Best Cooking Oil in India

The oil used in food preparation can make a big difference in the final outcome of a meal, whether it is the taste or the nutrients the dish will offer. Choosing the right is really not an easy task. The options on supermarket shelves are many and the rumors and myths about them too. Today, we will learn about the best cooking oil in India and also the other necessary measures to keep in mind before making an oil purchase.

Choosing one of all is perplexing and a difficult task for everyone, It is necessary to analyze the profile of each oil. Observing the type of fat in its composition, knowing for what purpose it will be used, if it can resist higher temperatures, and still consider the rest of the diet. This brief article is especially for you if you are also confused in choosing the best among a wide variety of brands and products.

Have a look here, before you read further:

  • You should avoid those high in saturated fat that, when consumed in excess, harms the health of the heart
  •  It is important to consider the “smoke point” of each and temperature limit that the food can withstand.

Best Cooking Oil in India 2020

1. Patanjali Roasted Coconut Oil

Patanjali is an Indian brand that mainly focusses on manufacturing quality food products. Being an Indian, I also prefer Patanjali and refuse to buy products from any international brand. This Coconut Oil by Patanjali is loved by millions of Indian consumers, and its fragrance has played a vital role in this getting a massive success.

It has introduced a new type of oil that is roasted and has antioxidants to increase your good cholesterol, which lowers the risk of heart disease and keeps you healthy. Patanjali has promised to deliver the coconut oil in its purest form, which makes it a reliable and healthy oil to buy right now.


  • It has a comparatively low price compared to other brands.
  • Patanjali has promised the coconut oil in its purest form.
  • Increases good cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart diseases and keeps you healthy.

2. JIVO Canola Cold Pressed Oil

Canola is the result of a modification of rapeseed, a mustard family vegetable that is rich in omega 3. So this Canola Oil by JIVO is perfect for all types of cooking and tastes wonderful too. This brand is the largest seller of Canola Oil and is loved by millions as it makes your food light and healthy. It is amazing for deep frying as the smoking point of this JIVO oil is very high (up to 242C)

This Canola Cold Pressed Oil has a good relationship between omega 3 and 6 and lower saturated fat content. It is one of the most preferred oils by Indians as it is absorbed less by the food, and that is why it doesn’t make the food weighty. In addition, it does not change the change of the delicacies it is used in. A must-buy product if you are looking for a healthy oil for your cooking.

JIVO Canola Cold Press Oil 5 LTR with 1 LTR Free
  • Ideal for all type of cooking
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease


  • Made with extracted seeds from Australia and is 100% Organic.
  • JIVO Canola Oil does not change the taste of your food.
  • It makes the food light and healthy.
  • Excellent for you, if you fry often and also a great source of Omega 3.

3. Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil

Fortune is already a choice of millions of housewives or cooks, and it is still producing and improving its oil. This Rice Bran Health Oil is physically refined with the special goodness of Gamma Oryzanol. It keeps you healthy by balancing the cholesterol level (Increasing the good and eliminating the bad cholesterol). It is a premium oil that is rich in several Vitamins like A D & E, which helps in many ways like reducing free radicals & harmful oxidants.

Rice Bran Oil also improves your skin tone and fights the agents of skin aging. It has some very positive genuine reviews which stimulate me to recommend this for your family and good health. In addition, it also improves the HDL and LDL ratio, which results in a healthier heart. It also cleans the blood vessels by precisely balancing the PUFA & MUFA ratio. Pervasive oil, as the ingredients used to prepare this product, is purely vegetarian, and so anyone can consume it.

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  • It works to lower down the bad cholesterol and keep you healthy.
  • Balances and improves HDL & LDL ration for a healthy heart.
  • All-Pervasive which means anyone can consume it as it is purely vegetarian.

4. Long Live Extra Light Olive Oil

When it comes to composition, it’s the best on the list. This Long Live Extra Light Olive Oil is rich in monounsaturated fat and low in saturated, which favors the control of cholesterol and keeps you healthy. In addition, it has polyphenols, which are important antioxidants — superbly light oil, which does not weigh your food. If you are going to roast or fry your food, then you must know that this particular oil is perfect for that.

It is an international brand which makes it a more genuine and trustworthy buying option. It helps in lowering the bad cholesterol level as it has zero in it. The smoking point of this olive oil is comparatively higher than the other brands, which is great for faster and healthy cooking. One can make it a primary cooking oil as it does not changes the flavor or taste of your food, which is an important aspect.

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  • The zero cholesterol level oil, and it also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol.
  • It has a High Smoking Point for faster and healthier cooking.
  • A light olive oil that does not weigh your food.
  • It also does not changes the flavor or taste of the food.

