Best Ceiling Fans Under 1500 INR

Looking to buy a new Ceiling fan that can spread the cool air all across the room? We have found and reviewed some of the Best Ceiling Fans under 1500 INR in India that will give you the coolest air and will also maintain some form of ventilation!

Ceiling fans are your solution to the hottest summer in the country. They come in a variety of sizes that cover small rooms to the largest living rooms and help in making you more comfortable in your house. They disperse cold breeze during summer and during the chilly days they push down the warm air from the ceiling to the room. That being said, you need your ceiling fan to be efficient, and more importantly, come under budget. Buying a ceiling fan is always a viable option compared to purchasing an air conditioner for it saves a lot of money for the customer. The designs of different ceiling fans are very modern these days and besides, they give your houses a new premium look. 

With over a dozen of different brands of fans in the syndicate, we have carefully reviewed many ceiling fans and have cultivated this list, taking into account all the factors that could benefit the customers and narrowing down to find the best ceiling fan under 1500 INR for you to save the trouble of researching the best products on the market right now. We are hoping this website will be your last station before you opt to invest in a ceiling fan for your comfort.

Editor’s Picks: 3 Of The Top Ceiling Fans Under 1500 INR

Candes Star High Speed Decorative 1200 mm / 48...
Candes Star High Speed Decorative 1200 mm / 48...
₹ 1,449
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Our Verdict
If you're looking for a heavy duty ceiling fan, this is the one for you. It is also quite good looking and the after sales service is also quite commendable.
Candes Star High Speed Decorative 1200 mm / 48...
Candes Star High Speed Decorative 1200 mm / 48...
₹ 1,449
More Info
Our Verdict
If you're looking for a heavy duty ceiling fan, this is the one for you. It is also quite good looking and the after sales service is also quite commendable.

Best Ceiling Fans Under 1500 INR Reviewed

1. Candes Star 48 inch High-Speed Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

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The first name on our list is the Candes Star’s Ceiling fan. Over time there have been different variations in the designs of the fans. Candes’ Anti-Dust fan is one of them that have some advanced features. As the name suggests, the exceptional feature of this fan is the anti-dust tech. Anyone using a ceiling fan in India already knows how difficult it gets to clean the roof of the fan/blades with their cleaning tools or cloth. Reaching the top of the ceiling is fairly difficult than that of other fans. The accumulation of dust makes the fan look a bit messy and hence why people abstain from purchasing ceiling fans. And if they do purchase them, they make sure that the colour is not light-stained because the dust alters the colour of the blades. To solve your problems from such problems, your ideal solution is Candes.

The Candes Star 48 inch ceiling fan is very long-lasting and is reported to last for years without damage. The configuration is told to be very simple and could be fixed by a local electrician in case of minor setbacks. The Candes has a full proof copper winding and the upside is that it comes at a very affordable range of under 1500 INR. The company packages the anti-dust fan with a three-year warranty. With the colour scheme, the fan goes well with the interior of the royal style. The blades attached are very thin and comes with a design attached to it. The fan weighs only 2.5 kg. Its overall dimensions are – 22 X 49 X 22 cm. The fan is controlled by a switch. A very stylish fan that comes handy and gives your room a stylish look while being way finely under the budget.

  • The customer service provided to the customers is excellent
  • The thin blades that allow air to flow all around the room
  • Three wide blades that ensure a wider area is covered for the breeze
  • A three-year warranty
  • It does not come with free installation

2. Longway Star Deco Dlx ANITDUST 1200 MM HIGH Speed (100% Copper) Ceiling Fan

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Next up on our list is the Longway star deco fan. A lot of customers in India prefer this brand for this manufacturer excel in their services and give confidence to people to purchase more electronics after offering stunning products day after day. This fan is rated highly with their seasonal discount and makes the cut in our list of best ceiling fans under 1500 INR. The fan comes with a 100% rust-free blade which is made up of high-grade glass filled compounded ABS ( ABS plastic is a new material in the ceiling fan market ) that accounts for strength and longer life.

The blades are also coated with high-gloss premium finish with PU paint. With the disconnection of electricity now and then in the country, people use generators to maintain their comfort. Most of the fans, don’t work efficiently in the generator load, however, the Longway Star Deco fan promises its consumers it works just as smooth when the generator is functioning. This ceiling fan has the help of a heavy motor that runs for longer hours than normal fans, this model gives better performance even during the hot summer season. Longway also promises a 36-month warranty card inside whenever a customer purchases this model of the fan. This eliminates the opportunity for the customers to complain about a defect on the purchase. The fan comes in a traditional style, which makes it flexible for all types of places including normal household with no specific theme, or offices and many such places.

