Best Ball Pen in India

From students to a professional, pen plays a very crucial role in shaping the future. The pen comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but the purpose remains the same, which is to scribble life lessons and vital draft things. The pen is also known as the sword when it comes to penning down strong opinions on paper. So, we are going to mention the list of best ball pen in India, which might help you in selecting the ball pens for you as per your money in the pocket, that you want to invest in ball pens for you.

There are various types of pen-like fountain pen, gel pen, rollerball point pen, marker pen, but the most prominent one of them nowadays is ball pen. Because of its smooth texture and usage, it is most popular among grown-ups as well as students. A ball pen also identified as a biro pen. This pen dispenses ink over a metal ball at its point. And the metal generally utilized is steel, brass, or tungsten carbide.

Best Ball Pen in India

1. Parker ball pens

Parker is notably one of the most premium ball pen brands in India. It is almost a century old and is well known for its quality. Though, nowadays, it is a bit more affordable than ever before and can easily be found in online stores as well as offline, stationary. Their pens have a luxury touch to it, but after pricing it down a little bit, it has extended its reach among customers.

Having a well-known face of Amitabh Bacchan as a brand ambassador does make an added perk for the brand and its reliability.

Parker Vector Ball Pen, Matte Black
  • Comes with ink cartridge
  • Matte epoxy resin coated stainless steel cap and barrel for premium looks with contrasting stainless steel gold plated clip

Parker Vector Ball Pen

  • Molded plastic barrel and cap in high gloss colors with contrasting stainless steel or chrome trim. Cap On / Cap Off. Supplied with standard rollerball refill with navigator technology.
  • Comes with Rollerball ballpoint Refill – Fine Tip.
  • Plastic barrel and Plastic cap with contrasting stainless steel powder coated clip.

2. Uniball Ball Pens

Uniball is a Japanese brand. We all know that Japan is well known for its cutting edge innovations and technology. This brand manufactures the pen in Japan, but it has a strong presence in the Indian market. The brand is so famous in the world that it has its online portal, and they’re all the products are listed.

UNI-BALL Brain Ball Pen Set - Pack of 6 (Blue)
  • Fine point 0.7 mm, for neat lines
  • Ink colours : Blue

Uniball Brain-AD

  • This ball pen is available in blue, red, and black ink.
  • It is the classic pen from Uniball Co. has a bold and chic look.
  • This model of the pen has the 0.7 mm of a ballpoint.

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3. Cross Ball Pens

This brand is 172 years old, but the old is just the word for this brand as it makes the most elegant design of the pen’s body. They used the gold and silver pattern and make the pen looks royal. Also, the pen is for those who used to say that they want their pen should speak on behalf of them. Each of their pens models has high priced but, after having a look at them, you can say the price is worth it.

Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen (Lustrous...
  • Ball point pen with chrome appointments provides smooth, consistent ink flow
  • Patented propel-repel ball pen mechanism

The Cross Century Classic

  • The body of this pen is made up of a 10 to 14-karat gold-filled body.
  • The ink variant comes in blue and black.
  • This brand gives the lifetime warranty of its product.

4. Classmate Ball Pens

This brand has made its name through numerous stationery products like notebooks, crayons, color pens, etc. However, one of the most recognizable products of a classmate is its ball pens. From overall design to grip, it stands on every aspect with elegance and clarity. It works best for everyone and has a range of different fresh designs for students, especially. It is a very affordable and well-known ball pen brand in India.

The famous ball pens from this brand are ‘Helen, Octane, Pollax, classmate B, and many more.

Classmate Helen Stick Pen - Blue
  • Premium quality ballpoint pen with cap and clip
  • Blue ink

Classmate Helen

  • This pen comes with a metal clip and an overall blue body.
  • The classmate Helen gives you smooth writing skills.
  •  It has a very strong grip in handling so that it does not easily slip away.
  • It comes in different colors of ink.

5. Montex Ball Pens

Who would not be reminded of Montex while thinking about colorful pen bodies and smooth nib? Montex is another well-known ball pen brand in India. The range is very affordable and starts at five rupees a pen. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is one of the favorites of students. Though it is not online very prompt, you can find it at any local stationery shop near you. The popular pens from Montex are ‘Montex monitor, Montex mega top, Montex viva ballpen.

Montex Mega Top Ball Pen ,Blue - Pack of 10
  • Montex mega top ball pen: Acupressure grip
  • Stainless steel grip

Montex Mega Top

  • This model of the brand comes with a grip that is good for acupressure.
  • Stainless steel grip.
  • The ink that has been used in pen is german fluid ink, which helps in smooth writing.
  • The pen has a Swiss carbide tip.

