Best Castor Oil in India

Castor oil is a type of oil extracted from the castor seeds or beans. The castor bean or castor oil plant is a species of perennial flowering plants in the spurge family. This oil can have a dark to light yellow color. And it usually has a nutty fragrance to it. Castor oil is rich in vitamin E alongside Omega 3 fatty acids. This oil helps with dry, crusty skin and dry hair. The Castor oil can also be used to enhance the natural beauty of skin, hair, and nails. This oil extracted through the cold pressing method, and it is vegetable oil. We are here discussing the best castor oil in India.

This oil helps in the dilution of other essential oils, making it a carrier oil. Carrier oils are very high in purity because of the cold pressing method of extraction so that castor oil can mix with almond oil, lavender oil, olive oil, and many more.

Best Castor Oil in India

1. Aroma Magic Castor Oil

Aroma magic is one of the best brands in India and manufactured by Blossom Kochhar Beauty Product Pvt Ltd.

It is vegetable oil with powerful therapeutic properties, derived from the beans of the castor plant. When combined with essential oils, this is ideal for massages. For a long time, this oil has been used for the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of the skin. It is effective in giving you relief from pain from arthritis and rheumatism. Use it in your head & scalp massage to give your hair a shimmering shine. It is a perfect natural skin tonic to keep your skin delicate, supple, and lovely.

Aroma Magic Castor Oil, 100ml
  • Quantity: 100ml
  • Product Color: Light Brown; Item Form: Liquid


  • Available in the market in affordable prices.
  • There is no kind of restriction in using it in any specific skin, suits all skin types.
  • The company produces this product in two sizes, 100ml for rupees 115 and 200ml for 195 rupees.
  • It can easily recognize by its color, i.e., light brown.
  • Both men and women can use this.

2. Rey Naturals Castor Oil

100% cold-squeezed castor oil by Rey Naturals is one of the most flexible carriers or base oils utilized in skin and hair care. Castor oil is exceptionally successful in hydrating dry, lifts the less skin making it glow with a reestablished health and making skin smooth and delicate.

Rey Naturals Castor Oil Packed with hair growing advantages, and this castor oil is the wonder oil you need to regrow hair and lavish eyelashes! Extracted by farmers in India, this castor oil is one of the earth’s most versatile healing gifts. Unrefined and cold-squeezed, it is not only packed with antioxidants, although it also holds all of its nutrients and vitamins in the process.

Rey Naturals Castor Oil for Skin Care, Hair Growth...
  • Rey Naturals (A GlobalBees Brand)
  • ✅FOR HAIR: Castor Oil (Arandi Oil) has ability to control hair fall, strengthen thin hair, and promote hair growth. It replenishes the scalp's...


  • The company provide this castor oil in quantity of 200ml
  • It is for all hair types, great for the skin and hair.
  • Rich in vitamins and fatty-acids, castor oil promotes better hair growth and helps nourish and hydrate the skin.
  • 100 percent natural.
  • Both men and women use it.
  • Available in the market at the costs of Rs. 300 but on amazon Rs. 199

3. Khadi Pure Ayurvedic Castor Oil

Khadi Pure Herbal Ayurvedic Castor Hair Oil has countless benefits. This castor oil is the product of the Dabur company, and the company is well known for its natural and ayurvedic products producer in the market. This castor oil removes hard makeup, hydrate skin, and bring shine on your face. It helps in making skin younger by the day and replenishes nutrients. It helps in boosting your nails and cuticles healthy. Helps in making eyebrows dense and dramatic eyelashes.

Khadi Khazana Pure and Natural Herbal Ayurvedic...
  • Khadi Herbal Natural Handmade
  • Nourish Your Scalp And Prevent Itching And Dryness. Use Regularly For Dandruff.


  • The company charges Rs. 300 for 210 ml bottle
  • Key ingredients – seed pod and castor oil
  • Used by both men and women.