  • Built with a powerful motor that works non-stop
  • Works at the same efficiency with generator load
  • Standard design goes with many interiors
  • Three years of warranty
  • Installation isn’t free

3. Digismart 390 RPM High Speed 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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Digismart Aprsra ceiling fan is one of the most budget-friendly options in this list and that’s why they have made the cut in this article. Despite being cheap this ceiling fan offers everything that an expensive fan could offer you. This ceiling fan comes in a brown shade and has a contemporary look. When unboxed, the fan is also very easy to install in the ceiling. The manufacturers built this fan with advanced features for the sake of the comfort of the customers. It runs on a high flow technology that has an aerodynamic design and balanced blades. The fan rotates that has a maximum speed of 390 RMP and 1200mm of the sweep. The fan comes with a high powered motor that makes it more durable than some other products and that too at a low cost The fan is ideally fit to sit in medium to large-sized rooms. These fans usually don’t sit well in small rooms as suggested by a couple of customers. Customers who want to opt for this fan can make the purchase online with no extra delivery fee required. On the upside, payment on delivery method is also preferred by the manufacturers.  

Once you choose this trendy smart-looking fan by ordering online, it can be delivered free with payment on delivery option. The fan rotates with a maximum speed of 390 RMP and 1200mm of the sweep. The Digismart ceiling fan is preferred by many customers due to its budget-friendly feature and delivering fresh air that keeps the surrounding cool.

DIGISMART 1200 MM HIGH Speed 390 RPM BEE Approved...
Exclusive with High Flow Technology
; Heavy crc stamping to enhance the life of the fan
−₹ 741 ₹ 1,249
  • The fan is very durable for its price
  • Easy to install
  • Aerodynamic design and balanced blades
  • Two-year warranty with the product
  • Only one colour is available

4. Nexstar Naura Ivory 1200mm Sweep (48 inches) High-Speed Ceiling Fan

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The Nexstar Naura is the next best ceiling fan that you could get the worth of your money. The Naura ceiling fan is a new-technology fan that also supports advanced aerodynamic technology. With the scorching sun coming out and the hot weather in the corner, customers need more powerful technology built and strong fans that could help reduce the hot air and bring down the temperature. This fan has a ravishing style as it comes under beige colour with a golden touch on it. This colour scheme will fit all normal households and a plus one for those looking for royal looks.

Nexstar offers the better-quality ceiling fans with firm materials that are supported by high motor power thus fulfilling the bare minimum. This Nexstar model comes with two warranties: A manufacturer warranty and a seller warranty. This model is particularly designed to work harder and offer premium services during vacation seasons. The blades remain od traditional style, i.e, straight with shiny ends that offer high-speed work. The winding unit controls the movement of the fan and another upside is that it consumes far less energy than the other local and cheap fans. Nexstar makes the cut for one of the best fans under 1500 INR because of these advanced facilities.  

Nexstar is a popular fan brand which is made accessible for the customers in the market today at the most economical cost possible. It certainly gives the public advantage and compels them to make the purchase.

Nexstar Naura Ivory 1200mm Sweep (48 inch) High...
Material: copper; Colour: Beige; Dimensions (L x W x H): 40 cm x 10 cm x 30 cm; Warranty Type: Manufacturer and Seller; Warranty Period: 2 Years
  • The fan is designed to work harder in the summerity
  • Easy to install
  • Colour scheme goes with any household
  • The fan is not so easily available in the market

5. Solimo Swoosh 1200mm Ceiling Fan

The last name on our list is the Solimo Swoosh ceiling fan which is an Amazon brand. It is very suited for medium to big rooms, as it covers vast distances with its blades. The Solimo Swoosh comes with a unique colour, the Ivory colour, which goes with a lot of interior designs including offices and households. Amazon offers superior quality ceiling fans to its customers with an exceptional performance rate. The fans are supported by heavy-duty motors to have the fan move faster and noise-free. The fan has proper long and balanced blades with a new cutting edge technology for the customers. The fan is said to be very energy efficient while consuming very less power compared to the other models in the market.

Solimo Swoosh is built with aluminium, which makes this fan strong and durable to its customers. The fan with the help of its rapid motor works better & faster and delivers a refreshing wave of fresh air. Amazon offers a two-year warranty for any defect in the product during manufacturing, and the warranty starts from the date customers make their purchase. The fan is built with the double ball bearing mechanism feature in which the motor ensures that you enjoy a peaceful sleep with its smooth, noiseless operation. Another budget-friendly ceiling fan that helps the customers save up a few bills and yet extract the highest of features. Expect a little more every time you buy a Solimo product.