5. Saffola Active, Pro Weight Watchers Edible Oil

So it is an integration of refined rice bran, and soya bean in the proportion of 80%-20%, and this mixture ends up with brilliantly healthy oil. As already told about the dual integration, which also gives you a combines taste of two essential oils. The Saffola Active also has the advantages of LOSORB and antioxidants that help in less absorption of oil by your food and keeps a check on your health and heart.

It also has some very important Vitamins like A & D, which improves your bone structure and also helps against night blindness (Improves Vision). This particular oil by Saffola has received a tremendous amount of love and positive reviews and which makes it more reliable and trustworthy oil. No doubt you can make it as your primary oil and use it daily in your cooking.

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  • The Dual Seed Technology lets you experience a combined taste of two different oils.
  • It makes your food light by not absorbing much in the food.
  • Fight against night blindness and strengthen your bones.

6. Sundrop Oil, Lite

With Onega 6, this Sundrop Oil Jar has essential Vitamins and has also passed the RDA requirement. A reliable oil that is also a great source of Omega 6, which is an extremely essential fatty acid and also needed by our body to perform several physiological functions. Economically perfect for the Indian consumer as they always prefer cheap and best products.

This oil has Vitamin E in it, which is very important for our body as it helps in improving eye vision, brightens the skin tone and prevents premature aging, and also the most important it helps to prevent heart diseases. Easy and simple to digest and does not weighs the food (Light) and keep your body fit and healthy. No consumer complaints and nothing negative in this oil make it a more genuine and worthy option.

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  • It is an excellent source of Vitamin E, which helps to prevent premature aging and heart diseases.
  • Controls your cholesterol level and creates a balance.
  • Also, a good source of Omega 6 is needed to function in many physiological activities.

7. Fortune Soyabean Oil

This Fortune Soybean Oil is cost-effective as it is cheap and has a favorable composition. In addition, it has a higher smoke point, which makes it a good choice for cooking at higher temperatures. It is extremely light and does not get absorbed by the food, making it digest easily. It is enriched with Vitamins like A & E, which helps in strengthening bone, preventing heart diseases, and also improving vision.

Fortune is one of the best oil brands, and one can undoubtedly purchase any of its products, but for your sake, choose according to your needs. It has no odor, and it also does not change the taste of your food. It balances the cholesterol level and keeps your heart healthy. A must-buy product if you are looking for an oil to use it daily and as a primary cooking oil.

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  • It contains omega three, which is an essential fatty acid for your body.
  • This Soyabean oil prevents heart diseases and keeps your cholesterol balanced.
  • Also, it is light and is not absorbed by your food.
  • Consumer-oriented as it comes at an affordable price.
  • Odorless and does not change the taste of your aroma.

8. Saffola Gold, Pro Healthy Lifestyle

Another combination of oil by Saffola called Saffola Gold, which has 80% refined rice bran and 20% of imported safflower oil. Enriched with essential Vitamins, it also delivers a combines taste of two oils(Dual-oil Technology) The fatty acids provides and maintains a balance of MUFA & PUFA, as advised by our ICMR. It is light and doesn’t absorb by the food (35% lesser absorption by fried food)

Vitamin E and natural anti-oxidant help to reduce the free radicals (released within the body) and prevents critical heart diseases. It also has Vitamin A & D, which strengthens your bone and improves eye vision. With combines benefits of 2 oils, it also helps to maintain and balance the cholesterol level of the body and therefore keeping you healthy.

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  • It is dropping the benefits of 2 oils in one, which is appealing for the consumers.
  • Natural anti-oxidants help to reduce free radicals, which are toxic to the body.
  • It is light and is not absorbed by the food easily.

Buying Guide

Cooking oil is an essential fat used in cooking while baking, frying and other food preparation. We have already discussed some of the best cooking oils in India. Now we will briefly discuss the different types of oils and also their advantages and other relevant things.

There are many types of cooking oil, let us have a look at some of them:

  1. Coconut
  2. Canola
  3. Sunflower
  4. Olive
  5. Palm
  6. Soy or Soya Bean

Coconut: Very rich in saturated fat, coconut oil has become darling in the fitness world. This is because it is easily converted into energy, aiding in the burning of fat when consumed before exercise. Coconut oil has good heat tolerance, which makes it a good option for food preparation. It has a smoking point of 200C, which is good enough to prepare your food.

Coconut increases the HDL, which increases the good cholesterol level. this oil is also a potential source of energy and aid and so consumed by gym freaks and athletes.