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6. Linc Ball Pens

Linc was founded in 1976 and is a famous brand in India, as well as other 50 countries worldwide. It offers an exclusive range of uni-ball pens starting from rupees 5 onwards. It is among one of the most trusted ball pen brands, and we all have used a linc pen somewhere in our lives. Linc provides smooth writing and a good grip on its pens. The well-known pens from linc are ‘linc pentatonic, linc glycer.

Linc Glycer

  • The holding grip of the pen is so smooth that the writer loves to hold this pen for just tossing.
  • The company launches this model linc glycer with a fine tip.
  • The ink of this pen stays last long.
  • The body structure of the pen is slim and easy to handle.

7. Camlin Ball Pens

Camlin is an Indian company based in Mumbai and founded in 1931. They make pens from affordable and comfortable for the students, and luxurious and classy for adults. Their range varies from 10 rupees a pen to 300 rupees and much higher. They produce different stationery products like pencils, marker pens, notebooks, pencil boxes.

Some of the notable examples of Camlin pen are ‘Camlin Tora ball pen, Camlin ambition ball pen, much more.

Camlin Tora Ball Pen Set in 8 Vibrant Ink Colors
  • Ulv Ink - gives ultra smooth writing
  • 8 Ink colours - for creative and fun applications, colours - coral pink, Turquoise blue, Lilac violet, Scarlet red, Emerald green, Tangerine orange,...

Camlin Tora Ball Pen

  • Ulv Ink type that gives ultra-smooth writing experience.
  • The brand releases this model with 8 Ink colors variants – for creative and fun applications, colors – coral pink, Turquoise Blue, Lilac violet, Scarlet red, Emerald green, Tangerine orange, Ebony Black, and electric blue.
  • The tip size of this ball pen is 10 mm, which gives bolder impressions on writing.
  • Camil Tora ball pen has an elegant body design that more looks fashionable while carrying.

8. Reynolds Ball Pens

This pen was introduced in the 80s and made its mark since then. It is widely used among students in the examination, and its smooth nib made writing a joyful activity. The pen is a gem when it comes to its composed design and fine laser tip technology that makes writing easy. Its ink is non-smudging, and this draws out an effortless writing adventure. The legendary example of Reynolds is its 045 ball pen.

Reynolds 045 Ball Pen

  • Writing with this ball pen is just like smooth laser writing.
  • Laser Tip technology.
  • This ball pen comes with a pack of ten pieces that costs rupees sixty.
  • Reynolds 045 ball pen does have a pure plastic body.

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9. Flair Ball Pens

Flair came into the light when Hrithik Roshan was made its brand ambassador, and you could see his pictures on the never-ending writo meter pack and all over the stationary stores. Nevertheless, it only added to the glory of this ball pen. With its unusual style of ball pen, flair is one of the most astounding brands ever made for ball pen. Its first example is Flair writo meter, you all have owned it sometime in your life, and it was impossible to finish it within a week or month like another ball pen.

Flair Writo Meter Black Ball Pen Pack of - 20
  • Brand: Flair
  • Use This Gel Pen For The Best Writing Experience

Flair Writo-meter

  • The flair writo-meter ball pen has 1000 ml refills.
  • It has a plastic cap with a metal clip.
  • This pen has the capability of writing five times more than other ball pens.
  • The writing speed with this ball pen is very smooth.
  • Flair writo-meter comes along with a hard plastic body with a better grip.

10. Cello Ball Pens

This Indian ball pen brand was founded in 1995 and was taken over by a French stationery major BIC in 2005 and was renamed as BIC Cello. From the beginning, the brand was vigilant of its excellence, and it immersed as the best situation when it came to choosing the ball pen tips and ink, both of which were shipped from Germany. The best ball pen in india from Cello is unquestionably Butterflow. When it arrived in the market, you could see it in every other student’s grasp as it was marketed wisely with its super smooth buttery writing and unique design.

Cello Butterflow Ball Pen - Pack 20 (Blue)
  • Lubriflow ink system for smooth writing
  • Fashionable foil and metallic features for premium look

Cello Butter Flow

  • BallPoint Pen Button. Plastic Matching Ink Colour Clip & Nozzle. Metal with Stainless Steel Finish Tip. Swiss Metal Clip 0.7mm Nickel Silver.
  • It has a Lubriflow ink system for smooth writing.
  • The Fashionable foil and metallic features are used for a premium look.
  • Elasto grip provides comfortable writing.

Ball Pen Buying Guide 

Before we let you know about what are the things that make a pen best pen in India. Here we are going to tell you about the types of pens in the Indian market that are available.

Best Ball Pen in India

Types of Pens:

In the market, there are several categories of pens available.

  • Rollerball pens
  • Gel Pens
  • Ballpoint Pens
  • Markers
  • Highers

Features That Should a Pen Have

Beyond the pen type, there are many details to consider when seeking the perfect pens to represent your business or organization.