4. Soulflower Castor Oil

Soulflower promises quality in every drop and provides the best & authentic pure, organic products infused with life-changing wellness benefits suitable for a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. This Coldpressed Indian Castor Rosemary Hair Nourishment Oil, a bottle of nature’s pure essence, is cold-pressed from the fatty portions of natural organic Castor Seeds and Rosemary Herb without using added heat which helps to keep fragile oil nutrients unprocessed. it is rich in ricinoleic acid, Vitamin A, E, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients. Traditionally known for its therapeutic hair and scalp care applications, Castor Rosemary Hair Nourishment Oil moisturizes hair, gives total nourishment to your dry and damaged hair, and restores frizzy hair, split ends.

Soulflower Castor Oil for Hair Growth, Skin Care,...
  • Castor hair oil from India’s 1st preservative-free oils & soap brand and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) indie beauty brand.
  • Soulflower castor hair oil is pure, natural, and cold-pressed carrier oil from India. Castor carrier oil softens dry damaged skin & hair by providing...


  • 100 percent vegetarian purity.
  • This brand’s castor oil is mainly suitable for winters.
  • Readily available on online platforms.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • Hexane free.
  • 225ml of oil available at Rs 227.

5. Nature’s Absolute Cold Pressed Castor Oil

If you are in need and searching for a castor oil from a superb brand, at that point, you should try Nature’s Absolutes Cold Pressed Castor Carrier Oil. This castor oil is exceptionally viable in its moisturizing properties. It helps in the stimulation of proper hair growth and hair thickening. Not just only your hair, it can also be applied to your dry skin. The castor oil is produced using high-quality ingredients and has been extracted using a cold-pressing technique. This technique guarantees that the oil stays free of harmful chemicals and adulterants.

Nature's Absolutes Cold Pressed Castor Carrier...
  • Quantity: 200ml; Item Form: Liquid
  • Highly effective in moisturizing and nourishing hair, castor oil aids in promoting hair growth and strengthening hair


  • Everyone can easily afford this product.
  • The brand mainly focuses on its high quality and purity of the product.
  • Can be used for hair and skin
  • We can apply it eyebrows as well as for good packaging
  • Easily available in online shopping portals.
  • Available in Rs 152 for 200ml of castor oil.

6. Pure & Sure Organic Castor Oil

This brand is not as popular as the rest of the brands in the market, but honestly speaking, their products are 100 percent genuine. The brand uses the high quality of castor seeds to extract the castor oil. The company has its organic farms where they produce the castor seed by using the good quality of pesticides and chemicals. This process of refining the seeds maintains the quality and purity of the seeds, which afterward extracted in the form of castor oil. It is the best quality of castor oil for hair and skin.

This oil can also use for cooking edible items or to use it for health treatment. Since it is the pure cold-pressed castor oil, to sustain the purity of the oil, the company provides oil in the small glass bottle, which is easy to carry while traveling.


  • Available in the market at a very affordable price: rupees 108 for 250 ml and rupees 173 for 500ml oil.
  • This is good for the body massage of babies.
  • The company is not well known in the market, so the oil is available in the market but available in all online portals.
  • It can be used for both hair as well as for skin issues.
  • Hexane-free.

7. Wishcare Premium Cold Pressed Castor Oil for Hair and Skin

The company uses the premium quality of castor seeds for making this castor oil, and this oil is suitable for the fast growth of the hairs. The oil extracted from the standard procedure. This brand is the Indian brand, which makes the hexane-free castor oil, which is pure and good to use. Wishcare premium cold-pressed castor oil is not just best for the hair and skin issues, but also available in affordable price. Apply this castor oil on your eyelashes and see the good effect of it. Your eyelashes become shiny and beautiful.

If you are looking for oil, which can help you to grow your hair fast, then mix some ginger oil in with this castor oil and massage your scalp in the night before going to sleep. Ginger is known as the natural treatment for hair growth, and it is highly effective.

WishCare® Premium Cold Pressed Castor Oil - Pure...
  • ✅PREMIUM QUALITY - 100% NATURAL & PURE : Produced with the highest quality standards using real castor seed, sourced directly from artisanal farmers...
  • ✅ALL-IN-ONE SKIN CARE: Get ready for your skin and face to instantly fall in love with your new blemish free and healthy looking supple skin. For...