Canola: Canola oil can be considered as the best cooking if we evaluate the composition and smoke point, which is comparatively high than the other 230C. Canola belongs to a mustard family vegetable that is rich in omega 3 but contains erucic acid, which is toxic. But its nutritional profile is considered important because it has a good relationship between omega 3 and 6 and low saturated fat.

Sunflower: It has a high amount of omega 6, but no omega 3 and is great for your health but we will recommend you not make it as your primary cooking oil as it does not have very great ingredient composition and also has a low smoking point of 183C. It is good for using it twice a week but not suitable to use it at a high temperature for a long time.

Olive: When it comes to composition, Olive be the best on the list. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat and low in saturated, which favors the control of cholesterol. Also, it still has polyphenols, which are important antioxidants. Precisely because it is so healthy and has a very low smoke point, caution should be exercised when using it for faster heating like grilling.

Palm: Rarely used as most of its composition is saturated fat – and this is its weakest as well as its strongest point. The palm reaches high temperatures without losing the composition and flavor characteristics, which makes it a good option to make any frying and grilling. But it should not be consumed in excess as it may affect your heart.

Soy or Soya Bean: It is preferred by Indian consumers as it is very cost-effective and affordable even by a person with an average salary. It has a higher smoke point (250C), which makes it a good choice for cooking at higher temperatures. Its composition favors the use in high temperature for longer and is the most suitable for any fried foods.

So these were some different types of oil and you should keep changing the oils to get all types of minerals as one oil is not enough to fulfill our body needs.

Is It True that Some Cooking Oils Prevent Heart and Other Diseases?

Some oils help prevent heart diseases as they have an antioxidant effect that protects the body against the action of free radicals, responsible for the premature aging of healthy cells and disease development. The oils with monounsaturated fats help to prevent heart diseases by cleaning the blood vessels and also balance the cholesterol level to keep you healthy and fit.

Purchasing Criteria or Things to Consider before Buying Cooking Oil

Cooking oil very essential and important for our health and so we should not rush and choose any oil. So I have listed and explained a few factors to give a thought on before you buy any oil.

Benefits: Different oils have different health benefits, some are good for heart and some may clean your blood vessels and others may prevent premature aging or work to enhance the skin. So you need to choose your cooking oil according to the benefit you want.

I recommend you to keep switching the oils, so as to receive all the needed minerals and nutrients offered by different oils.

Usage: It is very important for you to know that what are you going to use the oil for. Different types of oils have different compositions like the smoking point. The higher the smoking point of the oil the more variety of cooking can be done through it. So before making the purchase checkout the usage and the smoking point of the specific oil.

Taste: We have already learned about different types of oil and if you are buying a very good quality of oil then you can sense the fragrance of its type/flavor.

Price: It is also a critical factor to engage or influence your purchase. The price of any cooking oil will directly depend upon the brand to which it belongs and the quality it serves. I would like you to buy a good quality of cooking oil as it influences your health.

We just passed some small terms to consider before making an ultimate purchase for the cooking oil.

How Much Does a Good Oil Cost?

These oils are available at an affordable price but differ in price according to their ingredient composition, quantity, and brand. You can easily get a liter of good cooking oil at a price of INR100 – INR200, the difference is influenced by the brand and the oil composition.

I must remind that you should keep changing the type of oils in a certain interval and so your body can have all type of nutrients and minerals.

Where to Buy?

Cooking oils are easily available in general local stores or you can buy it from any supermarket like Big Bazaar. You can also buy it online from Big Basket or Amazon and so you don’t need to visit any store to shop. I will recommend you to choose Amazon Pantry for faster delivery and verified products and also the above-mentioned products are taken from Amazon to make it easier for you to choose from the best of all and save you from searching hassles.


Cooking oils are a critical thing as it affects our health and we should be very careful while choosing the right cooking oil, I would like you to choose from the above-mentioned oils as they are analyzed and verified by us. Today, we learned about different types of cooking oils and also went through the best cooking oil in India to make your purchase easier. I would again remind you to change the nature of oils within a certain amount of period to get all the types of minerals offered by different cooking oils. We also discussed some other relevant information and stated the final purchasing criteria for you to be with no more confusion or doubt. But if you have still anything to ask about, then please make a comment below so that I can help you with it and solve your query.

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Review Breakdown
  • Patanjali Roasted Coconut Oil
  • JIVO Canola Cold Pressed Oil
  • Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil
  • Long Live Extra Light Olive Oil
  • Saffola Active Pro Weight Watchers Edible Oil
  • Sundrop Oil Lite
  • Fortune Soyabean Oil
  • Saffola Gold, Pro Healthy Lifestyle


Are you looking for the best cooking oil in India? It is essential to find the best cooking oil because there are oil brands with a mixture of low-quality oil, which can have an adverse effect on your health!

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