  • Noiseless operation due to the double bearing mechanism
  • The fan comes with a two-year warranty
  • Matches with more than normal casual interiors
  • Built with aluminium
  • It does not come with free installation

Things To Consider Before Buying A Ceiling Fan

Before making your ideal purchase of the best ceiling fan under 1500 Rs there are several factors that you should take into consideration. We will help you take a look at the factors in a while, but bear in mind that our researchers shortlisted the five best taking all these factors into attention. However, if you want to look for an option outside this list, these are the few points that you might need to study before making your newest purchase: 


Make sure you purchase your fan from a reputed manufacturer or a brand that has many positive reviews. In addition to that, make sure that your brand issues out a warranty to repair any defect that was already sustained by the product before it got to you. Far too often are the cases of consumers ending up with the wrong product because of incorrect or lack of good advice about their approaching purchase. To see more of our articles about best ceiling fans in India with no budget issues, click here.


As aforementioned make sure that your ceiling fan has at least a warranty of two years. During the summer the fan tends to be switched on all day, and in the process, it could be damaged if the quality of the fan is weak. It should be noted that the fan purchased has s durable and the motor is strong to endure. And if certainly, things go south, there is always the warranty that could aid your purchase and help you get it replaced with a superior fan. 


Blades are generally the first thing consumers should look at on a fan. Whether if they desire rectangular blades or more traditional shaped oak-coloured blades. The number, the angle of the blades determines how efficient the fan is rather than the shape of the blades. Many fans in the market come with about four to five or sometimes even more blades. Four and five blades are much quieter and more pleasing to the eye for the design it has. This leads to people assuming that the more the blades are the more the air is generated. However, experts opinion state that a three-bladed fan is much more ideal for a normal household. They also state that a 12-degree angle is too flat to move the air properly and hence a 13 degree to 14-degree angle is more ideal. 

Each fan you purchase should be determined by the diameter of the fan’s blade. The rotating blade must be big in diameter in case you are considering to install the fan in a bigger room, for instance, for halls a bigger ceiling fan is recommended to cover the whole area, but usually, customers prefer two small fans instead. Many of the manufacturing sites offer charts that help you to match the square footage of a room to the right diameter. In general, these are a few suggestions you might want to consider: 

  • Small room, such as a bathroom or laundry room, less than 80 sq. ft.: 24-42″ blade span is a preferable choice. 
  • Medium room, such as a guest bedroom or office, 100-150 sq. ft.: 44-50″ blade span is the prefered choice.
  • Standard room, such as a bedroom or living room, 150-300 sq. ft.: 52-60″ blade span is preferable.
  • Large room, such as a great room, 300 sq. ft. or more: 62″ blade span is the ideal choice. 


A good fan should always have a durable motor. But usually, good motors are for air conditioners or even very expensive fans that serve multiple purposes. A bigger, better-performing motor helps to boost the CFM ( also called airflow ) which also reduces noise and wobbling: a complaint received by a lot of customers who purchase local models of the ceiling fans in an attempt to save some bills. Since this is a device that may be running for several hours a day, you want something pretty quiet. Motors larger than 200 mm are more affordable and are considered as a good quality motor. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Ceiling Fan


Installation is so easy that people with a few basic skills can install the product themselves in an hour or so with no problems at all. Almost all ceiling fans come with step by step instructions so your new fan can be up and working efficiently in no time at all. This installation process is guided by a manual that comes with the product itself. Some fan models, however, may be difficult to install and may need an extra pair of hands for the installation but there is a catch. These extra hands come at the cost of spending a few more bills for the set up of your ceiling fan. 

Energy Savings

With summer coming up, the ceiling fan will tend to be switched on all day. And a lot of customers have complained about the bills due to the fans consuming a lot of energy. Many products on the market these days work on the energy-saving mechanism. Well, at least all the products on our list are energy efficient to its next buyers. Consumers should be smart to not spend so much on a fan because of their high-end energy-saving feature because sometimes it turns out to be the opposite. 

Style and design

Now that we have separated all the technical features, it falls to the style and design of the ceiling fan. You need to see what colour tone of the ceiling fan could match your ceiling and overall contributes to your interior of the house. Some fans come with a single colour that supports one interior, meanwhile, some fans that come with one colour perform an all-rounding role of going with many different variant interiors. If you are interested in seeing the best tower fans in India, click here.

Accessorised fans 

A lot of new products on the market these days come with different accessories and adds a fashionable look to the offices or houses. Some come with lighting accessories that add a different shade to your room. However, it is prefered to stick to the normal models because these models could end costing you a lot more than expected. 

Controlling features

While every fan is controlled by some switches or some different means these days, the industry now offers you more options to add or change it. Remotes, wall controls or even multiple controls can allow you to adjust the lighting in case of you purchasing the alternate lighting fans, it also helps you control speed and the direction of the blades with additional convenience to your comfort. Some fans these days also work via Wi-Fi and could be operated by your phone but with improved features, it may cost you a lot more. 

