Best Ceiling Fans in India

Air is essential to survive for living beings, and for humans relaxing time we first think about the ceiling fans to get air in our homes. Ceiling fans are termed as most happy fans amongst the types of fans available in the market for the usage at homes, we will review 8 best ceiling fans in India in this article.

Ceiling fans are also knowns as the best electrical appliance in the market for a household. Sometimes it is also known as the most neglected electric appliances in the market. In the market for saving electricity, in the market now many ceiling fans available, and these best ceiling fans must have the features like electricity-saving, covering a larger surface area to blow fresh air and a lot more than just the primary function of circulating air.

Best Ceiling Fans in India

In the market, various branded companies are available with different models on ceiling fans. Its depends on the customer that which model they choose as per their wants.

So here we have mentioned some list of best Ceiling fan in India. That we have personally viewed and recommend you all to go through when you are going to purchase a ceiling fan.

1.  Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

The model is developed by the brand Havells, which has earned a great name and reputation for manufacturing electrical appliances in India.

The company has a great brand name so the electrical appliances will have increased in the price compared to other brands, but the products are the best of this brand because the company will never want to lose their goodwill in the market, so the company will be responsible for the manufacturing of the full range of products.

Havells Nicola 1200mm ceiling fan has an excellent performance with a beautiful design. It has an eye-catchy look so if anyone is looking a fan for looks as well as better performance can go for it.

Havells Nicola 1200mm ceiling fan has an excellent motor that works at an rpm of 330, which consumes about 68 watts of electrical power. The durable aluminum blades are being added to increase the strengthening and efficiency of the fan. This ceiling fan comes in just rupees 2500 in the market, which is just unbelievable price for this product.

The company gives two years of the warranty period for this product. It covers the area of 225cmm in which the air flows.

Havells Nicola 1200mm High Performance at Low...
  • Installation is not provided by brand. Blade size- 1200 mm (48 Inches). Remote control option : No
  • Metallic paint finish;Contemporary elegant design


  • This ceiling fan comes with a metallic finish and with a powerful 68-watt motor which increases its efficiency and helps it in better performance.
  • This model is designed in such a manner that it can fit in any interior designs.

2.  Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

The Gorilla Ceiling Fan is India’s most energy-efficient fan powered by energy-efficient BLDC motor. The product is designed and manufactured by IIT Bombay Alumni.

Their smart motor turning algorithm produces less heat from the motor and increases fan life. This ceiling fan has been rated as a 5 star model among all ceiling fan brands in India.

This fan comes the great energy-saving mode with sober design and features. The ceiling fan comes with great features like it consumes only 28 watts of electricity which surely affect your pocket when the electricity bill comes at the end of the month.

This fan comes with the easy mode to operate means it has remote control access which helps people to run it smoothly.

Atomberg Efficio 1200mm 28W BLDC Energy Saving 5...
  • SUPER ENERGY EFFICIENT BLDC MOTOR: Consumes only 28W(at Speed 5). Save up to Rs 1500 every year on your electricity bill. Runs 3 times longer on an...
  • INVERTER STABILIZATION TECHNOLOGY: Runs consistently at the same speed even with fluctuating input voltage between 140-285W.


  • This fan has cool features like sleep mode, daylight mode, and boost mode.
  • It can operate on a voltage range of 140-285V.
  • Gorilla Efficio Ceiling fan comes with the three years of the warranty period.
  • Gives you relief from the noise that all ceiling fan makes.

3.  Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan

This fan comes from the brand known as Crompton, which is an old and reliable company making ceiling fans and many other electrical appliances.

The fan is five star rated model of this company consuming only 53 watts of electric power at high speed, and it has 218 CMM of air delivery which is quite good as compared to other fans available in the market and has silent performance.

If we look at its price then also it is quite good. So considering your price range if you are looking to buy a fan that has quite good air delivery, smooth and silent operation, energy-efficient and comes from a world-famous branded company, then Crompton HS plus is a great deal to grab it.

