a machine with a stronger belt.

Stride Width

Stride length directly influences pedal smoothness. The longer the length, the more beneficial it will be the machine for your health. The length usually ranges from 7 inches on the simplest models to 21 on the most professional(Used in Gyms) Some have a 26-inch stride, especially for taller users. Pedals usually mark the distance of the stride. In addition, they are responsible for supporting the continuous movement of the exercise cycle. You need to find a device that is comfortable and relaxing. The pedals can adjust to different resistances and move back and forth.

So these were some important factors to check before buying an exercise cycle or elliptical.

What is the Cost & Where to Buy an Exercise Cycle?

The price of ellipticals varies greatly depending on their qualities and extras. The material and the brand also influence the final cost of each model. Each manufacturer makes the devices according to their criteria and applies the prices they believe are fair. You can get a good exercise cycle within INR10000 and there are models that even cost lakhs and are for professional use (GYM)

You can buy this at any sports or gym accessory shop. I would suggest buying this machine online from Amazon, as it serves verified and genuine products. Also, saves your visit and transportation cost.


Whether you want to stay fit or lose extra weight, you can go for a folding model. They are ideal for home use and can be as good as professional ones. Today, we got to know about the best exercise cycle in India and a big picture of exercise cycles. I hope this article has served and satisfied all your queries to the fullest. Please mention below if you have any doubts regarding this subject and we will be answering it with relevant information.

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Review Breakdown
  • Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike
  • Powermax Fitness BX-110SX
  • Welcare WC1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • Cockatoo Imported Air Bike
  • Proline Fitness 335L
  • Lifeline Exercise Air Bike with Back Seat
  • Monex iDeer Exercise Bike (Black/Red 09032)


Are you looking for the Best exercise cycle in India? I have brought you a review of the seven best exercise cycle which will complete your requirement!  

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