Energy Star

BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has a star rating system for ceiling fans with 1200mm span and a minimum of 210 CMM. It is a government-backed system that rates the fans according to its service value. It is one of the most reliable services that ranks the fans. As noted by experts, the greater the service value, the higher the efficiency, the higher the electricity savings. While making your purchases on Amazon, you will find their ratings in the description and this will help you bias your pick over the others. The best ceiling fans under 1500 INR will usually have a good energy star rating and will save you more on electricity costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I choose the right ceiling fan?

Selecting the right ceiling fan isn’t just about choosing the right colour or style that goes with your interior. Some factors may be considered for maximum efficiency. For recommended fan widths and styles for specific room sizes and ceiling heights, we have specified all information you might need to purchase the right model that will comfort you.

Q. How do you install a ceiling fan?

It is pretty easy to install a ceiling fan. The easy-to-follow steps of installation will be mentioned in the instruction label and it will guide you in installing the ceiling fan. The installation time may vary depending on the complexity of the model and the number of parts of the fan you purchase. Usually, it takes less than an hour.
All the models in our list on average take an hour, but you can also opt to not take the discomfort and pay a small additional fee and get it done for you by the serviceman.

Q. What is the difference between a four-blade and a five-blade ceiling fan?

The main difference between a 4-blade and 5-blade is appearance. For fans that use identical motors and blade designs, a 4-blade fan usually moves a bit more air than that of a 5-blade fan. The reduced weight of the 4-blade fan permits the motor to spin a bit faster increasing the amount of air moved. 
Despite these differences, a lot of customers prefer a 3-bladed fan in their household for better comfort. Moreover, in addition to comfort, a 3-blade fan also looks more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Q. How does using a ceiling fan generate energy savings?

A ceiling fan can provide year-round savings for the customers. In the summer, it can save on air conditioning by making the room feel much chill and cool. Meanwhile, in the winter, you can save on heating costs by circulating the warm air by running the fan in the reverse direction. 
Customers can make the fan rotate clockwise in the winter for saving heating costs and counterclockwise to generate a cool breeze in the summer.

Q. Why are inexpensive ceiling fans so noisy?

Inexpensive fans frequently lack the proper noise-reducing parts. Some of such parts are the isolation rings and rubber cushions between metal parts also called the noise silencers. These special noise silencers help stop the making of the noise through the fan to the ceiling where it gets magnified generally. Inexpensive fans usually do not have these components because they add up an extra few bills to the total because of manufacturing costs. Noise is generated because the fan, in general, is poorly engineered and manufactured without the special noise silencers. All fans in our list are ensured to be fans that do not make any noise and run smoothly. The best ceiling fans under 1500 INR won’t produce too much noise!

Q. Can I use longer or shorter blades to replace the original ones?

This is a big no. You can only exercise the blades that come with the unit in the package. The blades are designed for the motor, longer or shorter blade could cause a problem and void the warranty. If any problem persists, make sure you can cash in your warranty card and get some help in return. Usually, all the fans come with a two or a three-year warranty card

A Final Word

The aesthetic appearance of quality craftsmanship, the rhythm of motion, whilst contributing economic benefits to its customers make the ceiling fans one of the world’s most useful appliances. It all rounds in all types of households. Including offices, kitchens, and much more. The ceiling fan enhances our environment and adds comfort on an everyday basis. It meets a need like every other appliance and is a major one. Only a few applications found in the home can match a ceiling fan’s combination of adding beauty to the interiors, functional effectiveness, and dependability.

A quality ceiling fan increases the beauty of any home or apartment. It can also lower heating and cooling bills which makes a ceiling fan an investment that pays for itself and in the process it also helps you have cost-saving advantages. But all of these are only possible if you pick the right ceiling fan with the key features under budget. We have cut-down your worries and made a significantly helpful list for your convenience so you can pick any which you feel might comfort you. You can buy any of these Low-Cost Ceiling Fans we prefer from the most trusted online brand and have it delivered to your doorstep in just a matter of time after placing the order from the comfort of your home.

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

Nexstar Naura Ivory 1200mm Sweep (48 inch) High...
Material: copper; Colour: Beige; Dimensions (L x W x H): 40 cm x 10 cm x 30 cm; Warranty Type: Manufacturer and Seller; Warranty Period: 2 Years

It has a significantly more powerful technology built than other strong fans that helps reduce the hot air and bring down the temperature. The fan has a unique colour style as it comes under beige colour with a golden touch on it. It is also quite easy to install. It is the best ceiling fan under 1500 INR that we found on the Indian market!

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