Crompton HS Plus 1200 mm (48 inch) High Speed...
  • PRODUCT: Crompton's High Speed Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan; Winner of the National Energy Conservation Award (2019) for Most Energy Efficient Ceiling...
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Sweep 1200 mm; Air delivery 218 CMM; Speed 370 RPM; Power consumption 53 W; WARRANTY: 2 years; Provided by Crompton from...


  • Super quiet, safe, and smooth operation.
  • There is no heating problem of the motor after a long period of usage.
  • Power consumption is low.
  • It has a double ball bearing.

4.  Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200 Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroquiet is the latest innovation from the branded company Orient. After a long period of the gap, the company has come with the new designed and some cool features in this ceiling fan model.

They came back in the business with the new model as per consumer demand and as per there satisfaction. They had launched this new model Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200 ceiling fan. The unique design and aerodynamic body with three wings that covers the maximum space of the room and throw fresh air.

Except for the performance, the design of this ceiling fan is what makes an absolute value for what it looks like when you have a look at your ceiling.

The body of this ceiling fan is completely rust free and created by using the high-grade glass filled compounded ABS, a material that is strong as much as beautiful.

It gives a smooth performance, because of its 18-pole sturdy motor which has double ball bearing what helps to increase its efficient performance.

We can surely say that, if it is not for value, then this model would be at the top model in the best ceiling fan in India list. No doubt in that because of its design and eye-catchy looks.

Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm Premium Ceiling...
  • 40% Energy Saving - The annual saving calculation is based on an assumption of 4 fans in a household running 8 hours a day for a year with an average...
  • Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only;100 percent rust free blade made of high grade glass filled compounded ABS for...


  • The ceiling fan comes with rust-free blades and a high performing 18-pole motor with a double ball bearing.
  • The higher efficiency of motor leads it to more top-performing ceiling fan with an airflow delivery of 230 CMM.
  • This ceiling fan comes Good body design and a great wings blade finish that complements all your interiors.
  • It comes with a high-gloss premium finish and with PU paint.

5.  Usha Technix Star Ceiling Fan

The name USHA has been most reputed company brand in electrical appliances that are being used in everyone’s homes from the very beginning. We all know that, especially when it’s about the fan and cooling technologies. This model from USHA is a five-Star rated ceiling fan among the rest of the model available in the market.

Its power performing motor and design won’t let you down even when it’s too hot outside. The RPM of the motor in this ceiling that is being used is having more than 330 that helps fan to blow air at high speed per minute – 220 CMM. This model comes with the base price of 1700-1800 rupees in the Indian market, which is the cheapest model with such a feature.

Usha Technix 1200mm 5 Star Ceiling Fan Without...
  • 5 Star rated decorative fan with pecially designed large motor for maximum air delivery
  • Energy saving fan with low power consumption of about 43 Watts


  • It comes along with a two year warranty period which is a great deal to grab on.
  • It is a highly efficient ceiling fan with a 43-watt motor and a 5 star rated by the energy board.
  • High blade and with broad and bend corners so that the air can be delivered in all corners of the room.

6. Superfan Super A1 Ceiling Fan

Here comes a different brand with a different name with many different capabilities. The company which manufactured this SUPERFAN Super A1 ceiling fan claims that this model of a ceiling fan can save more than 56% of electrical power which will decrease your amount in electricity bill when it comes at the end of the month.

It comes with a feature that is a remote controller which adds more points into its uniqueness. The remote controller along which this ceiling fan comes with also terminates the requirement of the regulator from the switchboard.

Moreover, all the functions to be performed by the ceiling fan are being mentioned in the fully automatic remote, and we have to press that function button which we have to use.

It comes with Aluminium die-cast body, sensor-less body design, LED indicators for remote functions. The manufacturer also says that this fan can smoothly run for four hours on the inverter mode.