The Material

The durability of the pen relies on the body material by which it is made off. The Sleek lines and good strength founded in metal body pens typically made of brass, nickel, or chrome. All the budget-friendly pens are available in the market were made of plastics.

The Style

Carrying a pen with you always makes a good statement for professionals, but it is also important that which type of pen you are carrying.sometimes the style of pens defines the personality. There are only three traditional pen styles that are available in the market:

Click – These pens also termed as the tik-tok pens. Because they have a pressing spring at the tail side of the body, which has attached there. When it pressed, then the from top the nib came out for use. Tip got stuck when it pushed in the tip lock. Again pressing the tail makes the pen nib go inside, and the pen gets close.

  1. Advantage – storage of ink cartridge inside of the pen barrel prevents accidental writing or ink leakage on documents and clothing.
  2. Disadvantage – The noise that comes when we click the tail of pen to open the enclosure and after that to shut it down by clicking again may be distracting.

Cap – Pen’s cap or Covers nib of the pen must attach to the pen nib when not in use. The cap of the pen can be put on the bottom of the pan when it is in use. Typically it is used as the clip to hang the pen on shirt pocket or sometimes as paper-weight and attached on the top of book pages to stop them from turning.

  1. Advantage – The cap prevents the leakage of ink on papers and cloths.
  2. Disadvantage – This is easily lost because it is not attached part of the pen’s body.

Twist – The pen which has the heavyweight, they have this twist style for the opening of the pen to make it useable. Without twisting, the nib won’t come out.

  1. Advantage – This also prevents the leakage of ink on the cloths and papers.
  2. Disadvantage – The weight of the pen is very much. So, both hands are needed to make it work.

The Feel

The feeling is a matter of personal preference. The feel of the pen while holding it describes how much it is going to use, and how it is going to be cherished. These three common characteristics of the feeling of the pen while holding it:

  • Grip –The grip is the place where we keep the pen to write something. Many enclosures in the market design include non-slip rubber surfaces, ribbed comfort holds for a progressively enjoyable writing experience.
  • Weight –The material that has been used in the manufacturing of a pen defines the weight of the pen. Metal pens have weighed more than compared to plastic pens. Heavyweight may not provide more stability to a pen, but it might give the carrier an ideal feeling of steadiness while carrying the heavy pen.
  • Balance – It is Determined by how more comfortable does a pen feels when the nib of the pen is on paper, the balance of pen depends on the size of a hand that is holding the pen and position of the pen.

The Color

The black and blue, the most popular color ink variant that everyone uses. Both the color variants are only acceptable in the government documents, and blue is the most preferred color as it is simpler to recognize a blue signature as unique. Blue ink is useful in all legal documents and business professions. Non-customary shades of red, dark-colored, green, orange, purple, turquoise, and past are accessible in ballpoint and gel applications and are reasonable for inventive and aesthetic purposes.

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Ballpoint Pen Refills

Ballpoint pen refills arrive in a decision of fine, medium, or expansive – the more extensive the composition ball, the thicker and darker the line it makes on the page. Solid and advantageous, ballpoint pens have the longest top off the existence of a pen – enduring about 66% longer than a rollerball top off.

Ballpoint pens producers supply their pens with a mid-range evaluation point in either blue or dark ink. The most prominent hues for ballpoint tops off beat up. Red and green are regular choices.

A crucial distinction among rollerball and ballpoint pen types is the ink the two pens use. Rollerballs use water-based ink, which can without much of a stretch smirch, while the oil-based ink in a ballpoint pen dries rapidly. Oil-based inks, at that point, are more diligently to smirch on the page – however, ballpoint ink holes and spillages can be troublesome if not difficult to expel.

How Does a Ball Communicate Work?

Ballpoint pens worked when the little metal ball at the tip of the nib rolled onto paper. The casing of the metal ball is tight to such an extent that the moving movement makes friction, and it is this friction force, which leads the ink from inside the pen stream onto the paper.

How to Write Smoothly With a Ballpoint Pen

We all have different writing styles, and all of us hold the pens differently. If you own the pen at the angel of an acute angle, which might close to the writing surface. And helps the ink to flow down on the page smoothly.


Pens are the vital part that describes your profession as well as your lifestyle. So, here we have already mentioned ten top best ballpens in India. We have heard the names of lots of companies in the market that manufacture the ball pens. But we have researched a lot and listed these top ten ball pens in India. We have done this for you all so that you all don’t get confused and make the easy decision while buying the ball pen for yourself or someone as a gift. If you have to give more suggestions to be mentioned in the buying guide or update in the list of ten best ball pen in India, then do comment or mail us.

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