Best Dark Chocolate in India

Today, we will be discussing the most favorite food or sweet and how can you improve your health via it, and so here we are with the Best Dark Chocolate in India, a brief article with some of the best picks of dark chocolate and also a buying guide with all the relevant information to make your purchase easy and simple. There is no better time to eat a lot of chocolate, right? But how about combining this delight with benefits for your health?

The consumption of dark chocolate can increase the number of calories the body uses to perform its daily activities. In other words, dark chocolate “burns” fat. Keep reading as you will be learning a lot about dark chocolate, and no parent would resist you from having it. Be aware that dark chocolate, which has at least 70% cocoa, can improve various bodily functions such as cholesterol control, heart health, diabetes control, and even help prevent disease.

Important things to know before we begin:

  • There are several types of chocolate, but most people divide chocolate into three categories: White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. We will be discussing the best class, which is the Dark Chocolate.
  • Doctors recommend dark chocolate because it has more cocoa in its composition (at least 70%). According to them, this type of chocolate contains the most powerful antioxidants and a lower amount of sugar.
  • Be aware that many chocolates in the market are low at cost but offer very poor quality. You must choose the quality product. How? Read this brilliant guide, and you’ll know.

Best Dark Chocolate in India

1. Cadbury Bournville

A vegetarian dark chocolate bar which made Indians crazy with its amusing taste and healthy ingredients. This premium dark chocolate has 50% Cocoa in each bark (Pack of 5), which helps in increasing the brain efficiency and function by increasing the blood flow in the body. It is one of the most loved dark chocolates on the internet and has almost no consumer complaints, which makes it a more trustworthy and quality piece.

Bournville has a warming taste, which certainly will make you feel more relaxed and freshes your mind. It is made up of the finest cocoa beans and makes it premium dark chocolate and the best to choose. I recommend you to go for this one if you are health conscious and can have it in a regular interval of time: Just a bar won’t do any good to your health.

Cadbury Bournville Rich Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar,...
  • The finest cocoa beans that have the perfect size and aroma go in to the making of the Bournville, offering consumers the sheer luxury and goodness of...
  • A chocolate that allows you to relax , unwind and end your day on a sweet note with Rich cocoa


  • Genuine and reliable as it is a product offered by Cadbury.
  • Perfect gift wrap for those who want to wish someone on their special occasion.
  • They never compromise with the quality and the sweetness of the bar.

2. Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate

Hershey’s is the most loved chocolate brand all over the globe and is now one of the biggest manufacturers of chocolate on Earth. We will know more about the advantages and minor details about the dark chocolate. It is made up of sweet dark chocolate, which brings the real dark taste to it. This Special Dark Chocolate by Hershey’s has 45% cacao, which is very necessary for your health.

Also, a vegetarian chocolate bar that has been certified by OU Kosher and marked as a healthy product. You can also gift it to anyone and make their event more healthy and sweeter. Hershey’s being such a big brand never compromises with the quality of the product, and consumer satisfaction is one of their major priorities while producing the product. Considering the price, it might be a little expensive, but it is best for those who don’t compromise with quality just because of a few rupees.

No products found.


  • Easy to share with family and friends.
  • 45% cacao helps in various ways, like burning the fat and protecting the heart.
  • Dark Chocolates usually are not that fun in taste, but this one is special.

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3. Chocholik Belgium Dark Bar

This dark bar by Chocholik comes with special melt-proof packing, and that makes it pretty unique and different from other brands in India. It is 70% dark, which is pretty intense and a treasure for the people who are very much fond of the dark chocolate.

The blend of Cocoa beans and butter with the best quality ingredients shape a premium bar which is irresistible and brilliant in taste. It is safely packed and has a shelf life of 90 days. An excellent taste with health benefits and at a fair price. What else do you want?

Chocholik Belgium Chocolates Dark 70% Intense Bar...
  • Mouth watering luxury chocolates. We are the only company in in India to provide special melt proof packing for all our items all across India.
  • High quality premium chocolate gift box


  • First and last option for the people looking for really intense dark chocolate.
  • Melt-proof packing delivers you a perfect edible dark bar.
  • Premium Chocolate at a fair price as compared to other expensive dark chocolate bars.

4. Mason & Co. Intense Dark Organic Chocolate

Smooth, Dark and Intense Dark chocolate offered by Mason & Co. This particular dark bar is subjected to real dark chocolate by many of its consumers and tagged under Amazon’s Choice products. Being a vegetarian product it is pervasive and can be consumed by anyone without doubt. As per the company, it has 85% of intense dark chocolate, which is pretty healthy for everyone.