  • This castor oil is the best oil to use for baby massage.
  • Reduces the acne scars and stretch marks, makes skin clear and gives a glow to the skin.
  • The company provides castor oil in a bottle with a flip flop cap, which makes it easy to use.
  • Makes the hair shinier, and enhances the growth of your hair.
  • The company charges rupees 198 for 200ml of castor oil.

8. Hilldews Castor Oil

The company produces this castor oil is multipurpose oil, which you can use for your hair as well as skin betterment. It is an Indian product that has been extracted by high rich quality seeds. Hilldews castor oil is known as the safe oil to be used on the skin as it is unbleached and undefined. It has an additional feature that it also works as a moisturizing cream for people who have dry skin. This oil can remove the tiredness of your body when you massage your body before bathing. The oil extracted from the traditional method, which is why it is pure and safe to use.

HillDews Castor oil 200ml Cold Pressed Pure...
  • COLD PRESSED OIL: Castor oil is 100% pure and cold pressed, unrefined and unbleached. Castor oil is extracted using the traditional method hence oil...
  • PURE & NATURAL : It is been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits.Castor Oil has high concentration of unsaturated fatty...


  • High-quality seeds are taken to extract this premium product.
  • This oil is unrefined and unbleached.
  • Makes your eyelashes darker.
  • It is an excellent product for hair growth and thickness.
  • This castor oil comes with a flip cap and sprays pump pipe, which makes it easy to use.
  • Hilldews can also be used for the cure of wrinkles.
  • Available in the market with a price tag of rupees 199 for 200ml.

9. Morpheme Remedies Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil

If you are looking for castor oil which can you use for hair, skin, and face, then here it is, Greenberry organic castor oil. The oil is driven from a cold-pressed method and is chemical-free. It is 100 percent pure and ayurvedic castor oil. If you are looking for a body massage oil, then you can buy this oil. Taking massage at night before going to sleep gives you a high level of relaxation and makes your body moisturized. Even men can use this oil to make their hair thick and minimize bald patches. The oil contains the omega 6 fatty acids, which helps in restoring the moisture of your skin.

Morpheme Remedies Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil For...
  • Quantity: 120ml; Item Form: Liquid
  • Pure ColdPress Castor Oil of the Good Quality with no added additives. No Mineral Oil Added


  • Ideally available for all skin and hair types.
  • This castor oil is free from colorants and silicones.
  • Castor oil is paraben and sulfate-free.
  • It can also be used in place of other essential oils.
  • A little bit expensive as compared to other castor oil available in the market, but the quality of this oil is worth it.
  • The company sells this product at price tag of rupees 179 for 120ml,

10. Mesmara Cold Pressed Castor Carrier Oil

Handpicked castor seeds are used to make the mesmara cold-pressed castor oil. To maintain the purity and quality of the castor oil, the company made it by hexane-free extraction method. The company makes this castor oil available in the market in flip-flap cap, which makes it easy to use. If you have curly dry hair, want them to tame down and decrease the fizz, then apply this castor oil to hair. This oil gives the shiny look and strong root to your hair after giving massages to hair three times in a week. Mesmara cold-pressed castor oil makes your hair smooth and strong than before. The brand gives 100 percent surety of this natural castor oil for the use, and boots the hair growth.

Mesmara Cold Pressed Extracted from Sun Dried...
  • COLD PRESSED - Our High Grade, unrefined coconut oil is obtained from the cold pressing(wood press) of sun dried coconut kernels. This means that oil...
  • 100% PURE COCONUT OIL - Mesmara’s pure, extra virgin coconut oil is 100% Vegan. This pure coconut oil contains no artificial colours, flavours or...


  • The brand provides castor oil, which is rich in ricinoleic acid. This acid is a fatty acid that is helpful in the thickness of hair.
  • It helps in minimizing the patchy lines on the head.
  • Not only rich in ricinoleic acid but also having 9 other fatty acids too.
  • The brand provides 100 percent purity and natural product.
  • The company charges rupees 210 for 200ml of oil.