This ceiling fan specifies that it comes with a speed of 350RPM (rotation per minute)with air delivery power of 220cmm. It has three blades of 1200mm which covers the maximum area surface. It is the ceiling fan that can be used at anywhere whether at classes at schools, offices, homes, conference halls.

The main factor that this fan is here on the list of Best Ceiling Fan In India, i.e., the warranty period. It comes along with the five year warranty period, and that is more than sufficient, or that is more important factors for the consumer that will affect when they will find out this one for their wishlist to buy.


  • This ceiling fan is relatively cheaper and consumes very less power compared to other models.
  • The most important is that it comes along with the five year warranty period.
  • There is remote access also, which makes it easily operable.

7.  Crompton Uranus 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Here is one more masterpiece present by the Crompton brand. The company has kept this in mind that they have to sell this model in the Indian market, so they have to design in that way with a cost-effective price.

Crompton has launched this beautiful designed model. This beautifully designed looking ceiling fan will not only affect your room temperature but also increase the value of your interior.

This fan has proven to be the royal ceiling fan in the market not only by his looks but also by his performance too and to get that royal touch in not investing huge amount then, that is the most effective value that you have to pay for this ceiling fan.

Except that, it comes with 4 long swinging blades of 1200mm which gives a smooth airflow in the room. This royal looking ceiling fan comes in three different color combinations, black, brass, and ivory. This ceiling fan has an excellent gold and silver finish on the blades and lampshades.

The consumption of electric power is 72 watt by this ceiling fan.if you are in budgeting family than this ceiling fan cut down your electricity bill to an extent to make this fan as per your needs.

This fan has a speed of 320 rpm (rotation per minute) to blow the fresh air. The designed wing of this ceiling fan can add a royal look in your interior with just spending 4000-5000 rupees.

Crompton Uranus 1200 mm (48 inch) Decorative...
  • PRODUCT: Crompton's premium underlight fan, with intricate lamp shades and gold finish design;TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Sweep 1200 mm, Power...
  • ROYAL DESIGN: Enhances the look of the room with Decorative lampshades and Magnificent Carvings for a royal décor.;CONVENIENCE: Includes convenient...


  • It comes along with the classic royal premium looks.
  • The company provides two years of warranty.
  • This fan consists of four swing blades with three lampshades.
  • The speed of the motor is 320 rpm.
  • The fan covers the surface of 220 cubic meters per minute airflow.

8.  Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300 mm Ceiling Fan

The last in this list but not at all in the market, we all know the market of this thing is very broad, and there are many companies brand products available. From the many companies available in the market the Bajaj electrical appliances. We all are familiar with this brand also.

This company provides the product in all range and so as that they had brought their this product Bajaj Cruzair decor 1300mm Ceiling fan in the market.

If you look at this product, then don’t get miss judge by assuming its price because the price is not as per the looks. The design of this product is made so that all the types of customers will be willing to buy this model.

Bajaj electrical appliances are Indian brand and have very good product quality, so people easily trust this brand. This brand has high quality and high efficient product range in the market.

The higher quality of this brand ceiling fans has the effectiveness just because of the only motor that has been used in the build of these fans. The motor must take more power consumption as compared to rest other brands products.

However, the quality and the design of this product will enhance your mind to grab this deal first. This ceiling fan is to complement all the types of the interior in which it can be used.

Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300mm Ceiling Fan (Kashmir...
  • Path breaking design
  • Wide angular blades


  • It comes with a unique design body in the market.
  • The company provides two years of the warranty period.
  • It has high swing blade speed that blows cool fresh air in the room.
  • It covers the large surface area, so it has good airflow movement.