No Gluten and Soy, which makes it 100% safe and healthy to consume. Strictly not sweet, which as usual, and so don’t expect a milk chocolate taste from a dark chocolate bar. It is sturdy and also suggested by many doctors to balance up the cholesterol level — a perfect choice for those who love dark chocolate or are fond of the intense taste of it.

Mason & Co. 75% Zesty Orange Dark Organic Exotic...
  • A Bittersweet Dark Chocolate And Paired It With Bitter Zesty Orange.
  • This Bar Is For Lovers Of Dark Chocolate Who Want Some Extra Zest.


  • Real dark chocolate for people who are in love with the intense dark taste.
  • Gluten-free & Soy-free makes it safe for everyone to consume.
  • Cocoa butter and beans make it a premium and super healthy chocolate.

5. Toblerone Dark Chocolate

Sold all over the world, Toblerone Dark Chocolate is an amazing delight and one of my personal favorite dark chocolate. A worth gifting piece because of its ideal triangular shape, which makes it unique and attractive. Extremely rich in dark chocolate, this one is a perfect blend of cocoa and other decadent ingredients that offer a perfect dark chocolate taste.

Being a segment of dark chocolate, Toblerone also has a taste of swiss milk, which makes it sweeter and a perfect piece to consume daily. According to the reviews, people are in love with it because of: its economical price and great taste.

No products found.


  • Consumer-oriented as per the value they are demanding.
  • A great taste which makes it different from other dark chocolates.
  • Smooth and Creamy physical profile which makes it more attractive and charming to bite.

6. Nestle KitKat Dark Special Edition

Dark chocolate mixed with Cocoa Mass, Sugar, and Wheat Flour as the main subject. KitKat has always been the first choice when someone wishes for a bar of premium chocolate. It has been loved by millions, and now, with this Dark Special edition, it is again capturing the Dark chocolate lovers. It had a minimum of Cocoa solid, which is the main constituent of real dark chocolate and very healthy for your body.

It is not Gluten-free but is purely vegetarian, which makes it a universal consumer product. It has Nuts and Peanuts, which gives it a unique crunchy taste. Nestle always covers all the aspects and focuses on satisfying consumer needs and deliver a quality product. A must-buy dark bar if you are a KitKat fan and want a pure dark chocolate bar.

Kit-Kat Ecuador Coted'ivoire Dark Chocolate, 170 g
  • 11 easy to break pieces to satisfy any sized craving
  • No artificial colours all natural flavours


  • Dark chocolate by quality-oriented bran that makes it more trustworthy and genuine.
  • Crunchy taste as never found in a bar of dark chocolate.
  • Fully-Vegetarian so every person can have a taste and a break.

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7. Lindt Excellence Chocolate

Another premium bar of dark chocolate that delivers an enchanting dark experience to you. It is smooth and is rich in gourmet taste. This bar has 85% of cocoa, that is an excellent thing to buy this bar right now without any further discussion. Apart from the luxurious and intense taste, Lindt also offers amazing quality with unique packing.

It is made up of fine cocoa beans and blends with vegetarian ingredients that make it a healthy and perfect dark bar to the consumer by anyone- anywhere. It is the perfect pick for you if you are looking for a quality dark chocolate bar and at an affordable price.

No products found.


  • It works to burn fat and many other positive health benefits.
  • Available at an affordable price, which makes it more appealing.
  • All-pervasive as it is made up of pure veg ingredients.

These were some popular dark chocolates we chose for you. Let us move to the Buying Guide for a broader view of these dark bars.

Buying Guide for Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is not a very wide term to explain but it is very essential and effective in improving your health. We will discuss the advantages of having dark bars and also the purchasing criteria and everything relevant to dark chocolates.

Best Dark Chocolate in India

Advantages of Dark Chocolate

Now I will briefly explain each advantage that you get by consuming dark chocolate. You must be knowing the basic ones but let us dig deeper and have a in-depth view of this healthy sweet.

So below are some very appealing and important advantages for you to know.

Fat Burner:

Serotonin is an essential substance in the central nervous system and is directly related to our degree of interpretation of happiness. A body with weak levels of serotonin will be worried, sad or depressed, irritated, disappointed most of the time, and will follow sleep and eating disorders.

In direct relation to this, one of the most significant benefits of dark chocolate and also one of the most unknown: increased metabolism. The dark chocolate contains monounsaturated fats that have the ability to stimulate the body to use more energy from fat stores.

Thus, if you maintain a balanced diet, your body will be required to mobilize fat stores to be converted into fuel for cells, and that’s how the dark chocolate also acts as a fat burner.

Heart Protector:

Dark Chocolate acts as a heart protector by helping to lower LDL rates and raise good cholesterol (HDL), and also by reducing blood pressure, automatically protecting against arterial obstruction, and heart attack is another benefit of dark chocolate.