Buying Guide for Castor Oil

Before deciding to buy a castor, you should know which one is fulfilling your needs as per your investment. You should know about some of the factors that you shall look before buying the castor oil.

Best Castor Oil in India

Benefits of Castor Oil

This oil enhances your natural beauty in many ways. It can be used on your skin, hair, nails, and eyelashes. This oil promotes hair growth and makes it thick and durable. It helps with preventing split ends and overall strengthen and smoothen the hair. It repairs damaged hair because of its omega fatty acid. Using it overnight can be even more beneficial, it stops the hair fall and helps to fight with dandruff. This oil also helps in the growth of new hair and nourishes the scalp.

Using it on the skin is also helpful. It helps with minimizing wrinkles and aging spots. When castor oil applied to the skin, it makes the skin more smooth, younger, and more beautiful. It lessens the pigmentation and hydrates skin.

It can also apply to eyebrows and eyelashes, which makes them thicker and darker. Thick eyelashes make the eyes look more attractive and lively. Pregnant women can even start using this oil from the 4th month of pregnancy because it’ll help in reducing the stretch marks. This is why castor oil is a very rich and useful oil.

Use of Castor Oil for Hair and Skin

The uses of castor are many, but we here mention some of the significant benefits which you are looking for.

  • Castor oil helps you to get rid of waterproof makeup easily.
  • Mix castor oil with the onion juice and apply it on the scalp for regrowing your hair.
  • Makes your eyelashes thick on regular applying the castor oil on them.
  • Castor oil can also work as a moisturizer on your skin.
  • Applying castor oil on your skin makes the skin glow and moisturized.
  • It can also use for oil cleansing.
  • The castor oil gives you relief from dark circles and puffiness on your face.
  • If you want to get relief from your stretch marks, you can apply this to them and see the effective result.
  • Having a body massage for castor oil in winters give you rid of the dry skin.
  • Castor oil helps in removing dandruff faster.
  • If you mix the castor oil with lemon juice and apply it on your hair, you get shiny and healthy hair.
  • Mixing it with coconut oil and applying the mixture on hair make your hair stands and thick.

From Where To Buy Castor Oil

If you are looking for buying the castor oil then we recommend you to buy it from the following location:

  • Pharmacies or organic stores.
  • Online portals (Flipkart, Amazon).

Only Buy Castor Oil That is Having These Things in It.

When you are looking for the best and high quality of castor oil, then make sure you should buy castor oil, which is having the following terms or labels.

  • Cold-Pressed: Always buy the castor oil that is extracted by the cold-pressed method. We are not saying that the other type, which is expeller-pressed castor oil, is bad. But the cold-pressed castor oil is the best one. Cold-pressed castor oil has been extracted by the best-handpicked castor plant seeds, which is pure and extracted without using any chemicals.
  • Hexane-Free: we have already mentioned before many times that castor oil is hexane-free. Hexane, as defined by Merriam-Webster, “any of several isomeric volatile liquid alkanes C6H14 found in petroleum.” It is a solvent that are commonly used in the extraction process of some oils.
  • USDA Certified Organic: It is the certificate label that is given to the castor oil by the USDA organization. This means the good quality of castor plants extracts this castor oil. There are no harmful chemicals or pesticides are mixed in the extraction process.

How Often You Consume The Castor Oil

Personally, We suggest aroma magic castor oil for the usage. It is the best, we have personally used this castor oil. Castor oil should be consumed as per your need and for what basis you are consuming castor oil.

If you are using it for hair growth or any hair problem, use castor oil once or twice a week. Using it for acne or marks on the face, then consume it three times in a week. Use it daily for the body massage if you are an adult, and if you are using it for body massage of the baby, then use it twice a week.

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Buying castor oil is not an investment on a daily basis, you can use castor oil wisely, and it can last long for months. You get the benefits for the value you have invested. We have mentioned the best castor oil in India in the above list for you. That you should not get confused in making a decision in buying the castor oil, which is best for you in the amount of money you want to invest.

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