Benefits Of Buying A Ceiling Fan

What do we desire more than comfort in the scorching summertime? After coming home from a hectic day at work, all we need is a cool breeze and a good night of sleep. And as we are talking about comfort in summer, or most other weathers (including winter), one of the primary appliances we can think of is a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are one of the most common devices in almost every Indian household. And it is not only so because they are very cheap than other available options but also efficient in delivering what you desire. As you are here searching for the best ceiling fans, we assume that you are no one other than the majority who have had the experience of using a ceiling fan. So, whether you are buying one because the old one is out or shifting to a new room or new home, this investment is worthy of every rupee. However, if you are still hesitant about making a choice the following advantages of using a ceiling fan will help you convince yourself to buy one. All these benefits can be acquired from our listed ceiling fans. Make sure you are investing in a quality product rather than compromising on the price. 

Ensures Superior Comfort

So, the very first question that hits everyone’s mind is, why do you need a ceiling fan? A certain answer is a comfort. As we were talking about scorching summer nights, we can not deny how frustrating it can be without a proper air supply. It can even hamper your sleep and let you wake up with a tired body and mind. Ceiling fans are efficient enough to fill your room with cool air and provide you with the most desired comfort.  It relaxes your tension and prepares you for the next day to come. Therefore, the market sees a huge surge in production and selling of ceiling fans during summer. 

Saves You Money

If the world taught us anything, it is nothing but the hardship we face for earning our daily living. In a country like India, where most of the citizens belong to the middle class, buying anything costly requires them to think twice. However, when you plan to purchase a ceiling fan, price is never a factor stopping you from doing that. There are three deciding factors when we talk about the price of a product- initial cost, running cost, and maintenance cost. 

Initial cost or upfront cost is the price that you pay to buy the product. While talking about the ceiling fans, no one can deny that these are some of the cheapest cooling devices available in the market. It ensures that a ceiling fan is always available to the majority of the buyers. And when compared to the price of other cooling appliances like air conditioners or air coolers, a ceiling fan is a much cheaper option. Thus, thanks to the low initial price, one can easily afford the device. 

Now, the running cost is the price that you pay for running the machine. A ceiling fan runs on electricity. And with the growing dependency on the electric power source, it is quite natural that you would hesitate before buying one. Yet, ceiling fans consume much less electricity than other appliances like air conditioners or coolers. Thus, they do not cost you more or make hardly any increase in your electricity bill. So, these devices are remarkably energy-efficient, allowing you to run them even for a whole day without any break. 

The maintenance cost that you pay for a ceiling fan comes nowhere near to what you pay for air conditioners. Ceiling fans can be maintained on your own, without needing any special assistance. It generally needs basic cleaning and dusting. A ceiling fan is capable of running for years without any special care. And even if there is any disturbance inside, you can easily get it checked and replace the part. The cost is not that much high as compared to other alternatives. Hence, we can say that a ceiling fan is a much cheaper option available in the market for anyone to purchase. It saves your money and gives you comfort at the same time. 

Use In Winter

This point probably has hit your mind saying WTH! Isn’t winter cold enough for us to escape from any cooling device? Well, yes. You are right to an extent. In India (or in any country), we keep our fans off or shut during winter. It is because we do not know how to use it in winter. And it takes a lot away from us too. Ceiling fans can be used in winter too. Ceiling fans push air downwards. It then creates a breeze that helps cool your skin through evaporation. So, how can you use it in winter?  In winter if you reverse the blades of the ceiling fan, or change the direction of the rotation, it would pull air upwards instead. And since cool air is heavier than warm air, it would rise upwards, while the warm air would be forced to go down. So the fan distributes heat more evenly throughout your room, making it feel warmer and cozier. Try it, and you will get a fascinating result. 

Enhances Your Decor

We all love our houses. That is why we call it home. And inside this, there is always a space close to our heart. We decorate these rooms with everything we have. And while interior decoration has many things to do with our mental wellbeing, adding a ceiling fan to the list would only enhance your decor. Modern-day ceiling fans come in many shapes and designs with a colour variation, compatible with almost any interior setting. Also, many ceiling fans come with extra features like ambient light which adds additional beauty to the room and eliminates your other necessities too. The fun fact is you can also find cartoon theme-based ceiling fans for children that you can install in your children’s rooms. In this way, they can also enjoy their space with everything they love. 