In addition, dark chocolate is a source of antioxidants, which prevent and fight inflammation and, moreover, fight against free radicals released from the body (usually while workout.)

Consuming dark chocolate twice a week resulted in a 66% lower chance of death from heart complications. It is also found that consuming a small portion of dark chocolate once a week can reduce the chances of dying from heart disease by up to 50%.

Other Benefits:

Ever wonder why chocolate makes us feel comforted? There is a scientific answer to this. It is a substance called polyphenol flavonoid, an antioxidant that stimulates the production of serotonin in the body.

Another of the abundant extracts of cocoa beans is cocoa butter, It is also added in petroleum jelly which we use as a lip balm.

To make the most of the health properties of chocolate, we should try to eat as pure a product as possible and of the highest quality. Dark or semi-dark chocolate is the best choice for these purposes.

Finally, keep in mind that a bar of milk chocolate will always have more fat and sugar than a bar of dark chocolate. So the idea that chocolate gets fat is due to the kind of industrialized chocolate offered as milk. Therefore, as a general rule, the higher the cocoa content of chocolate, the lower the amount of sugar, and the greater its benefits.

According to the doctors,  the dark chocolate with 60% and 70% cocoa chocolates are best suited for daily consumption because they contain low sugar and a higher amount of antioxidants. Dark chocolate is also an excellent source of copper, magnesium, iron, and manganese. Potassium, zinc, and selenium are also present in it, but in smaller quantities.

So now you know how nice and healthy is that small bar of chocolate is.

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Can You Eat as Much as You Want Dark Bar as It Is so Healthy?

Unfortunately, you cannot eat as per your will. Chocolate is still an important source of calories and saturated fat, which should be consumed in moderation so as not to have the opposite effect of what you are looking for. A serving of 25g to 30g per day is more than enough for you to get all the benefits of dark chocolate without being weight conscious and without disturbing the diet.

And don’t forget to include the calories of dark chocolate in the sum of all the calories you consume throughout the day. Although you know that dark chocolate helps you lose weight, it is never too much to remember that this effect will only occur if you stick to a low-calorie diet. That is, to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you spend on your metabolism and physical activity.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of dark chocolate depends on the Quantity(Weight), Quality(Ingredients), and Brand. There are compact packs that only have one dark bar in it and weighs 100g, which are cheaper and may cost you INR 200.

The cost also depends on the quality of it that ingredients present it usually the bar with more cocoa is a little more expensive with a bar with less cocoa — the brands with a good reputation which may charge more compared to the new companies. You can get a 500g dark bar at a price of INR400 – INR 600.

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Best Dark Chocolate

You really must be excited for your next buy (Dark Chocolate) but confused which bar to grab. Nothing to worry, we did it for you and made it easier for you to choose the perfect dark chocolate.

Here are some factors to consider before making the ultimate decision

  • Organicity
  • Product Manipulation
  • Cocoa Level
  • Price

Let us discuss these factors in brief


Make sure that your chocolate has organicity in it and that it does not have added preservatives and harmful chemicals. Make sure that the chocolate is not processed with Alkali as it decreases the health benefit offered by cocoa (Mentioned in Ingredients Composition)

So always check carefully what are you purchasing and for what? And also does it fulfils your need. By following these small things will make you a decent consumer.

Product Manipulation:

In India, where are thousands of brand of just a single sector, it is difficult to find and choose the right product. Also, there are brands that offer a normal milk chocolate with added flavors and sell it subjecting it like a bar of dark chocolate.

Hence, manipulating the consumer. So before buying, check the ingredient composition and brand quality and past reviews carefully.

Cocoa Level:

The Cocoa level is inversely proportional to sugar level that means the higher the cocoa level, the lesser the sugar will be, and eventually, the chocolate will be more healthier. 60%+ Cocoa level is good enough to consume daily, and it would be super healthy if you go for a bar with more than 75% of the Cocoa level.  A bar with a high cocoa level also controls your appetite, which makes you lose fat and stay active.


The cost of a bar is also an important factor that influences your buying decision. There are thousands of brands offering and promising the same composition. So one must consider the price as a critical factor to depend on, but there are also brands which offer cheap quality chocolate at a low price and in this situation you should rely on past product review and ask before choosing.

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The dark chocolates are good for your health, but too much of it is harmful to your body and so turn down your fire and be regular. In this article, we shared the best dark chocolate in India and reviewed some of the best dark bars for you to buy right away. We also shared other relevant and related information that might be a motivation for you to have a regular healthy diet. Besides, we shared the essential and important factors that you should consider before buying a dark cocoa chocolate bar to make it the purchase easier for you.

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