Buying Guide

Best Ceiling Fans in India

What Are the Types of Ceiling Fans?

In India, the season strikes at their peak, whether it’s summer or its winter. Moreover, yes, the ceiling fans can be used in both seasons. In summer to cool down the temperature and in winters to raise the temperature and feel the warmth in the surroundings.

For summers the ceiling fans are different and for winters are different but some of the ceilings fans now days work in both the weathers as per the weather.

Summer ceiling fans: In summer ceiling fans pushes the cool air downwards which causes the warm air starts lifting upwards. The summer ceiling fans work counter-clockwise; this is a process which makes the ceiling fan work in summers and makes your surroundings cool.

Winter ceiling fans: In winters ceiling fans pull the cool air in the surrounding and pushes the warm air downwards to make the surroundings warmer. The rotation of wings in winter works clockwise, which helps to increase the room temperature and make you feel warm.

Typical Body Structure Of Ceiling Fan

Some are the essential body parts that are in the ceiling fan, i.e., A drop rod, swinging blades and a light factor that affect your ceiling fan to make it more attractive as per your room.

The Best Ceiling fan In India is termed as the most efficient in power saving, and has remote control access and looks beautiful in the room as per the design.

Drop Rod: Drop Rod is nothing but just a rod which helps the fan to hang at the ceiling, without the drop rod ceiling fan not work more effectively. So whether the drop rod length is too small or too big, it will not flow air properly. Hence the proper length is required in drop rod to hang the ceiling fan.

Swing Blades: The number of swing blades in the ceiling fan and the size of swing blades in the ceiling fans matters a lot with the respect of room length and width in the proper airflow.

The number of blades matters in the proper, efficient work of a ceiling fan because if the ceiling fan has low power of the motor, then it can not work correctly in the four or five swing blades.

Lights Effects: The newly designed models of ceiling fans are being designed in such a way that they have lights fixed in the middle part of the ceiling fan that can be operated by the remote control access.

These lights help to brighten the room and make the room look more beautiful than before.

What Are the Important Things That We Consider to Look Before Purchasing of a Ceiling Fan?

Electricity Consumption: If we are looking for the Best Ceiling Fan in India. Then it must be effective and efficient to consume less electricity and deliver excellent performances. The higher active ceiling fans help in the saving in electricity bills. All the companies are required to provide the star ratings given to their product by The Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

Airflow: In the technical words, Cubic Feet per Minute(CFM) is the term in which the ceiling fan is being measured if we talk about the airflow.

The ceiling fans are good who have the airflow around 4000 to 5000 CFM. Ceiling fans are better which have the airflow around 5000 to 6000 CFM, and the ceiling fans which has the airflow higher than 6000 are termed as best ceiling fans.

Size and Numbers of Swing Blades: The size and the number of blades are important we must look before we purchase a ceiling fan. They are an important part of making the ceiling fan more effective and efficient.

These are essential features to make the ceiling fan, The Best Ceiling fan In India.

Motor/Engine: If we have to call a ceiling fan as the Best Ceiling fan, then it must have less power consumption and delivers great performance.

India Has a wide range of brands in the market that manufacture the ceiling fan, but it’s important to them to give the best motor to be recognized by the Best Ceiling Fan In India.

Above mentioned all the features could not be easy to give in the same products, but it is the most important part so they will give their best because it is the main feature that people look before purchasing the ceiling fan.


It is quite an important decision to make when it comes to choosing the best ceiling fans in India, as in the above article, we have already mentioned that India is having a broad range of varieties when it comes to the ceiling fans.

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Review Breakdown
  • Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan
  • Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
  • Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan
  • Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200 Ceiling Fan
  • Usha Technix Star Ceiling Fan
  • Superfan Super A1 Ceiling Fan
  • Crompton Uranus 1200mm Ceiling Fan


Choosing the best ceiling fans in india is now easy, you can choose your ceiling according to your requirements from above!

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